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Ishqbaaz Fan fiction

The episode starts with Mallika telling Shivaay…Anika is so special…. she made you laugh…I never could do that. Shivaay gets shy and turns away…He smiles again…He starts thinking about party and his dance with Anika…He tells in his mind “Cute” and leaves. Anika takes her mouth out of the bowl and tells Mallika I will die if I take a sip more of this drink…She leaves…She also thinks about the party and about calling Shivaay’s eyes beautiful. She gets shy and tells in her mind “Kanji aankhon wale” …


Rudra is still searching for his phone when he hears his phone ringing…He picks it up and sees Romi is calling..He excitedly picks up the phone and asks how was your darshan? Romi tells something and Rudra gets shocked and keeps the phone…Soumya looks on and thinks “Rudi to faas gaya”…

Rudra then comes to the living room and shouts for everyone…Everyone comes except Shivika..Rudi tells”SURPRISE!”Mallika asks what happened? Rudi tells see I have yesterday’s party’s video recording…we all can see what happened yesterday…Jhanvi comes and tells play it later..now go and freshen up….I’m preparing breakfast..Rudi and everyone leaves…Shivaay and Anika comes….Jhanvi tells them “I’m preparing for breakfast…come fast..after that Rudra will ply yesterday’s party’s video recording…”
Shivika get shocked..they look at each other and then look away..They tensedly ask each other “Do you remember anything about yesterday?”

Shivaay: No
Anika: Then me no too.
They both look at each other…
Shivaay: Okay…I remember.
Anika: I also remember.
Both: We have to stop the recording from being played…they run…
Anika slips…Shivaay looks at her and picks her up…O jaana plays…. Shivaay walks with her in his arms…
Omkara and Rudra look on and smile…Shivaay and Anika have an eyelock…


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