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Ishqbaaz FF by Swati – Episode 6

Recap :- ROKA ceremony; Preet’s entry & a son confronts his father.

Oberoi Mansion –
Shivay, Rudra & IshKara were in Shivay’s room.
Ishana :- Shivay Bhaiya pls don’t take Anshu’s talk on ur heart. He’s just a kid.
Rudra :- Bhabhi u didn’t saw him. Even I was angry at Bhaiya but still I or O haven’t talked to him like this but the way he was talking to Bhaiya, is definitely not a way for a 4 yr kid to talk & that too with his own father.
Ishana :- 5. He’s a 5 yr old kid.
Omkara :- 5 4 doesn’t matter Isha. Shivay is his Dad & no child can talk to his parents like that.

Ishana :- pls Om u r saying this, u were the one here who used to talk with his Dad (means Tej) rudely some yrs back. Remember?
Omkara :- it was a different issue
Ishana :- no it wasn’t. Om, Anshu is at the same place where u were few yrs ago. U & Dad were not on talking terms b’coz Dad was involved with that Shwetalana. Though Bhaiya was not involved with any girl but what he did is far more worse. (To Shivay) Bhaiya pls don’t take me wrong but what u did was not a mistake but it was a sin.

Shivay :- I know that Isha & I’m repenting for it. Ani has to understand that I really have changed, I’m insanely in love with her & I want her & our son back in my life b’coz after meeting them after yrs now it is getting tough for me to live without them.
Ishana :- Bhaiya for that u’ve to make Di realize ur love.
Shivay :- how? The more I go close to her more far she gets from me. Though she has changed a lot in these yrs but she has still that stubbornness & it is increasing with time.
Ishana :- hmmmm…..for that we’ve to plan something (they then start to think the ideas but none of them came up with a good idea then suddenly an idea struck in Rudra’s mind)
Rudra :- guys I got an amazing ideas.

Omkara :- Rudra we’ve had enough of ur ideas OK
Ishana :- Om at least let him speak. Yes Rudra what’s the idea.
Rudra :- as we know that Ani Di oh sorry Ani Bhabhi is angry with Shivay Bhaiya & is not ready to talk to him. She don’t even let him stand near her so what if they both along with Anshu r under the same roof.
Shivay :- this is not possible. U only said na that she don’t even let me stand near her then how can we 3 live under same roof. In fact her family especially Veer will not allow me in that house.
Rudra :- u don’t have to stay there. What I am saying is that what if Bhabhi stays in Oberoi Mansion along with Anshu.
Omkara :- she’ll never agree.
Rudra :- & there comes my master stroke – we’ve to compel her to stay here with Anshu.
Omkara :- wow Rudra this idea is really good.
Shivay :- u r not so Dumb as we thought Mr. Dumbbell Oberoi.
Rudra :- Bhaiya I gave u such a nice idea & u r mocking me. I won’t talk to u.
Shivay :- awww…. I’m sorry OK. Ur idea is superb.

Ishana ‘- idea is superb but who will compel Di to stay here?
Omkara :- there’s only 1 person who can do this (Shivay & Rudra look at Omkara who was looking at Ishana & they both understood his indication & the trio look at Ishana).
Ishana (looks at them confused & turns around to see if there’s someone else & when she look at them she understood their plan) :- no no no. (She then looks at Shivay who made a pleading face) fine I’ll do it.
Rudra :- how?
Ishana :- that u leave it to me OK.

ABC Shopping Mall –
Harman, Priyanka & Anika r in the mall for ring shopping. Anika left the couple to give them some privacy & went to other shops for shopping. Here Harman & Priyanka r at the jewelry shop to select rings but Priyanka is lost in some other world which got noticed by Harman.
Harman (clicks his fingers in front of her) :- what happened?
Priyanka :- nothing.
Harman :- c’mon Prinku don’t lie. Tell na.
Priyanka :- Harman now that u know that Shivay Bhaiya is my brother & he is the reason for Anika’s pain, will ur love for me will get less?
Harman :- of course not Prinku. It’s true that I’m very much angry on Shivay for hurting my Di but that does not mean that my love for u will get less.

Priyanka :- achcha I’ve noticed that when Panditji fixed the marriage date ur family, Isha Bhabhi & Bhaiya were little shocked. What’s with the date, is there any problem?
Harman :- Prinku now that u r going to be a part of our family I don’t wanna hide anything from u. Actually it’s the same date on which Di & Shivay got married. It’ll be their 6th anniversary.
Priyanka :- oh god! We should postpone the date &I’m sure that Preet & Meher will also agree.
Anika (coming from behind ) :- there’s no need for it.
Priyanka :- but Ani.

