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Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

A girl says Tej and Shakti are responsible for my death. Tej says I did not see this video or this girl ever. Inspector asks him to come with him and say anything in police station. Shivaye says you can’t take them, if you take a step ahead. Omkara says Shivaye, they did not come to arrest them, they are just taking them for taking statement. Tej says let it go Shivaye. Tej and Shakti leave with them.


Some time before, Tej asks why do you want this CD. Inspector says as I said, this is proof against Gayatri. Shivaye says I m sure this woman has come to steal something else, she is making story as she is caught. He asks inspector to make the case so strong that Gayatri does not come out. Inspector agrees and says but I need to see this CD. Tej says you have no idea who we are and what we can

do, you are doubting on us. Inspector says Sir, I m just doing my duty. Tej says now you will do your duty at home, I m going to get you suspended. He calls to talk to home minister. Dadi asks Tej are you hiding anything. Tej says no Maa. Dadi says then let him do his work. She takes CD from Tej and gives it to inspector, asking him to find truth, so that this family can breathe peacefully.

Rudra asks whats happening. Shivaye says its nothing Rudra. Om says it seems something big is going to happen. Shivaye says don’t worry, I m there. Om says please, its not time to become great wall of Shivaye, we are with you, my gut feeling is saying, whatever is in this CD is not good for our family. Shivaye says I hope Om is wrong. Tej says if Maa did not say in between, I would have got his uniform off. Inspector gives CD to play. Anika’s phone rings. Inspector asks who is she. Shivaye says she has nothing to do with this. Inspector says fine, but who is she. Shivaye says she is family, she is part of this family. Music plays…… Everyone look on. Shivaye asks her to answer the call. Anika says yes and answers. Sahil asks her where is she. She says I m at work, things are spoiled here, I can’t talk, I will come home and explain. She ends call. Sahil coughs and feels like vomiting. Bua looks on and goes.

CD plays. Shivaye says such a drama for this blank CD. They see the video of the girl Shilpa Mehta. Shilpa says I used to come in Oberoi’s factory, I have seen something wrong happening there, when I asked them, they threatened me and fired me from job, now I have no hope to get job, they threatened to kill my family. I have just one way now, I m giving my life on 26th July 2011 and I want to tell everyone that two people are responsible for my death, Tej Oberoi and Shakti Oberoi, I want them to always remember this date. She keeps the knife at her neck and slits. They all get shocked.

Gayatri says this is Tej and Shakti’s truth. Gayatri shouts Tej and Shakti are murderers. Dadi cries. Rudra holds Om. Tej and Shakti get worried. Gayatri says my husband’s death will not go waste, you covered up this girl’s death, but can’t cover up by husband’s death. Tej says you are nothing but a liar, you won’t get anything by this lie, you will be in jail all your life. Gayatri asks him to threaten someone else. Inspector asks Tej to calm down. Tej says this woman is blaming me wrong, I did not see this video or this girl. Shakti says Tej is saying right, this is plan to defame and ruin us. Inspector says Shakti, this CD was found in your locker. Tej says I don’t know how did this CD came there. Inspector says whatever you want to say, come to police station and say. Shakti asks what do you mean. Inspector says I mean you have to come with us to police station. Shivaye asks are you out of your mind, you think any outsider will come and blame Oberoi family, and we will come with you to police station. Inspector says sorry, this is law and its equal for everyone.

Shivaye says but law has to understand difference between criminal and biggest industrialist, this woman has shot my brother, she has run away from jail and attacked on me, she tried to steal here, you think you should believe her, this is insane, if Tej knew whats in that CD, he would have destroyed it, and not kept it safe. Inspector says that will be found out after investigation, but Ashok’s murder enquiry will start again, Tej and Shakti has to come with me to police station, this is procedure and we have to follow it. Shivaye says I know this is procedure but you can’t take them this way. He gets in between. Inspector asks him to move. Shivaye says if you take a step ahead, the govt for which you work will fire you from job. Om says Shivaye, let him do his duty.

Shivaye says to hell with his duty. Om says he did not come to arrest Shakti and Tej, they are taking them to take statement, right? Inspector says Omkara is right, we are just doing enquiry, as I said, its just a procedure. Shivaye says inspector… Tej holds him and says let it go Shivaye, come inspector. Tej and Shakti walk off, and leave with police. Jhanvi comes home and sees them leaving. She asks whats police doing here and where are you both going. Tej signs her to stop and goes. Jhanvi asks Shivaye whats happening, where are they going. Shivaye says nothing, everything will get fine, you come. Gayatri turns and smiles. Anika sees her smiling and eyeing the house badly.

