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Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shivaye says you all do the visarjan as you all want to, till Tej and Shakti come back, I won’t be part of this. Anika says I know you are feeling bad that Lord is doing so bad, but Lord is seeing everyone from far, and everyone look same to him, be it Oberois or someone else.


Some time before, Shivaye says you are saying against family. Om says no Shivaye, I m saying in favor of truth. Rudra comes there and says Bhaiya…. He cries seeing them arguing. Shivaye signs Om. Rudra asks did that girl commit suicide because of Tej and Shakti.

Anika asks Bua why did you make Sahil eat the leftover food. Bua says you did not tell me. Sahil says Anika is always in hurry to go to Shivaye’s house and did not have time to tell that. Anika asks how can you think so. He says you don’t care

for me, you go there. She apologizes.

Shivaye asks Rudra whom are you trusting, people’s work is to say all that, what do we say, Dil Bole Oberoi, this are not words, we believe in this, Oberoi family is honorable, and its on top in business, world spreads rumors and lie to bring us down, we have to trust our dads at this time. Rudra says I trust on what Shivaye is saying, as I trust my family, you are very emotional and believe anyone’s sad stories, so you got stuck in Ishana’s trap. Rudra says Dil Bole Oberoi and makes Shivaye and Om say the same. He asks Om to say by heart. Shivaye says its okay Rudra, atleast Om said it, you did not eat anything since morning, I will make something, come. He takes Rudra along and leaves.

Anika asks Sahil not to be annoyed and feeds food. He refuses. She says just one bite Sahil…. fine Bantu will eat. He asks who is Bantu. She says Bantu is a pigeon and feeds him. He asks what happened to him. She says he is sad, his Papa worked in Maine pyaar kiya. She feeds him. He says I will eat it, I m not kid that you are saying story and feeding. She says you are kid, to whom I m not able to give good childhood, sorry. He asks her not to be sad. She kisses him. He says don’t kiss. She hugs him.

Shivaye asks Rudra not to leave food when he is upset. Rudra asks did you have it. Shivaye asks how can I have food till you have it. They feed each other. Shivaye asks him to call Om, even Om did not eat anything. He gets a call and says sorry, I need to take this. He goes. Soumya comes and asks Rudra are you upset, I knew this, yo are having noodles, not diet food. He says when I m stressed, I have this. She says I will also have it. He says I don’t share my food. She asks what will happen now. He says you will eye my noodles now.

She says duffer Oberoi, I mean whatever is happening. He says Shivaye will manage. She tastes noodles and jokes that it resembles Mallika’s hair. He smiles. She says something is missing, ketchup. He refuses. She says you don’t share anything, typical boy, neither noodles nor problems. He says fine, take half. He asks her about Rumi, what was she saying on party night. She says yes, actually….Rumi….

Shivaye shouts on call, don’t you dare give me that answer, what do you mean they can’t come home. Jhanvi asks what happened. He says some ACP Rathore is managing their case, and they are saying Tej and Shakti can’t come home tonight. Pinky says it means they will stay in police station tonight. Shivaye says home minister went to US, they have to stay there tonight, but I will get them tomorrow morning, I m worried thinking what charges will police put on them. Om says it will be strong evidence, else no one can keep big business tycoons like this in police station. Om says no Om, its ACP Rathore’s ego, he wants to show the world that he has kept Oberois at police station for one night. Jhanvi says media will make news of this.

Shivaye says I will handle media, but we have to think who is behind all this. Om says think who is behind this crime, a girl gave her life, a man burnt himself, and girl and man’s wife are blaming Oberois family. Rudra says Om, but Shivaye is saying right, if Tej and Shakti were guilty, they would have thrown the CD, why would they keep their crime proof keep. Shivaye says right now, my priority is to get them home.

Anika wakes up. Sahil says you did not sleep all night. She says leave it, how are you feeling. He says better. She says I will get medicine. He says better than better, I will see pandal Ganpati and will get more better, I will take selfies with Ganpati. Priyanka calls Anika and asks her can she come home, Dadi is much worried. Anika asks what happened. Priyanka says Shivaye refused to go on visarjan. Anika ends call and says Sahil…. He asks her not to be senti, when you come, take me to show 50 pandals, go to that Bagad Billa. She smiles.

