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ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 54)

Thanks for your energetic comments I will try my best to entertain you guys …
Anika was out of danger now and was safe but weak doctors strictly said that she needs total bed rest with medication.. Shivaay finished all the formalities and anika was discharged.. Shivaay and others keeps special precautions and takes her home.

Ishana was terribly frightened and was shaken that in a day itself what all happened? First omkara tried to commit suicide and now this incident if in this all something happened to my loved ones so she cries.. Omkara sits beside her and she melted in his arms and said that after mom… Anika di was my guide friend and what not.. Omkara was just listening he gently stroked her hair and says like I am there to prevent you from danger in the similar way shivaay protects his love.. Like I can’t think of losing you in same way shivaay can’t lose anika.. Ishana looked into his eyes.. And omkara saw pain in her eyes he gently breaks the hug and wiped her tears off and said ..Keeping his hands on her cheek that nothing will happen ..
Rudra proposed somya in a different style which was incomplete due to accident…
Shivaay and others brings anika home.. Oberoi ladies make her sit on the sofa and pinky and Ishana goes in the kitchen and does preparation of energy drink for anika move over dinner preparations…

In the hall where anika was sitting and was surrounded by dadi , omkara,Rudra, somya, tej janvi and shakti everyone was concerned for her better health.. Dadi was sitting beside her she gently holded her hand and said..
Puttar , tu thik hai naa..? In reply she nodes her head in yes… Dadi gently started rubbing her hand and said thanks for everything.. Tu ne aaj phirse meri billu ki jaan bachai…And tears rolled down from her eyes on her hand anika gently lifted her chin and gently wiped off her tears with shivering hand she was in pain even though she can’t see her loved ones in pain.. Somya holded her shivering hand and supported her.. Rudra saw thechandelier broken and reminisced the whole incident and was so frightened that he came on his knees and kept his head in anika’s lap … And started crying terribly.. Omkara and somya tried to pacify him but failed.. In between Ishana and pinky reached with energy drink in their hands.. Anika gestured omkara and somya that let him cry… Everyone was looking at Rudra and anika he was still crying but while that he said … Thanks bhabhi you’re really “Supergirl ” who saved my Superman ( shivaay)..


Everyone was so emotional that even silence was speaking… Anika gently stroked Rudra head…And he looks up..
She saw pain in his eyes for her and his bhaiyya.. She just gave a weak smile and said in a low voice… It was my responsibility towards you’re brother..
Pinky sits beside her and makes her drink the juice.. She started drinking it and was looking at the entrance..

Shivaay was standing and looking at her with mixed emotions.. He was happy that his sweetheart was out of danger but he was sad because for him anika took a risk of her life.. And angry because his stupid security let that “Stranger” go.. Shivaay entered the house with a panel of doctors who were appointed by himto take care of his lovely wife… He thought that he is showering his love and concern on his wife in this way but instead of being happy anika gave him a deadly glance and was thinking…

Anika POV..
I know that shivaay cares for me and finds it difficult to express in front of everyone but this is not the way he can take care of me.. I mean doctors are OK but as his wife he should personally come forward and take care of me… I know that he can take care of me better then this people..

Shivaay POV ….
Anika dear I am really sorry but I have done so many mistakes in my past with especially you that I can’t gather strength to face and you’re unconditional love and concern for me I know that u too have ego and can’t express your love for me because of your Mom death… I personally regret it but I know they is some sort of wall amid us which will never let us come close.. And I can’t figure out that what things are stopping you to take a step forward in our relationship.. But I will try my best not to hurt you again in any manner…
{ Their souls were talking with each other they were sharing the most comfortable eye lock ever because for awhile they forgot everything and was connected with each other both were silent but their eyes were showering love for each other which they used to hide from each other..}

Anika POV –
I know everything and I am happy with the fact that you care for me that’s enough for me , I thought that you personally will attend me but its OK as you say naa that every relationship is deal.. And in a relationship we should not enter with extra hopes.. It always pain I agree with this shivaay…
The silence breaks Rumya ,ishkara, dadi saw them connected with each other though soul and smiled ,Rudra whispered somya that how cute they look when they love each other in such a unique way.. Somya says you know love is also with us or around just the thing is that some circumstances occur which Doesn’t allow the love to enter again.Rudra just looks at her and felt the depth of her words.. Finally the ice breaks and
“dadi asked shivaay that why you brought these doctors ?”.
Shivaay replied that vo… Dadi anika ke liye.. Ye doctors aur nurses 247 anika ke saath rahege … Aur uski care karege on professional bases.
Tej and shakti agreed with his decision and told their wives to accommodate then properly here till anika is fine…

