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ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 56+57) last episode

Thanks for such a sudden boost 51 comments I was super happy with this unexpected surprise I thought maybe I will get 30 but it crossed 50…???
And some of my readers started blackmailing me in a funny way which made me laugh like hell.. One such comment was sat.. ( satvika) I am happy but I have to close down this ff as regularly I don’t get a nice response and many more reason…

Let’s begin with my present episode.


Scene 1 ( singhania mansion)..
Omkara pacified Ishana that he will never ever leave her in life in front of everyone I purely mean oberoi family, singhania family ( harsh & nandhini)..
And goes in front of ganesh idol takes sindoor and without a second thought raised his hand and was about to fill her maag she holded his hand with an intention
to stop him marrying her and spoiling his whole life as her grip was tight sindoor falls in her maag and leaves everyone shocked accept oberoi brothers shivika Rumya they were happy.. They took a stand for ishkara that as anika is now Mrs Shivaay Singh oberoi the same way now Ishana is Mrs. Omkara Singh oberoi ..
Sometime Before..
Scene present..

Ishana was shocked to know the other dangerous side of her father she thinks that if this is the real harshwardhan singhania than di (anika)should be introduced to this side.. She stood up with the help of omkara..
Omkara asked her whether she is OK she nodes her head in yes and takes support of side table where harsh kept his phone she just saw it and clicked 1 it was a straight speed dial for anika..
Phone got connected.. And Ishana wanted to show the same what she was witnessing ..
Scene focused on anika and shivaay sleeping in each other arms after spending some precious moments with each other the phone rings…..
With the ringtone sound anika wakes up and sees shivaay with a smile.. She thought that the phone call with disturb my billu.. So she picked it up.. And was about to keep it on her ears to listen..
When shivaay opened his eyes and was touching the bed with one hand actually in sleep also he wanted anika too close in hug position he finds that anika woke up in the mid.. As she was about to listen shivaay pulled her in his arms again.. And she rested her hand on his chest.
Anika said billu ji aap soye nahi.. Shivaay smiles and said panika you are punishing me like the way I do when I am there I always be on call and now you are doing the sameAnika smiles and says hmmm.. Maybe
Phone hits two buttons due to sudden jerk first .. Speaker mode second connect with some other call too..
Anika call diverted to nandhini..
Her phone rings she comes out of the washroom goes and picked the phone which was resting on bed..
Now ( SHIVIKA & Nandhini ) the trio was on line by mistaken or I can say by fortune wish..
Ishana looked at omkara and said him through thoughts please always be with me in any condition as I need you …
Omkara said I am always you don’t need to tell me dear..
Ishana started her drama she bowed down in her father legs and cried terribly.. ( Om and harsh) were shocked by this sudden change of mind…
Omkara – ishu kya kar rahi ho ??
( SHIVIKA & nandhini said together Om ishu).. Their all focus derived towards the call..
Harsh smirk.. And made her stand and hugged her and said sorry for hitting her I love you.. I want you to be happy but not with oberois..
{ Drama}.. Dad sorry I know omi loves me but what you did was wrong why you made that chandelier fall… On shivaay you could share your feelings with us na as we are your daughters first..
( shivaay & anika was shocked to hear that the person behind the chandelier fall was none other than their dad harsh)..??
She continued her drama as hawa Hawaii she said dad you did wrong why didn’t you inform us that you hate oberois earlier.. And as far as I remember you were the one who made me and di re- enter in o bro life’s .. Then why?
Omkara was standing still in shock that what is happening here ?? some time before she supported me and my family and now she is neglecting the truth that her father did wrong …
Harsh saw omkara standing still in shock he smirked and said ishu shona that time I thought that you sisters can control your emotions and move on with Rana brothers.. ( Sid & vivaan).

SHIVIKA & nandhini eyes popped out of anger… Rana brothers .. Dad?
Rana brothers means Vikram sons ( nandhini stated .. Harsh)..
Your hopeless both of them say on same time ( anika Ishana & nandhini)..

Harsh continued …. He strokes her head and says beta slowly I found that you both were gimmicked by them again.. (He looks at omi )..