Shivaye says there is crisis at home and you want me to go on visarjan. Pinky says you are right, its difficult to do visarjan when Tej and Shakti are in police station, but Bappa can’t extend his visit, he will go this year and come next year. Jhanvi agrees with Pinky and says you should go. Shivaye says please, I don’t want to talk about this. Om stops him and says this is tradition, when we get Bappa home, we swear to welcome Ganpati and do his bidaai with all rituals. Dadi says Om is right, you can’t break house traditions.

Shivaye says Dadi I respect this tradition, but we follow another tradition, we do visarjan along with Tej and Shakti. Anika comes there. He says I can’t do visarjan will they come back, and about Bappa, our respect and devotion were never less, Ganpati did much for our family, this time Bappa did not fulfill the deal, he can’t do this to us. Tia says please understand, when universe wants this that Tej and Shakti fall in problem, what can anyone do. He says have you lost it Tia, they are trapped in legal hassles by wrong blame, and you are saying universe wants this, its nonsense.

Dadi asks why are you angry, that Tej and Shakti are blamed for wrong, or that Oberoi family name is unable to get them out. He says both, I m annoyed as they are blamed for wrong, I m annoyed with myself that I m not able to get them out, I m most annoyed with Bappa, who is seeing everything and not doing everything, you all want to do visarjan, do it, till Tej and Shakti come home, I won’t be part of this. He leaves. Pinky asks Dadi to leave it, he won’t agree. Dadi says so much happened in one day. Anika asks Dadi can I do anything for you. Dadi says not for me, if possible, do something for Billu, when anyone is lost in this house, I ask you to find it, Billu lost his belief, find it if possible, just you can talk to him, go and talk to him. Anika goes. Tia looks on.

Soumya asks Dadi not to worry, everything will be fine, Shviaye will agree. Rudra says the same lines. Soumya says Tej uncle and Shakti uncle will come soon. Rudra repeats and says yes, I mean Papa and Chote Papa will come soon. Dadi says I know what you both are trying to do, go and sit with Bappa, don’t leave him alone. Tia asks Dadi not to worry, I have sent Reiki to Tej and Shakti, they will come home soon. Dadi asks did your Reiki do LLB that it will get them back. Tia asks why did you send Anika to talk to Shivaye, he is disturbed, if I could not convince him, how will Anika convince him. Dadi says Anika just went to talk to him, who knows Shivaye changes his mind.

Shivaye talks to lawyer and says you are India’s biggest lawyer, do anything, just get them out. Anika comes there. He does not see her and asks did you come yourself or did Dadi send you. She asks how did you know its me. He says I just know it, no need to say anything, my decision won’t change. She says I know, white shirt can leave oil stain but you can’t leave your stubbornness, I will not try. He says good, why did you come here. She says I came to say that I will do visarjan if you don’t do that. He looks at her and asks you will do Ganpati Visarjan of Oberoi family. She says if you don’t do, someone has to do it, Dadi is upset and she will be more upset, free scheme is for people like us, you are rich, why are gifting free sorrow to Dadi.

He says you are not understanding. She says I understand, you are annoyed with Lord, what shall I say, even I don’t get along with him well. He asks what do you mean. She says long story, we are not talking about me, but you, I know you are feeling bad thinking how can Lord do bad with Oberoi family, but you know, Lord is seeing from up there, he is far and everyone look same to him, even if its Oberoi or anyone else, everyone’s life spoils, some of them lose and some of them make things fine, living with sorrow and smiling with sorrow, everyone has to learn that, will you just stare with Kanji eyes.

He says you talk a lot. She says yes, but I say right, will you come, then I will go and do Visarjan with Dadi, it would be good if you came, uncle ji is not here, eldest son is necessary, if Ram ji does not come, Bharat and Laxman, I mean Rudra and Omkara will be at home, fine, you love your resoluteness more than Dadi, nothing can happen of you, you will always be Bagad Billa rude SSO, I m going…. She says again ….. I m going. He stands silent. She leaves.

Anika says its his decision if he does not want to come, we will do Visarjan. Soumya, Priyanka, Jhanvi and others say they will also come. Anika says so Oberoi house girls will do Visarjan today, if guys don’t want to come, its their wish. Om and Rudra look on. Anika says Ganpati Bappa Morya.

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