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ishra — prince — princess (intro)

Hello guys ……….I’m going going to write a ff for first time so let me tell u about the characters

Raman-the most s*xiest boy in college… Every girl likes him and they fell in love with him ….he is a dashing boy totally different from serial one Raman he also fells in love with girls easily …his best friend is ishita,he calls her minnie
Ishita–most cutest girl in the college…she is a modern type of girl..her best friend is Raman ,to whom she calls mickey
No shagun and all nothing in my ff only Mr and Mrs bhalla and iyers…….there might be some new characters for a short time


So let’s begin with a small promo
A handsome boy is shown wearing white t shirt and blue half jacket and sport shoes and wears black salman khan style chashma he is Raman he goes near his friend shreyansh
A cute girl wearing blue shorts and stylish white top is shown she is ishita she comes near raman and says………
So this much for today so guys comment below I promise not to stop it in middle

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