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Ishqbaaz FF –Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 1

Shivaay Singh Oberoi: He was the epitome of modern metros*xual man, well refined, snobbish and arrogant business tycoon that judges people on the basis of their lineage and social status.
He does not believe in love but even behind all his eccentricities has an uncanny sense of loyalty towards his family name but even more so to his brothers.

Anika: Young and free-spirited.She find happiness in her brother Sahil.
She needs no protection from anyone, and is pretty much proficient in handling her own business and looking after her bother.

After all that happened between Shivaay and Anika the only people that couldn’t see what were going on were them.


Why do have to sit here with his arrogant man she thought.
Thing between them was far more complicated than they would admit.

Anika thought of the day when Shivaay pushed her in the pool, she has never seen so much fire in one person’s eyes as that of his.

Flash back….

Shivaay took in shallow breaths as his rage burned in his core, “Say Sorry” he commanded.
But all she did was stare back at him, her piercing dark brown begging him to let go.
Her luscious lips quivered and her heart raced wild as nervousness ran through her body.
There was something about him that compelled her to him.
The silence that filled the room was mixed with the sound their breathing.
“Say Sorry” this time he pulled her closer twisting her arm around her back.
She winched in pain as he jerked her.
She could feel the intense heat that resonated from his body as there was no space between them.
There was that strange attraction to her as her body beckoned him to take her.
Even if it was just a few moments he wished to kiss her and taste her innocent sweet lips.
Shivaay quite like this Anika.
The fragile and vulnerable,Anika.
And as they stood there in each other’s arms their heartbeat synced.
Her long black tresses curled and cascading onto her back and her red dress now clung to her body.
And all her wanted to do was brush the wayward locks that was obscuring his view out of the way.

What was wrong with me…Shivaay thought.
He was engaged and she is his wedding planner.
This was wrong on so many levels but it felt so right.
There was a gently breeze that blew and she could feel chills run down her spine.
Their relationship just started on a wrong note.
And every meeting they had since the day at the temple resulted in several misconceptions and misunderstandings.
But the growing attraction between them was frustrating as they were unable to voice their true feelings towards each other.
Neither of them ever anticipated that their love/hate relationship was cultivating into something that was undeniable, something so pure.
She was his prey.
Shivaay’s cologne played havoc on her senses as she too was drawn towards him.
Anika closed her eyes she inhaling the fragrance and she took a moment drowning herself in his cologne, his scent.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
They were so close their noses almost touched and the sudden closeness almost made her melt right then and there.
He did not know if her resistance was teasing him or turning him on.

Flash back ends….

Shivaay sat at the pool side table.
“She looks so pretty in white, so innocent. Just like I like her.”, he thought as his mind was already starting to get carried away.
“Why was it that my heart starts beating whenever my eyes see you, Anika?” Shivaay questioned himself in his thoughts.
To say the moment was awkward was an understatement, as whenever they met she was pulled towards him by some invisible forces.
However hard they try to avoid each other they always seem to bump into each other.
Sometime I wonder if she is in my life to give it balance, if she is necessary for me to stay alive.
She has saved me and my family’s lives many times.
But she is the one person who gets on my nerves and has the audacity and courage to look into my eyes and talk back to me.
Is she a crucial part of my well-being…….

Anika nervously sat alongside Shivaay at the table but today something was different, it wasn’t his normal anger clouded face, his face was softer.
He had a partial smile on his face and something about that warmed her heart.
All this water that surrounded them made them extra anxious as neither wanted to be splashed with water today.
Reaching out to take the water jug their hands touched each other’s.
Their desires were awaken by their touch.
But their eyes spoke volumes as they just sat in silence.
Oh how his hands wished to caress all over her body, Shivaay thought.
Her skin must feel soft and smooth, he thought
Shivaay, stop all these absurd thoughts he scolded himself but his hormones were taking over control.

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