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Ishqbaaz Fan fiction (Bekaarar huye hum) Episode 4

Everyone run to Rudra….Omkara tells “He did not have any food from the morning…so he fainted…”
Soumya tells “I warned him not to skip his food…he has never fasted in his life…he has fallen sick now…bade baal wale bhaiya doctor ko jaldi bulao…” She gets worried for Rudra and tells n her mind “I will save you from Romi…I promise…”
Doctor comes and checks Rudra…He takes out an injection and Rudra starts crying..Soumya comes and tells…”Cry baby ka rona shuru…” Rudra gets angry and tells” I’m not at all scared” and takes the injection…he tells in mind.. “Sumo tumhe to me dekh lunga”…
Scene shifts to Shivaay’s room…Shivaay calls Anika…Anika comes and asks “Kya hua Shivaay ji?”
Shivaay: Tumne mujhe Billu ji nehi bulaya?

Anika: Apne hi to bola nehi bulane ke liye…
Shivaay : No I did not say that…you can call me…I mean…
Anika: You like the name then?
Shivaay : Forget it…
Anika: Why did you call me?
Shivaay: I wanted to say that…that…I mean…

Anika: Boliye na jaldi…
Shivaay… Woh main keh raha tha ki…Woh…woh actually…video mein jo kaha tha maine….I mean maine uss din jo bola tha…woh galat nehi tha…
Anika: Matlab?
Shivaay thinks in mind… “Matlab tum cute ho…”
He gets shy and walks out..

Ishana is taking money from almirah when her dad enters…He tells “Why are you taking ths money?”
Ishana tells “I am opening a dance school school so I need money….”
Dad : Have you gone mad? Why do you want to struggle for money when you can get it by just fooling others?
Ishana : Dusro ke dil dukhakar main aur ek bhi paisa nehi kamaungi…khudki mehnat se jitna ho sake utna kamaungi…Aab mujhe jana hai…
Dad: No you will do as I say..
Ishana: I am not bound to listen to you…Apne hume achha parvarish dene ki jaga paisa kamane ka galat upaye sikhaya..lekin aab mein aapki nehi shunne wali…hatiye..
She leaves…Her father gets angry…

Sidhaarth is calling Mallika again and again….Anika comes and tells “Pick up the phone and talk to him…tell him what is there in your heart…aise kab tak aap bhagte rehnge?”
Mallika tells “I need a help from you…”
Anika: Boliye..
Mallika : I need to go to meet Sidhaarth…phone pes are baatein nehi ho sakte…can you accompany me?
Anika : Ya,sure…

They reach Sidhaarth’s office and start to go inside but get shocked seeing Tia inside and stop…

Sorry for the short episode…My exam is going on and I can’t write long ffs…..

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