Anika POV-
kya thik hai bade papa or dad uff ek toh ye bemari aur weakness nahi jhel paa rahi aur ab in safed coat wale bhooto ko jhelna padega aur woh bhi 247 waha shivaay kitni care hai tumhe meri
She said all this in an angry tone in her thoughts… Shivaay made an angry wala face and gave a deadly glance to anika and said in mind that panika stop it they are here for your care..
Anika raised her eyebrows that shivaay Singh oberoi has now become scanner Singh oberoi and he scanned my thoughts too… She thinks loud and said that shivaay stop scanning me and my thoughts you are so unmanned your parents didn’t taught you earlier that without taking permission we should not read personal things or thoughts..

He says aloud that now enough…
Everyone reacted..
Ishkara sensed that they were talking through soul and looked at each other and said in a low voice like the way we do… They tease SHIVIKA that what to enough shivaay?
Shivaay managed to make an answer and said that now enough of this things anika needs rest and doctors will examine her… Nurses come forward to take anika in her room anika managed to stand with their support but suddenly her saree came in between and she loses her balance and shivaay embraced her … Dadi gestured nurses to step back as her husband was supporting her… Shivaay slowed his speed and started walking with her and carefully took her to room..
Everyone was happy… To see shivika together..
Ishana was hesitating she said, vo..vo dadi..
Dadi asked Ishana what’s the matter?
Ishana said dadi can I stay here for sometime till ani di is fine…
Janvi and pinky said together why are you asking permission ? You’re would be oberoi.
Rumya also said Ishana bhabhi its you’re house only… Ishana smiled …
Ishana went in kitchen and omkara followed her and they were cooking food earlier pinky and Ishana prepared or arranged all the ingredients which was needed..
Ishana was a bit disturbed but she started she said … I can’t understand the power of love which sometimes due to circumstances separates the couple and sometimes increase the closeness amid them…
What love is?

Omkara smiled and defined love..
Pyaar iss ek shabd me poori muqdaar ko badal ne ki taakta hai … Ye ek shabd her haalat say pere hai.. Ye ek shabd halaato ko badal ne ki taakat rakhata hai..

( love, this one word can change destiny’s this one word is apart from every situation.. This one word has the power to change situations..).

Ishana understands the meaning and looks at omkara with all love.. Ishana says..
In my sense , pyaar ek adhura alfaz hai joh kisiki zindagi kah adhurapan poora karta hai.. Pyaar woh adhura alfaz hai joh muqdaar ko poora karta hai.. Ye ek yesa alfaz hai jisse define karte karte alfaz kam hojate hai…

( According to me, love is an incomplete word which finishes the loneliness in life..Love is a word which completes destiny , this word can’t be defined as the words gets short to define it..)
They shared an comfortable eyelock and after a while it breaks they both smells something and suddenly Ishana looks here and there and says .. Arrey baap re..
Ishkara looks at stove…
The food was burning…

They quickly took the food off and started cleaning the area and vessels..
Rumya was passing through the kitchen and smells… Rudra looked at somya and somya looked at him they both said together… Badaboo
and somya says Rudra hold nose… Can’t tolerate the smell… Rudra thinks for a while and quickly holded her nose instead of his.. She was struggling for breathe and her whole body started shaking… Rudra asked somya that ye JAL bin machali ki tarah kyu hill rahi ho..?
Somya takes his hand off from her nose and said oh duffer oberoi I said you to hold your nose not mine.. She hits his head and they both said koi chuha mar gaya hai kya?? Yuck so bad smell they walk towards kitchen..
Ishana some how managed to clear the mess which was created by them..

Rumya entered the kitchenand said oh OK yaha khana nahi balki kuch aur hi pak raha tha… And smiled because ishkara was standing hand and hand…

{ actually while adjusted the mess and utensils Ishana disbalanced because she was in a hurry and omkara prevented her by falling}..
Rumya teased ishkara and said sorry for disturbing you …. Rudra smiled and said ha o ishqbaazi continue rakho… They both keep their hand on their eyes and turned … And smiled ishkara hits their foreheads… Somya says Rudra that we should go.. Kabab me haadi nahi bana chahiye…They both go laughing and holding each other I mean hand in hand….
Ishkara sees that and said together looking at each other and said ishqbaaziiiiiiii…
Oooooooo…. Waha waha o tumhara Bhai toh bahut fast hai… I hope this time this is the last.. One Om says .. And they smiled..
And gave high5 to each other…
Shivika Room :-
Shivaay sensed that anika was facing difficulty in walking… He asked anika that is there any difficulty.. She denied straightly.. And said that , no …no I can walk she said in pain.. Shivaay said dikha raha hai jiss speed me chal rahi ho 500 saal lagege .
And he bends down and picked her up in his arms…

Anika said billuji, yeh kya karre hai aap?
Panika, don’t call me that and yaa don’t worry I am just helping you… He entered the room and made her sit on bed and adjusted the cushions behind her… But by mistaken he dis- balanced on anika and lended on her and his lips touched her neck.. They shared an awkward eyelock….

