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Ishqbaaz 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Shivaye turns and sees Mallika sleeping beside him. He holds his heart and asks what are you doing in my room. She laughs and says you are scared. Some time before, Om asks who is there, its not funny, Soumya, Mallika….. Pinky asks Jhanvi why is she drinking, Shakti and Tej went by joking on us. Jhanvi says I knew well, they call us weak to boast of himself.


Pinky says I think we should show we can also scare them. Jhanvi says you are right, lets do this. Om says if its you Anika, and Mallika if you think…. Mallika says did you call me.. He says no, I think its either of Anika and Soumya. Anika and Soumya come to him and asks did you find us. Om says yes, you both are here, who was there. He looks there. They ask what happened, was anyone there, you look scared. Om says no, I think its late, we should sleep. Anika says you can play antakshiri with us if you are not getting sleep. He says I think sleeping is better idea. They say good night, sweet dreams and go. He says these three are here, who was she, I m getting mad hearing of ghosts.

Tej goes to Jhanvi and asks what happened, why are you angry. Shanti asks why are you facing that side Pinky. Tej gets scared seeing Jhanvi in scary makeup, and Shakti gets shocked seeing Pinky looking scary. Tej starts laughing. Shakti too bursts into laughter and asks whats all this Pinky, I think you had two pegs with Jhanvi. Tej asks Jhanvi to lessen makeup, we are not going out. Shakti jokes and says Pinky if I did not get scared seeing you on wedding night, will I get scared now, go and wash face.

Om comes to room and gets shocked seeing the ghost. Rudra wakes up and screams seeing ghost. The girls come there and laugh. Soumya takes Rudra’s pic. Om asks Priyanka you…. you are with them. Mallika says now two gone and just Shivaye is left, we will scare him….. Shivaye says in your dreams, you three have scared Om by getting Priyanka, you can’t share me, mental strength…. He blows off the candle and goes. Anika says I will wash and dry his mental strength. The girls laugh on Om and Rudra, and leave.

Rudra asks Om why did he gets scared now, he was acting brave, we will go to mum and dad’s room and sleep. Om asks him to sleep silently. Pinky tells Jhanvi that Shakti is laughing. Jhanvi says even Tej is laughing. Pinky asks how to scare them. Dadi says how will they get scared, its your mistake to scare them by the things you are scared, fear is in everyone’s heart, you have to know their fear. Pinky says I made horrible face. Jhanvi says I thought Tej will be scared seeing me. Dadi says its many years of marriage and you both don’t know their fears, wives are stupid, not mother, I will tell you their fears. The girls think how to scare Shivaye.

Mallika says its tough to scare Shivaye, he gets extra conscious when his ego comes in between. She keeps on saying about Shivaye. The girls sleep and Mallika gets kicked by them. She says never mind, we will discuss later. Soumya talks in sleep. Mallika gets kicked and says I can’t sleep here. She goes.

Jhanvi wakes up and smiles. She keeps fake spider on the pillow. Tej gets scared. Pinky opens the windows and acts like sleeping. She plays audio of air breeze sound. Shakti gets scared as window opens and shuts on own. Tej calls out security and screams. Jhanvi smiles. Tej says security, move this. Jhanvi says poor baby, you are scared of a spider, its small insect, hold this. He says no…. She laughs. Pinky asks Shakti what happened. He says sound of air… He says so what, Lata is not singing, sleep. He says I m not scared and goes out. Pinky laughs. Tej and Shakti come out of their rooms with pillows. Tej says you here Shakti. Shakti says I was working and thought Pinky will get disturbed, I will sleep in study tonight, you here.

Tej says same reason. Jhanvi gets fake spider and scares Tej. Shakti asks Tej are you still scared of spiders. Pinky shows the phone with air sound. Tej says you are still scared of air sound Shakti. They smile. Tej asks how did they know this. Dadi says I told them, to make you both scared. Tej says this not fear, its so creepy. Shakti says yes, I m also not scared. Jhanvi and Pinky show spider and phone, and make them accept that they are scared. They say fine, we are scared, and leave. Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi laugh.

Shivaye sits working. Tia calls him and says I landed, are you sure I should come there. He says of course Tia. She says I always wanted to meet you, you sound different, is everything fine. He says yes, why do you ask. She says I spoke to Pinky, she sounded strange, she asked me many times when am I coming back, is everything fine. He says yes, there is new development, come we will have a talk. She says okay, see you and ends call. He says I will take a power nap before Tia comes. He rests to sleep and turns. He gets shocked seeing Mallika beside him and gets up. He gets scared and holds his heart. He asks what are you doing in my room.

Mallika gets up. She laughs and says you are scared, finally we did this. He says slowly, Anika will hear this and repeat it to make me mad. She says I will tell her. Tia comes and hears them. He says you won’t tell her Mallika. Tia says laughing sound from Shivaye baby’s room. She moves the curtains and sees Shivaye with Mallika sitting on the bed. Shivaye holds Mallika’s face and says you won’t tell this to anyone, this is our secret, yours and mine. Tia gets sad and leaves.

Mallika laughs. Shivaye says don’t tell this to anyone. She says I will print this in paper, this will be social media status. He says I m warning you, you won’t do this, go to your room, Tia is going to come. She asks will you meet Tia with scared face and laughs. He says you all are mad. She goes. He says why does mad girls come in this house, first this Anika and now Mallika, Tia was going to come, why did she not come till now, I will call her. He calls Tia and gets number switched off. He says why is her number switched off.

Its morning, Shivaye comes to kitchen and asks whats going on here, what are you doing here. She says I m finding Chakku/knife to cut fruits for Dadi. He asks what language is that, go I will find the knife.

She gets up with hair over her face and laughs. She say Billu ji got scared. Shivaye asks did she tell you. She says yes, but I had to see myself, Billu ji got scared. He says don’t call me that, and don’t tell to anyone. Mallika comes and says too late. He asks did you tell everyone. Mallika says no, happiness increases by sharing, I just said Anika. Anika says I m happy seeing you scared. He says you girls are…. Mallika says rocking. Shivaye asks them not to touch anything in his kitchen. Mallika jokes. He goes.

Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says universe wanted me to know the truth, I came to your house yesterday night, and saw you and Mallika on the bed. Shivaye asks do you have this opinion about me. She asks him to say it on her face what he wants. He angrily breaks the phone. Anika and Mallika see him. Mallika tells everyone that they have to plan a get together to unite Tia and Shivaye, and not tell him that Tia is also coming.

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