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ishra — prince — princess (epi 1)

Helloooo….guys …after seeing yesterday’s comments I’m very excited so let’s begin our first episode so here we go…

A boy is shown wearing e t shirt ,blue half jacket and blueish jeans with black chashma is stnding near the entrance of st peters church …..main lead of my ff raman bhalla … The most s*xiest and dashing boy..in college every girl dies on him..he goes near his friend shreynsh…..his copyright…
Raman- hey shreyansh
Shreyansh-you r a pate comer stupid
Raman – leave it na
A girl named priya….a very slurty material…new boy on new bed ….She goes near raman and says
P-hey raman
R – hi!
Uhh my day is going to be bad
P- lets go to canteen
R- no my stomach is full u go


A girl is shown ,she is the most cutest girl in college,ANOTHER MAIN LEAD OF MY STORY ISHITA IYER,SHE IS A MODERN TYPE OF GIRL, and a great friend of raman …she is wearing pipinknk shorts white shirt …pink heels..pink hand bag and a puff and high pony is her college style
She goes near raman ….
I-you mickey! Did u forgot to meet ur friend
R – no way minnie
I – ok then tell me whats today
R- Today? …today ..is wednesday
I – no !! Did u forgot today is something special
R – what something special… I don’t remember
I – what hate u mickey
R – hate u too
Ishita goes from there ….raman goes behind her
R-minnie I think u r looking hot today
I- and u mickey like a fool
R- muahhh
I- eee raman
Raman laughs and goes

Its evening ishita is thinking something…..suddenly she recieves raman’s message
Dear Minnie.. Can u please come to palace Diana….I want to say something important…… That u must have not thought
Your mickey
Ishita- what important thing he has to say………
So guys comment below and tell how was the epi and also think what important thing he has to say…..but not ilu to early …think think……ta ta bye bye meet u all tomorrow

And ya for those who have not read intro here’s it

Meet u all tomorrow

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