Anika :- Prinku don’t worry I’ll be fine. In every person’s life a day comes when his/her past comes in front of him & if we turn our back on the past it’ll haunt u for entire life. So its better to face the past & fight with it instead of turning ur back OK. Now come on cheer up & finish the shopping fast still many preps r left to be done. (Harman & Priyanka smile at her & continued their shopping & then went to their respective homes).

The engagement day is here, function is in the evening. Both the families r indulged completely in the function. It’s evening & the Juneja family has arrived in the Oberoi Mansion. Shivay was mesmerized to see Anika, she was wearing a red saree with golden border & a golden blouse with golden jhumkas (just like Sonakshi in KRPKAB). Guests had arrived, few moments r left for ring exchanging. Suddenly they all heard the sound of the door, the Junejas were happy to see the person who opened the door. It was none other than Gauri. She then met with her family members happily & hugged them. Lastly she came to Anika & hugged her tight like a kid hugging its mother.

Gauri (still hugging Anika ) :- I missed u so much Di.
Anika :- I missed u too my Baby. (then notices a little scar on Gauri’s left arm) aaye haai what’s this? How did u get hurt?
Gauri :- chill Di. It happens in treaking. Just chill.
Anika :- fine. Achcha where’s Khushi? (then she saw a girl coming & panting heavily b’coz of the 2 bags she was carrying) Khushi what happened to u?
Khushi :- don’t ask Di. Baby was so excited to meet u all that she didn’t even unloaded her luggage from the taxi. I had to bring her bag in here & as u know how much weight her bag has.
Veer (teasing her) :- it’s weight is less than u moti.
Khushi :- hey don’t call me that. I’m not moti.

Veer :- u r. Accept this moti ???
Khushi (to Anika) :- Di?? see na. Tell him to stop mocking me otherwise ????
Veer :- otherwise what ?
Anika :- stop it u 2. Atleast see where r u both now. Veer today is ur brothers engagement & u both r fighting over silly things. Baby, Khushi u both go & change fast the brides will be here any minute. Isha u take them both.

Gauri & Khushi went with Ishana to guest room to change. After sometime both the brides (i.e. Priyanka & Meher) came downstairs. Panditji started the ceremony & both the couples exchanged rings marking the start of their new lives. Everyone enjoyed the function then the guests left expect Juneja family & some close family frnds which included Dr. Richa Mehta – Ishana’s gynaec. Ishana was with Anika when suddenly Ishana fainted on Anika’s shoulder. Everyone panicked especially Omkara. He lift her up Ishana in his arms & took her to the bedroom. Dr. Mehta checked her & came outside where everyone was waiting.
Omkara :- Dr is Isha OK?

Dr. :- Mr Oberoi there’s nothing to worry about Ishana is fine now.
Anika :- but what happened to her suddenly?
Dr. :- who r u?
Anika :- I’m her sister Anika.
Dr. :- its her last phase of pregnancy & she has been a little stressed out for past few days. I advice u to stay with her till her delivery. It’ll be good for her & the child
Anika :- OK I’ll take her with me to my house.
Dr. :- no.
Anika :- why?

Dr. :- as I said its her last phase she can’t travel much & this will also increase her stress so its better u stay here with her.
Anika (after thinking) :- ok I will.
Prem :- but Di what abt Anshu? U know na he can’t live without u there.
Anika :- he’ll stay here with me.

Preet :- but Di r u sure u wanna stay here?
Anika :- yes b’coz right now what matters to me is Isha & her unborn child’s health. That’s all.
Gauri :- but Di I wanted to live with u, I returned after so many days. I wanted to spend more time with u.
Anika :- Baby its just a matter of 1 month (she was cut by Dadi)
Dadi :- Gauri beta u can also stay here along with Ani & Anshu.
Gauri :- really Dadi (Dadi nods in yes) thnk u Dadi (& hugged her).

The doctor took her leave & advised to take good care of Ishana. The remaining guests also left. Junejas too were leaving when Shivay noticed Anika going with them.
Shivay (to Anika) :- where r u going? U were supposed to stay here na then?
Anika :- I’m going to come back (she notices Shivay smilingsmiling) Mr. Oberoi stop building imaginary flyovers, I’ll be staying here till Isha’s delivery understand. (Shivay nods his head but is happy from outside)

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Precap :- AnSh & Anshu moments; Rudra-Gauri bond & some family moments.

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