Pinky gives water to Jhanvi and consoles her. Jhanvi says if I knew matter is so serious, I would have come home earlier, Tej can be ruthless and unethical in business, but he can never be the reason of that girl’s suicide. Pinky agrees and says don’t know whose bad sight did this house catch, Shakti keeps fasts, visits temples, he can’t do this, Shivaye, our sons will get Shakti and Tej, don’t worry. Priyanka hugs Jhanvi and says Bhaiya will make everything fine.

Shivaye promises Dadi that he will make everything fine, don’t worry, I will call commissioner Kadam. Anika gets tea for Dadi. Dadi does not wish to have it. Shivaye takes the cup and gives to Dadi. Om asks Dadi to please have tea. Rudra also requests. Shivaye says I will make a call and come. He goes. Dadi asks Anika did you not go home, its festive day, your brother would be waiting. Anika says no, I will stay with you. Dadi says no, you go home. Anika hugs Dadi and goes. Shivaye says why is commissioner not answering. Anika comes to him. He sees her and tries to call again. She leaves. He goes to Dadi. He says Dadi I promise….

Dadi says I m not scared that my sons are blamed, I m scared that it can be proved true. Rudra asks do you think this happened because of them. Dadi says don’t know, I just know their way of work is different from your Dada ji’s way of working, I m Maa and my heart asks me to believe this blame is a lie, but my mind says no one blames anyone for such big thing without any reason. Shivaye says you are believing Gayatri, she is a criminal, our family’s enemy. Dadi says trusting outsider’s words don’t hurt heart, heart gets hurt when we can’t trust loved ones even if we want, we both know Tej and Shakti have hidden some secrets from all of us, wrong things don’t get hidden for long, we have to bear for wrong deeds, we and our children…. I m scared that whatever happened today, is it first sign of the coming storm. Dadi cries.

Anika comes home and says sorry Sahil, I got late, get ready, I will take you to atleast 10 pandals, I will make you have many modak and make you little Ganpati ji. Sahil is upset. She asks why are you lying like this, what happened, there is no fever. Bua comes and gives tamarind water to him, saying you won’t get vomit now. Sahil drinks it. Bua says don’t worry, I went to doctor, you will be fine. Anika asks what happened to him. Bua says he was vomiting, don’t know whose bad sight caught him, you know her body and heart are so weak. Anika asks why did you not inform me by calling. Bua says Sahil called you, you did not answer him. Anika says I thought he is calling me as he had to see Ganpati pandal, there was big problem. Sahil asks Bua to switch off lights and go. Bua says yes and leaves. Sahil gets annoyed with Anika.

Shivaye says Om, Dadi is worried, if she says anything in worry, it does not mean we will doubt on our dads. Om says I m not doubting Shakti, but I can’t trust Tej. Shivaye says so you believe Gayatri. Om says not just Gayatri, even Ishana blamed same thing on Tej, there is no smoke without fire, there will be something that the entire world is blaming Tej. Shivaye says Gayatri, Ishana, one criminal and other con girl, you believe them but not your family, I told you before everything is not black and white in life, some things are grey, what you think is cheat is business, that’s why I do business, even if its unfair, it does not prove that our dads are responsible for that girl’s suicide. Om says lie is lie, not small or big, to hide one lie, thousand lie has to be said. Shivaye says but our dad…

Om says no Shivaye, where lie is sown, lie will be grown, you will get lie wherever you check. Shivaye says our dads can’t do this. Om says maybe Shakti can’t do this, but Tej can do this. Shivaye says its not about our dads, its about family, we are in same family, if anything happens to me, will Rudra and you not care. Om says of course it will matter, our thing is different. Shivaye says matter is not different, we are in same family, you believe stranger girl in video and not your dad, this is ridiculous. Om says I know Tej has lies in his veins. Shivaye says you are saying against family. Om says no, I m saying in favor of truth. Rudra says Bhaiya… He gets tensed seeing them arguing.

Shivaye asks what do you mean they can’t come home and throws the Bluetooth headset. Jhanvi asks what happened. Shivaye says some ACP Rathore is handling this case, and he is saying they both can’t come home, there is some enquiry going on. Pinky says it means they will stay in lockup tonight. Om says evidence would be strong Shivaye, else no one can keep big business tycoons in police station. Shivaye says no Om, the matter to think who is behind all this.

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