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Hey guys I’m back? so this is the first OS of the OS triology I’ve planned to write. Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming response for my previous OS.

The wedding preparations were in full swing but my eyes couldn’t focus on anything else but Anika. Her warm smile, her cute pout, her expressive eyes actually she herself never failed to amuse me. It was amazing how she could light up wherever she went from the people to the environment she brought all to life all made everyone feel alive. I turned to find Rudra attentively listen to Anika’s story with an all focused expression.


“Then what happened di…” Rudra tugged her arm.

“I was no less I chased behind the guy and aimed my Chameli at his head. Swoosh it flew and bam it head his head and thud he was on the ground” An inaudiable chuckle escaped my lips as I heard her narrate with sound effects.


“I took my Chameli and beated the guy black and blue for stealing my purse” Anika concluded.

“You’re the Indian superwoman di” Rudra praised an already flying Anika.

I smiled at how close AniRu had grown close to each other. It was always a treat to watch the two together as they chattered with their immature talks.

“Shivaay baby” Tia called me.


The aura around is so beautiful today, I wonder how?” Tia blabbered.

“Anika” I breathed.

“Did you say something”


Tia pulled me towards Anika

“Anika” Tia tapped her.

“Tia do you want something?” Anika pulled out her always present notebook.

“No Darling its just that Shivaay baby and I are going on a dinner date tomorrow and I’ve selected a few outfits but I’m not sure what to choose. Will you help me?” Tia pleaded.

“Why not” Anika smiled.

“Can I join too” Rudra questioned.

“Obviously” Tia answered.

“This one” Rudra and Anika said at once and broke into a fit of giggles.

“That was unexpected but they say nah di that great minds think alike” Rudra high fived.

“I guess that’s what the universe wants” Tia gleamed in happiness.

“Let’s go Shivaay baby” Tia tugged my arm.

I left to see Anika and Rudra laugh at something. A part of me wished that I could swap places with Rudra but I guess as Tia would put it “The Universe was against it”. Darn the Universe.


I rolled I’m my bed for the hundredth time trying to make myself comfortable but failed miserably. The past few days had been tiring as my mind and heart never cooperated together. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help but feel my eyes trail every action of Shivaay. For God’s sake he was Tia’s I had to control my damn thoughts. A sudden feeling of jealousy crept as I realized that He was Tia’s. Shivaay could be an obnoxious, self obsessed, egoistic businessman but I knew that it was just a facade to make the world bems in fear he was actually a caring, selfless and loving human behind the masked emotions. Life was never fair to me I always loved things I couldn’t reach. But I’m human and to expect is to be human but to break down after our expectations fails is also human. I’m no superwoman but I’m a fighter and I’d fight all what I feel just to make him happy and if his happiness lies with Tia then let it be. I’d make sure that this wedding will be the best wedding. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes. “Be strong” I chanted but I’m not sure how long my walls could hold it but whatever happens I’d do anything to make him happy.

That’s it guys.
Do comment on what you’ll think.
I’m in the process of writing a ff in another site are you’ll interested to read it too?

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