Rumya was passing through that area and saw shivika so close and they cupped their mouths and then eyes and said pehle kya bandh karo samjh nahi aa raha somya aankhe , moo, yaa Iss badaboo se bajne ke liye naak.. Somya gave him a plain look..
ye kya ho raha ha her jagha ishqbaazi…. ???.They silently walked from there and was talking that dekho na somya aaj Iss mausam kah aasar Sab per dikh raha hai per… He make a puppy face and looks at somya …
She asked per… What ? Rudy..
He continues he says hum per kyu nahi.. I mean some time before I was on my knees and proposing you … And now I will finish it..
He again goes on his knees and thinking of some cheesy but cute lines which will impress his lady…

He said , somya kya tum mujhe aapna paratha banaogi …
What?? Rudy she gets a shocked look ..
He says jese tum humesha parathe aapne haatho me rakti ho wesehi kya tum mere haatho ko rakhogi… Please..
She smiled..
He said jese tum aapne zubaan per meri liye gussa rakti ho kya mera naam humesha ke liye rakogi..
Jese tumhare dil me love ke liye jagaha hai kya tum aapne dil me mujhe jagha dugi…
Jese tum radio pe sabko good morning kehti ho kya sirf mujhe special good morning kahne ka chance dogi

Ye kya bol raha hu main ? He hits his forehead for comparing his love with these things..
Somya laughs loudly on so cute proposal.. And said pinching his cheek , bahut cheesy lines thi per aachi thi and said mera duffer oberoi… And they walked to their room…
Rudra was not satisfied with reply he thought to do something naught.. ? kiss..

Somya was correcting the bedsheet she was facing has back towards Rudra..
She can see the mirror easily because she was standing in front of it… While correcting the bedsheet she saw Rudra coming forward and was making faces actually he was figuring out how to kiss her ?..
He was making faces which made somya laugh but she controlled… She thought mera duffer oberoi is trying to get naughtier… She turned back and Rudra was shocked…
He corrected his face as well as posture…
Dariya mein gaya kiss…
Somya said what were you upto ??
She asked it intensionally she knew the answer already..
Rudra ran his thinking horses and got an answer..
Actually I was trying to figure out .. How to break the ice amid shivaay bhaiyya and anika bhabhi…. And ishkara
Somya said yaa we have to do something for them….

They called ishkara in their room and they decided to give some privacy to the newly married couple dadi heard this and agreed … And then said everyone in the home that for a while we should go for outing…
Ishkara and Rumya said you all go we will stay here only..
Apart from this shivika breaks the awkward eyelock and shivaay gets a call he walks and picked the call… He was talking in anger anika wanted help to walk and go to the changing room to change because she was feeling uncomfortable in saree she thought of calling him but dropped the idea because shivaay was angry she took the support of side walls and stood up and slowly started started walking which was actually not allowed in this stage of weakness..
Shivaay said on phone call Mr. Kadam why are you in police force when you and your force can’t search that person who was the reason for chandelier fall.
He angrily thrown the phone …
The phone breaks and the upper glass scattered on the floor and suddenly anika saree again started troubling her …

anika walks on it and falls and screams…
Shivaay turned back and saw that anika on floor the glass pieces pricked her on arms legs and some on abdomen… He feels guilty and helps her to sit on bed…. He scolded her that why did you stand when doctors told u to take rest.. They have an argument …. And when he saw anika in pain he decided to help her..
Ishkara was along they were talking at poolside… About their life shivika Rumya ….
Rumya at their room decided to enter in beauty contest they plan a proper diet which will reduce her weight in just 2 weeks…


Guys I guess I am gonna quit the ff soon I mean till I reach 60 episodes the reason behind this sudden shock is TU carelessness.. I have many reason to quit my all actually especially on tu …
But for this episode….

Guys I will not stop commenting on your ff don’t worry…

I am willing to change the website if u guys have suggestions that where should I post for example… Monique has suggested me wattpad but I am finding it difficult to post or login … Please kindly suggest some websites…

I am here for only six episodes more so plz comment alot and in advance a big Teddy bear hug to all and sorry for disappointing you guys… And byeeeee….???

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