The trio means SHIVIKA nandhini takes their car keys and goes towards the car..and drives off to singhania mansion and were still on line…
Nandhini- I am getting bad intuition like something is gonna go wrong..
Shivaay to what’s happening anika?
Anika replied… I don’t know billuji but I can sense that some thing is fishy… He should inform whole oberoi family.. Shivaay makes a call to Rudra….
And nandhini for precautions text Arav and riddhima that bring police force with you as I am going to face that monster ( harsh) riddhima and Arav reads it and together says oh no…. Shit and rushed towards singhania mansion in car ..
In between Arav called police force too..
Scene changed shifted to Rumya…
They were in the same room and was in deep sleep after fighting .. Actually somya managed to free herself from Rudra grip and ran to save herself from Rudra … Rudra too started chasing her and they were roaming all around the room..
Somya stood behind the sofa with a cushion in her hand and said duffer oberoi stop chasing me otherwise..
Rudra asked what he was standing on the other side of the sofa they were facing each other and somya said aacha bacho abhi batati hu… He pushed the sofa on his side and he dragged it to her… Somo ki bacchi ab tu he stops the sofa with his hands and Somo wonders that protein shake oberoi is really strong..
But I am also very strong she dragged the sofa again and smirked and said chuha… ( intensionally).
??? mummy kaha hai he jumps on sofa and with sudden jerk Somo to falls but laughed on his scared look darpok oberoi …
Their Tom and Jerry fight continued..
Rudra said arrey … And hits her with the cushion which was on sofa.. She also does the same…
After 20 mins…
Whole room was messed and feathers were scattered on the ground from pillows… And due to serious pillow fight they straightly went to bed.. Somya up and Rudra holding her hands kept his head on the bed sat on ground witnessed somya sleeping??..
And slept there itself…
Flashback ends…
They were in the same position..
Phone rang … It was shivaay…
Rudra hears the ring get up and holded the phone in half awake condition still rubbing his eyes like child when he wakes up…
He wakes somya up said Bhai ….why gabbar Singh oberoi is calling ..
Somya hits her head and he picked the call..
Shivaay explained him whole situation.
Rumya runs out of their room…
Rudra goes to pinky shakti dadi Somya goes to tejanvi pinku ..
They all rushed towards singhania mansion..
Rumya POV..
Paata nahi yeh musibate kab khatam hogi , somya holded his hand and pacified him.. They looked at each other and smiled..
Anika said ab koi raita na phele bus..shivaay saw her stressed and holded her hand and pacified her..
In singhania mansion

Harsh continued…
After knowing this that you are attracted I got scared that this oberois are trying to repeat the history but not with nandhini but now with her daughters and I didn’t wanna loss my daughters again… He cried crocodile tears…??
Nandhini murmurs – jhut phirse harsh you will never change but this time I won’t let my daughters trap in your emotional trap… If you’re harshwardhan singhania so I am also nandhini singhania..

( the secret behind nandhini dialogue will disclose ?down in the secret section)..
Harsh says I don’t want you to marry an oberoi like anika did… Ishana makes face and thinks ???
Yeh toh mujhse bhi bade dramebaaz.. Hai..
Omkara turned Ishana towards him and asked yeh kya kar rahi ho ishu you were the one who brought me here and you only told me that we both will punish him but.. Ishana keeps her hand on his arm and blinks?…
And he understands that this is some drama… He also joined he said how can you think of ditching me again each time I forgave you and each time you cheated me …. Ishana says in a relationship both suffers I suffered and family too I lost my mum…
Nandhini murmurs no.. You know only half truth and not whole
Ishana if you lost your mum then I also blamed my dad for this I didn’t support him like your supporting your dad…
Harsh smirked that what I wanted that’s happening….
Nandhini reached home through shortcut and entered….
And stopped Ishana and omkara fighting by saying don’t believe this man ( harsh)oberois have fault but nandhini is not dead….
SHIVIKA and others reached home as she said these words…
Ishkara SHIVIKA and all others shocked….
Arav and riddhima too reached home and told police force to stay as the entrance it needed we will call you..
Arav and riddhima yes nandhini singhania is alive Ishana and anika were quite quick to react…
Ishana asked was are you saying riddhima replied I am saying the truth.. And she is present here now with us and pointed her hand towards nandhita and said you’re mom is present here and all see nandhini… And then the photo was nandhini the both faces were different .
How can this happen? Harsh said in angry manner its impossible because I myself sealed her dead body in graveyard…
Everyone got shocked by his words that what he said now..
Nandhini looked at him and said yes finally you said the whole truth yes you all heard right…
your conscious agreed to this fact that you were also some how involved in my murder…. The scene freezes on all the faces shocked..
Harsh per you forgot that saach ko kitna bhi jhupaalo woh nahi jhupaata… Tumne mujhe dafan kiya tha na zinda..aur aaj saalo baad humare mulakat yese ho rahi hai..
Oh please cut your stuff and shut you’re mother

