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Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 2 and Character sketches

Hey guys,this is sat again and I am back.A very great thanks for your bunchful of comments. This one not only consists of character sketches but also the 2ndepi. So don’t miss that one below.
Now it Is time to present the character sketches.

Shivaay singh Oberoi: As we all know , the most arrogant, rude business tycoon. Loves his family, especially his brothers , sister prinku and dadi. He is kind to another girl who is also a great entrepreneur and treats her like a true sister, which omkara hates.( I would reveal that girl in this character sketch itself). He loves cooking and always wanted to be united with his brothers. He developes an unknown crush for Annika but thinks that it is friendship.
Annika: A middle-class girl, without a surname, an orphan. She lives with her brother and loves him a lot. She was first the wedding planner for Shivaay’s wedding, later became an event manager for the Oberoi family. She likes Shivaay as a friend.


Omkara singh Oberoi: he is the most famous sculptor and artist of the present era. His art pieces and statue are sold in crores in the market. He is so philosophical and lives in the real life. He has a meaning for every emotion. He loves his brothers and hates his father and calls him Mr.oberoi rather than calling him dad.
Rudra singh Oberoi: the most handsome and funniest character in the whole story. He doesn’t want his brothers to fight for any matters. He is always cool and flirts girls. He starts developing feelings for sowmya and always wanted to be friendly with her. He is scared of everything and cries for everything
Sowmya: she is dadi’s friend’s daughter. She is chubby, cute and a bit fat. She gets irritated when someone calls her fat. She is an RJ and is known as love angel in the radio. She loves food and likes to be friendly with everyone. She mingles with everyone very fastly. She is a cute sister of om. She comforts Rudra during bad times.

Dadi: the most intelligent and caring character. She always wanted the family and the brothers to be united. She wants good wives for her grandsons. She is always with her grand daughterprinku and takes care of her a lot. She is a moral gnayani
Tia is Shivaay’s girlfriend
Pinky and Shakti are Shivaay’s parents
Tej and Jhanvi are om’s, Rudra’s, prinku’s parents
Ridhimma is om’s girlfriend
Romi is rudra’s crush.
Shvetlana is tej’s ex- girlfriend

And now the most interesting character.
Ishana shvetlana: yes, you heard it right. Ishana is shvetlana’s adopted daughter. She is a very great and a successful entrepreneur at a very young age. She is domestically harassed everyday by shvetlana..A very good sister to Shivaay. Feels that the only one in the world who care about her is hershivaay bhayya, lost her parents at 10 in an accident. The most interesting fact is that she completed mbbs in 7 years, and mba in 4 years and is also a good scientist. She became an entrepreneur because her mother forced her to do so. She is a great philanthropist. She feels Oberois as her family and om hates her just because she isshvetlana’s daughter not knowing her past. It is only with her, om loses his control over anger and she doesn’t care about him and they both are the biggest enemies.

She is also philosophical, very active in social media( a combination of everything). She is the most fashionable one in both ethnic and fashion wear. Tia is always jealous of her. Pinky likes her very much and treats her like daughter. Dadi loves her and feels she is perfect for om.Rudra also like her like didi. Tej also likes her and treats her like daughter as he knows her struggle .ishana is now in paris and was there for 2years inorder to solve he company’s problem. She is good at heart and loves art.
So guys, how are the character sketches., especially ishana’s one.

Now coming to the epi,
I know that all of you were shocked .
Even Shivaay was shocked after knowing what he did. A sudden happiness, but couldn’t express it, especially seeing Annika horrified, teary-eyed. She slapped Shivaay’s face at once
Ani: what did you do to me? Do you have sense. It is not small thing. You put sindhoor on my forehead. You married me. You didn’t ask me. You just did what you like. What do you think of yourself? You destroyed my life at once
(Shivaay having no courage to speak to Annika turned towards pinky who was giving a very angry look)

Pinky: don’t you dares speak Shivaay? What have you done. How can you marry a low middle class girl without a surname leaving our high class Tia and $500 million.
Dadi: pinky, just shut up. Don’t ever speak like that, especially infront of me.
Jhanvi: why did you do like this Shivaay?
Shivaay: badi ma, Tia came and blackmailed us. And what ma wants is my marriage and it is done,(looking at Annika, teary-eyed)
Ani: you could have done like this to Tia, that would be better , whole your family, would be happy. Why did you marry me, (holding his collar)

Om: Annika, calm down, I know what he had done is not perfect, but it is not worst either
(Annika leaves his collar and Shivaay still couldn’t speak to her)
Rudra: Annika didi, please don’t cry, I cant see you crying. Please.
Prinku: I will take Annika to my room. Soumya, come with me
Soumay: ha , and Rudra, we will take care of her, ok

