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Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Om and Rudra tell Shivaye about party. Shivaye asks who all are coming, Om says Soumya, Anika…. Rudra says don’t worry, Anika is coming. Shivaye says it does not matter she comes or not. Rudra asks him to come. Shivaye agrees. Some time before, Mallika asks who will write letter. Soumya says I will write, I got first prize in school’s essay competition. Rudra asks her to sit slowly on the chair, its favorite one. Soumya asks what to write. Rudra tells few lines.


Mallika says Shivaye does not talk like this and asks Om to try. Om gets philosophical, and asks what happened, is it tough to understand. They say a lot. Mallika asks Om to come back, nothing is working. Anika says we all will say one line each. Mallika asks Om to say shayari which everyone understands. They all give their inputs and prepare the letter. Mallika says this sounds……. Om says cheesy….. Anika does not understand the word. Soumya explains her cheesy. They all think to throw letter. Soumya says no, handwriting is good. Anika says it has feelings, it will work. Om says it will be thrown. Mallika takes letter to tear it.

Soumya asks Rudra to catch it. They all see the letter falling down the window. Rudra says now Tia won’t get this letter. Rudra and Soumya argue. Mallika says guys focus, we have to plan a get together to unite Shivaye and Tia. Anika asks Rudra to invite Tia. Om says I will inform elders. Mallika asks Om to invite Shivaye. Rudra says no need, he will come if I m there. Mallika says I know him, he will ask many questions, just invite him and don’t say Tia is coming. They all nod.

Pinky is sending gifts for Tia and tells Dadi. The letter fell in the gifts tray and goes along the gifts. Pinky tells Jhanvi that Tej said there is nothing between him and Shwetlana, its good. Jhanvi asks are you sure, he meant this. Pinky says yes, he was seeing me but telling you. Jhanvi says he did not know I m there. Pinky says he is not so stupid, he knew you were there, why are you blushing, Tej loves you, call him and ask him. Jhanvi asks now? Pinky asks will you need permission to call personal husband, fine talk to him when he is back. Jhanvi agrees. Pinky says face to face talk is good, faces get close, talk in room, I mean getting romantic infront of children would look odd. Jhanvi says Pinky… Pinky says sorry. Jhanvi asks do you think things will get fine. Pinky says yes, Tej has sense, you did not leave him after what all he did, you won’t leave him, its true love, prepare for a new life.

Tia asks her mom how can she take this lightly, I have seen Shviaye with his ex on his bed, when I asked for explanation, he did not say anything, universe does not want this marriage to happen. Her mom asks her to talk to Shivaye and patch up. Tia asks why, its Shivaye’s mistake. Her mum says whoever’s mistake it is, but we won’t get such alliance again, go and patch up with him.

Shivaye asks party? Rudra says its birthday party. Shivaye asks whose birthday is it. Rudra says anyone. Om says relax, its small get together party. Shivaye asks who all are coming. Om says Soumya, Anika…. T…. Rudra changes words and says don’t worry, Anika is coming. Shivaye says I don’t care she comes or not. Rudra says party is for youngsters and you. Shivaye says I don’t have time, I won’t come. Rudra says Mallika is crying, come for her. Shivaye asks crying again. Rudra says come for her sake. Shivaye says fine, I will come but just for some time. He goes. Rudra says work is done. Om says this work is risky, you have to invite Tia.

Roop asks Gayatri to take risk if she wants the keys. Gayatri says news is certain, Tej is going to reach in some time. Tia gets the gifts and the letter. She says so he has sent letter to justify what happened. She reads it and says it does not look Shivaye’s language.

Tej talk to workers at the site and says I spoke to home minister, we will get clearance. He calls Shwetlana and talks about land papers, we have to start work after getting govt clearance. He sees Roop coming there. He says Roop, what are you doing here. Roop says I should ask this to you, what are you doing on my land. He asks your land. She reminds him he gave her this land to make Oberoi charity centre.

He says you did not make the centre, this is my land legally, I don’t need your permission to make anything here. She says you got annoyed, if land was in my name, I would have given it back to you. He says I have much work. She hugs him and makes his phone fall. He asks what are you doing. She asks can’t I sister hug her brother. She picks the phone and returns it to him. She says sorry, and leaves. She recalls swapping the phones. She smiles seeing Tej’s phone. She sits in the car and shows Tej’s phone to Gayatri.

Pinky asks is this a party where we are not invited. Om says its not party, but a small get together. Anika says we will book a DJ, he plays Dhinchak songs. Mallika says Dhinchak, you like these cheap things, we are trying to bring Tia and Billu, I mean Shivaye close, you are planning to make Shivaye feel awkward. Anika says we will make him dance. Mallika says why are you dancing now, you don’t know Shivaye is a great dancer. Anika gets surprised.

Pinky asks whats this, they want to have dinner without us. Om smiles and asks Jhanvi to say. Jhanvi says Pinky, youngsters want space. Pinky says our house has much space. Jhanvi says Tej has gone out, and Dadi sleeps early, Shakti will come late, I will be busy reading novel, you can hear Guru ji’s pravachan. Om thanks Jhanvi and hugs Pinky thanking and calling her cute.

Anika asks does Shivaye look cute when he dances. She recalls his horrible singing and says he can’t sing, we will see how he dances. Mallika says you will see. Anika says I m great dancer. The DJ comes. Anika asks him did he add all Dhinchak songs. He asks whats Dhinchak. She asks Chammiya songs, item songs, it will set party mood. Mallika says I hope Rudra invited Tia. Anika says party is for Tia and Shivaye, she will come. Pinky says I trust Shivaye, but don’t trust Mallika, some wrong things happen in parties. Jhanvi asks her not to worry, Rudra and Om will also be there. She apologizes to Pinky for being rude earlier.

Pinky asks why, you did not organize party. Jhanvi says I m not saying about party, I have shouted on you when I was upset, that’s why I m saying sorry. Pinky says you make me feel like strangers, I m feeling much bad now than that time, keep sorry with you. Jhanvi hugs her. Pinky asks will anything wrong happen in party. Mallika says wrong happened and we have to make it right. Anika says its tough to make things right.

Riddhima comes and greets them. Om says you here, I did not know you are coming. Riddhima says Anika invited me, I have work and have to leave soon, I got something for you. He asks pink sheets. She asks what, and gives him pink jacket to wear in get together party. Anika says its Dhinchak. Om says I don’t wear such clothes. Riddhima says you should wear it, just try it. She makes him wear it. She says I saw this jacket in charity event and liked it for Om, I think he needs wardrobe change, he needs colors in his life. He goes. Riddhima says sorry I will see him, send me pics of get together, I will feel part of it. She goes. Mallika asks did she notice something. Anika says Om did not like the jacket. Mallika says its not just the jacket, its something bigger than that.

Rudra adds wine in the drinks. Anika asks Shivaye to have something. Shivaye asks for water. Rudra gives everyone the drinks. They all drink.

Update Credit to: Amena

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