Anika and Ishana stepped backwards and omkara and shivaay supported them.. They holded their hands..
Nandhini confronted harsh and blamed his as well for her murder…
Harsh said angrily you are not my wife she is dead… Anika Ishana don’t believe on this lady believe me…
Nandhini murmurs believed you that was a blunder mistake and as far as proof concerns… I have many proofs to prove that I am nandhini singhania..
Harsh says OK prove it…

She goes near her purse which was kept on the table she unzipped it took out some documents and showed it to everyone and this is proof no 1
DNA report which clearly proves that anika is my daughter .. Anika and Ishana snatched the file and red it .. They looked at nandhini with question mark look and she started explaining..
That day when anika was hospitalized and needed blood and by gods grace shivaay blood sample matched with her and he donated blood but according to a rule a person can only donate one bottle at a time but he donated 2 bottles by forcing doctor but still there was a need of blood and I requested doctor that I have the same blood group please let me donate she is my daughter and he agreed and afterwards I explained him everything and he made a DNA report.
Oh please such fake reports are sold in hundreds on roadside harsh stated..
I knew that you won’t believe me so here goes proof no 2 another certificate of government health council which prove the same.. And they she called the doctor who made this report and he said the same thing which was mentioned in reports then she called the another doctor who did her plastic surgery long back from net… The doctor said that nandhita is only nandhini and if you wanted to see CCTV footage of 15 years back we have it still which shows that harsh came and dragged her some where and after three hours she was brought back by some other person with 2 children in very bad condition.. OK thanks doctor.. Can you please kindly send me that footage .,. Yes why not but it will take time..
Anika said its OK..
Ishana and anika hugged their mom and asked several questions that why you left us we were so along without you mom..
Omkara and shivaay wanted to support them but manvi stopped them by saying their mom will handle…
Nandhini apologized for not coming back as this monster would kill me again and pointed towards harsh…
SHIVIKA ishkara Rumya dadi pressurized nandhini to speak out and she breaks down and started..
Secret ( nandhini version)
She goes in flashback ..