Rudra: please console her, in this case, I will really believe you. Take care of her
Soumya: ok Rudra, I will do my best
(sowmya and prinku take Annika from there)
Dadi: why did you do like this billu?
Om: tell us Shivaay
Pinky: I will never accept her as bahu
(Shivaay(in his thoughts): what did I do, have I gone mad. I married her. She is helpless. But why am I happy at one side. Omg. What are all these thoughts. Ok it is over now Shivaay, your duty is support her now)
Shivaay: I don’t know what I did, but it is happened , leave it. Now she is my wife. You have to accept her as bahu. Now she has surname, she is Mrs. Annika singh Oberoi, wife of Shivaay singh Oberoi

Pinky: I will never accept her. I will just take the sindhoor off her forehead.
(she turns to go, dadi stops her)
Dadi: how can you be so cheap pinky, whatever happened, just leave it off. Think about the future. And whoever accept or not, she would be our bahu. That’s it
Jhanvi: pinky, just listen to mummyji
Pinky:I wont listen in this issue and will never accept her
(saying this she leaves from there)
Om: ma, please console choti ma and try to make her accept Annika. I know only you can do that. She will only listen to you now

(Jhanvi nods and goes to pinky’s room)
(Rudra ,om ,dadi smile looking at shivaay)
Shi: are you all not angry with me?
Rudra: we are bhayya just for not telling Annika didi, I mean Annika bhabi.
Om: this time I feel what you have done is correct. You listened to your heart
Dadi: hogayinameripothakaishqbaazi.(my grandson got his love)
Shi: dadi, I still feel her as my friend, but I don’t know what I did , I am not in my senses, I just put sindhoor on her forehead without a thought
Om: I call that love, Shivaay. Ok know, it takes time for you to adjust, we will plan your wedding with your wedding planner (Rudra and om gave a hi fi to each other)
Dadi smiled

Rudra: ha bhayya, after the case is closed, the next event will be your shaadi, don’t expect it now ok. (he laughs along with om and dadi)

(Shivaay smiled but still he is feeling for Annika and wanted to console her)
Dadi: chalo puttar, now refresh yourself, it is too late and you have to drop Annika home and bring her back as bahu tomorrow
Shivaay: but dadi………..
Dadi: don’t worry, she needs time and I will talk to her. She will listen to me
Shivaay: alright dadi, I am going to fresh up and come again to drop her. Please console her. She is very much hurt
Rudra: bhayya don’t worry, bhabi will be fine
Om: And Shivaay, all romance after shaadi ok. We have many more things to do.
(om, Rudra, dadi burst out of laughter)
Shivaay gives a hug to all the three and goes from there.

In priyanka’s room
Prinku: Annika,I know that bhayya has done wrong, but we don’t have the power to change the past
(Annika still weeping )
Soumya: Annika didi, let it go , start a new life. You cant remove your sindhoor now, it will harm bhayya. you became his wife, you are his possession now.
Annika: how can i? I just feel him as my friend, I have many responsibilities, you saw pinky aunty’s reaction and how can you expect me to become Mrs Annika Shivaay singh Oberoi. And what can I say to sahil.
(Dadi come there listening the conversation)

Dadi: don’t worry puttar, sahil is also part of this family, he will come here from tomorrow. You are our bahu now
Annika: no dadi, I cant be billuji’s wife. He is now just my friend that’s all
Dadi: puttar, ok treat him as a friend, but be his wife. You respect me and my traditions na,(Annika nods in yes). Then you have to respect this sindhoor also. you are billu’s now and he is yours.(oh jaana plays). You are his wife, life- partner. Your shaadi is over, but among us. I will let the world know Mrs. Shivaay singh Oberoi after a few days after all these problems get solved, and your wedding will be grand and me and my friends( Rudra, om, sowmya, prinku) will plan it. We need your advice, will you help us?
Annika: but dadi………

Dadi: no buts and but nots, tomorrow you will enter this mansion as a bahu along with your brother, so pack everything and come. For today , I am leaving you.(smiles) Go to your house and tell everything to your brother. Your pathi will drop you and pick you up tomorrow
Annika: billuji………….. no dadi , I will go on my own
Dadi: in this state, I cant leave you. And billu is already ready just waiting for you.
(Annika gets disappointed and still depressed nods in yes)
Dadi:don’t forget what I said .ok puttar, take care and bye.
(dadi hugs Annika and bids bye to her along with sowmya and prinku)
Annika goes where Shivaay waits for her.

Precap: Shivika moments ………………….., tej and Shakti return back,………………………….,they learn about the marriage,……………………………………………, ishana’entry…………………..

Sorry guys if it is too short, as I included character sketches. Please comment and let me know your review.
And I cant write dialogues in hindi as I don’t know it properly and many would also face a little difficulty reading hindi.
That’s all for today. Waiting for your comments eagerly

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