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ishqbaaz brothers – Part 4

Hi guys I am back with 4th part of my ff
Sorry I could not post because of my term exams now onward I’ll surely be punctual .Please all the silent reader’s comment and one more thing please give suggestions to make this ff more interesting
Recap :
i. omkara has started falling for ishana
ii. dadi , shivay & rudra meets ishana
here starts the story
scene 1 : golgappa corner
dadi: ishana ,naam toh bohot pyaara hain
isha : thanks dadi
( ishana gets a call from her dad she excuses herself from there and goes to side and talks (in gujrati) )
Ish’s Dad : kahan hai tu
Ish: main omkara aur uski family ke sath hoon.
Ish’s dad : tu to badi fast nikli .
Ish: nahi papa actually om mujhe ghar chodne aa raha tha aur hum golgappa khane ruk gaye aur waha uski family milgayi
Ish’s dad : wah pheli date
Ish: papa aap nahi sudhroge.
Ish’s dad : sun mujhe ye sab nahi pata par tu kuch bhi kar aur unke ghar me ghus ye aacha mauka hain kyunki tu jitna time uske saath rahegi utna accha hain hamare liye.
Ish : par papa
Ish’s dad ; par war kuch nahi .do as I say
Ish: theek hain. bye
Ish’s dad : bye
Ish: ( thinking ) kya karoon ,she gets an idea and goes & join them.
Om : kya hua bela , you look tensed.
Ish : nothing vo mere papa bahar jaa rahe the meri behen ke saath aur mujhe ghar par akele rehne mein dar lagta hai
Dadi : agar aisa hain toh kyun nahi tum hamare saath aa jati
Ish : par kaise
Shivaay : why not you are om’s friend you can stay with us .
Dad : haan tune mujhe dadi bola na toh ab dadi ki baat man aur hamare saath chal
Om : yes bela why not
Ish’s : theek hain aap itna bol hi rahe hain toh ,main aoongi aap ke ghar rehne
Rudra : acha ye sab theek hain par kya hum sab ab golgappa khaye jiske liye hum yahan aae the
Ish (thinking ) : sorry bhagwan ji ye log bohot aache hain aur main inhe hurt nahi karna chahti par kya karoon meri bhi majboori hain
Rudra : (to ishana) bala didi I mean bela didi khaiye na ache hain ye golgape.
Ish : haan haan khati hoon
After having golgappa all of them went back to oberoi
Scene 2 : oberoi mansion
Tej and Shakti were discussing something about their business with Svetlana and janvi was looking annoyed and pinky was sitting next to her to support her when dadi ,priyanka and the brothers entered with ishana.
Rudra : dadi acha hua hum us sumo ko apne saath nahi legaye varna saare golgappa vahi khaa jati
Dadi : chup kar khote
Om and shivaay together : shut up dumbell oberoi .
Ishana was smilling and even feeling bad because
She was hurting such good heart people
Everybody saw then laughing and giggling and were smiling to see them so happy but Svetlana was shocked to see ishana their ( as I told already that Svetlana was ishana’s bua)
Then all of them came to the hall where everybody was sitting and then ishana saw Svetlana and gort tensed and angry at the same time ( tensed because Svetlana would reveal that she is ishana not bela and angry because of something that happened before which I’ll disclose later)
Janvi : omkara beta ye kaun hain
Om : mom ye meri friend bela hain aur kuch dino ke liye hamare saath yahi rahegi
Janvi : acha ok
Svetlana : ( interrupting in between ) wait a sec. what did u just say bela no she is actually ishana .
Om ( annoyed ) : excuse me
Svetlana : if u don’t trust me than ask her only.
Omkara : 1 minute before asking her I want to ask u on what basis are u pointing on her. Do you even know her .
Svetlana: yes I know her very well because yeh mere bhai that means mr vardhaan kapoor ki beti hain .
Tej : but then why did she hide her identy
Svetlana : because ye to iske khoon me hain na jaisi iski maa thi vaisi ye hain. ( guys this also will be suspense that why did Svetlana told this about ishana ’s mother )
Ish( after listening her mom’s name ishana became angy burst out on Svetlana) : bas , how dare you add my mom’s name in it ,you do not have the right to do so . meri mom jaisi thi mere liye bohot aachi thi and atleast tum se kai guna zyada aachi thi. Tumhari tarah unhone kisi ki life barbad nahi ki hai.
Svetlana : excuse me
Ishana( interrupting Svetlana) : ( crying ) do u know what , I don’t know why I am wasting my energy on you , I should better leave.
Ishana left and all were shocked whereas Svetlana was annoyed
Om: what was it
Shivaay : I don’t know , even I am confused.
Dadi: mujhe lagta hain yaha job bhi hua uske baad tujhe uske piche jaana chahiye
Om: ok dadi me dekhta hoon
ishana was very sad and was sitting on the staircase ( where ishkara’s first conversation took place) when omkara came there by searching for her and confronted her .
om: bela I mean ishana whatever listen I waana talk to u
ishana was lost (he shook her) : yes
om: what was it
ishana explain everything to omkara and omkara’s reaction on it and on the other side mallika ‘s entry.


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