OK so …. She sits on the sofa riddhima and Arav patted her shoulder Ishana and anika holded her hands and sat on their knees …
Nandhini takes a deep breathe and reminisced the worst day of her life she closed her eyes.. Scenes started playing.. As a video in mind..
She said, her ladki ka khwaab hota hai ek aacha jeewan Saathi she looked at harsh with teared eyes and angry..
Meri zindagi me harsh aaye meri shaadi hui… Sab kuch thik tha.. Tum dono aaye holding Ishana and anika hand tightly..
Phir manvi naam ka tufan aaya .. Jisne meri zindagi ujadhdi… Janvi and pinky walking towards her and janvi offered water to her… And said I can understand…
Harsh and me used to fight a lot on this matter I blamed his that you ditched me I am your wife …
Tejanvi looks each other and remembered their fights…
Nandhini continued
after several failed attempts to win harsh again I decided to leave his life with my daughters… I left a letter and went with you both in car..
I made you both sit and I sat on the driving seat … As I started my phone rang it was Anita my friend I explained her whole situation she suggested me a job is vacant in oberoi food factory after that I applied and I was selected I was faithful hardworking, tej and shakti made me in charge of food packaging and export.. Everything was going good one morning I entered in factory and saw roop and her husband was mixing something in the packs I checked it was a kind a drug which can kill others…
I informed this to tej and shakti but for saving their family prestige they me handsome money which can settle my life easily with daughters but at someone’s life cost and I denied and warned them and the next they blamed me …. I was jobless respect less… And I was blamed for killing many innocent life’s .. And I tried to prove myself innocent and became danger… They decided to kill me ..
Tej called me… And I was driving and you both were with me he said to take my payment or wages and that time I was badly in a need of it I agreed and went to the factory…
I was stuck in fire with others and oberois were tension free now I gestured Anita to take my daughters away…
I was burning… And you both
(anika & Ishana) went off and I smiled that at least I saw my daughters for the last time and you both are safe… I reminisced every moment of my life while burning…
Everything burnt around me on the floor many dead bodies where there.. But I was still alive..
Tej gave responsibility to clear the death bodies … He enter he saw everything burned and he kept handki..
On his mouth he came with ambulance and sent those who were still alive he unknowingly helped me and the ambulance took me with others and was immediately admitted there harsh came and he found me
He came with an intention to kill me because I spoiled his name fame statue family name he saw me burnt he took me from there and abused me for everything..
Everything…??? .
Nandhini murmurs that because of negative news our family surname reputation etc was spoiled move over manvi left harsh he suffered a loss in business that why he came to me with an intention to kill me he dragged me to the graveyard and sealed me there I was suffering for fresh air yes I was burnt but still alive but my husband treated me as I am dead or nothing to him…
a person entered with white flowers in the graveyard to wish his departed wife and that angel came to save me he paid money for plastic surgery he was the father of riddhima and Arav… And I under gone a surgery and I got his wife face … With this new face I started searching my identity my life I mean my daughters anika and Ishana
but after several failed attempts Arav & riddhima father took arav.. Legally …
So oberoi and singhania both are culprits…
Flashback ends…
Harsh tried to convince his daughters but failed finally..he gone to the table opened the drawer a took his gun and pointed it towards oberois and said tumhare wajah say yeh Sab ho raha hai
Everyone was shocked anika and Ishana became shield for their love omkara and shivaay … They were standing between the gun and oberois
Arav was quick to react he called the police force..
in they caught harsh and all were safe…. Anika and Ishana breakdown that every thing finished shivaay supported anika and omkara supported Ishana..
They were crying terribly… Police dragged harsh and omkara stopped them for awhile ….
He makes Ishana stand pacify her that need a proof that I will never leave you so come with me he took Ishana near ganesh idol takes sindoor and filled her maag…
Rumya SHIVIKA said Om …. And cupped their mouths ..
Pinky and janvi says o my mata..
Jethani ji shivaay ne shaadi bina 7 pheru ke ki kya kam tha joh ab omkara bhi ussi raha per nikal gaya Rudra ko bachake rakhana…
Iss ghar ke boys ne toh 7 pheru ki simple shaadi ke baare me Suna nahi..
Harsh fumed in anger that you can’t do this he is taken by police force and oberois denied to accept ishu as their choti bahu.. And SHIVIKA and Rumya took a stand for them ..
And all hug … Obro hug and sing hug..
And Rudra said ki pahele shivaay bhaiyya aur ab aap ki sudden shaadi main bhi yesihi thrilling shaadi karo gaa . ishkara and shivika looked at somya and intensionally asked kisse with smirks….
Ishana and anika leaves with shivaay and omkara to oberoi mansion..
SHIVIKA and ishkara marriage in a proper way happened and Rudra engagement with somya on the same day..
Harsh ,roop ,gayatri, Svetlana in jail…
After 5 years….
Omkara and shivaay walked restlessly in the corridor doctor comes and gives a happy news that Ishana and omkara are blessed with baby boy …
And anika is after blessed with second child after a boy she gave birth to baby girl…
Somya and Rudra danced like mad and distributed sweets..
Riddhima Vivaan Rana and Malika Siddhartha Rana came to congratulate shivaay and omkara with vivaan and Sid …
And gave congrats to priyanka too as tomorrow is her wedding with Arav..
All the family present in the wedding… With their kids.. Ishkara with son shivika with one boy and girl child…
Rumya still use to behave like kids..
All for one and one for all
Dil bole oberoi…
IB ends here….
Yes guys it the last epi from me as my Mobile has some defects so I am ending this ff here and I will surely come back with season 2 ….
Do comments…
Final bye to close buddies..
Jara ayath pragya ananya tulsi nithu priya fatarajo shivani ruhi shatakshi nida liya satvika ..nivedita many more list is long and time is short….
Bye I will surely come back and comment a lot on your ff guys…
Loved your support thanks for everything..

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