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Ishqbaaz ff (It is incomplete without ishkara) Episode 1

Hi guys, I am rithika and am new in this site. First of all I am a die heart fan of ishqbaaz and ishkara. I also disappointed by the news that there is more ishana in ishqbaaz. I can,t see omkara with someone else.

So I decided to make a new story for love birds ishana and omkara. I loves to share my thoughts with you guys through my ff. I know I am not good in writing specially ff. but I can’t let my favourite ishkara to end like this. I promise I will continue it only if you want.
My ff is based on the current track. All the characters are same and the situations too. Shivays marriage is fixed with Tia, om and Rudra are disappointed with that news. Tej and Shakti are in their theerth yatra. I hope there is no need to introduce each characters as you know it. So let’s start.


Shivay gets ready in his wedding attire. He comes in front of the mirror and says “Finally I am getting married. After this marriage Tia’s parents will vote for us and then no one can destroy oberoi’s. Omru anlong with Pinki came there.
Om- “Shivay are you sure that the wedding is necessary. It’s your last chance to rethink. “
Pinki- “Oh my mata! Are you serious OM. At last your brother agreed for marriage and you are trying to change his decision. Are you not happy for your brother? ‘
Rudra- “It’s not like that. We just want to see our brother happy for ever. We don’t think that lady baba is perfect for bhaya.” (and makes his regular cry baby face)
Shivay- “Enough guys. I am getting married with Tia and no more argument on this topic.”
Shivays phone rings, he picks the phone.

Shivay- “No it Can’t happen” Om asks “What happened shivay you look so nervous”
Shivay- “Bade papa and dad meet with an accident. They are admitted in the hospital we have to go”
Shivay runs followed by Omru (Shitia marriage got cancelled) ?
At the hospital shivay asks doctor about Tej and Shakti. Doctor says they are in the operation room. you have to wait here. All the family members get nervous. Shivay say Omru to relax everything will be all right. Anika came she sees shivay trying his maximum to console his family and feels sad for him.
Anika ask shivay “Are you all right?

Shivay- Yes I am and try to make a fake smie.
Anika-“no need to act in front of me. I can understand your situation. Trust me everything will be alright. I know you are the elder son and you have to be strong in front of them but am sure if you share your feelings with someone then you will feel better. Shivay burst into tears infront of her and says I really need your support please be with me. He hug her.
Omkara is walking in the hospital. He is sad and restless. Now he is infront of room number 109 his heart starts to beat fastly his hair is flying in air. He feels like someone close to him is in that room. he opened the room and see ishana there. (Yes she is back..  ) She is unconscious. now our darling Om is in a shock, he feels like his heart is break, unknowingly tears came from his eyes. All the moments with her came in his mind.
“ Do you know her? “ that question wake him up from his thoughts. The nurse ask him again “do you know her?” om says “yes. What happened to her?”

“She try to suicide” that replay was unexpected. “for what” he asked. “that Idk, she admitted here four days ago, she is alright but you have to leave she is sleeping now so you can’t disturb her.”
He came back to his family. Shivay asks to doctor are they alright? Doctor says they are out of danger. Dadi asks “can we talk to them?” Doctor says “why not? You can.” All get happy except Om.(because he is still thinking about ishana  ) Shivay notices it and ask “What happened to you? Is everything alright” he says yes ofcourse. And try to behave normal. Shivay and Rudra doubts him.

Ishana wake up and see Om infront of her
Ishana –“ Omkara singh oberoi?
Om- “Yes. Why did you do that? Taking own life is not the solution for problem.”
Ishana – “ When there is no reason to live and no one to live with what is the use of this life? “

that is all for today. i am sry if the story line is not interesting to read. it may not be good enough but guys please say your views about my ff. ?

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