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Ishqbaaz 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra hold the aarti diya stand and do the aarti together. Anika and Soumya play dhol. They all hear the security alarm. Some time before, Soumya asks Anika to talk to caterers. Anika says yes and makes a call. The dhol slides away. Om comes to kitchen and hugs Riddhima. He says Rudra told me you are here. She says I just came, I had distributed sweets in five major areas, they got so happy, media was following me, I might have looked so dirty infront of camera. Om says when person made by dirt and soil does some good work, this dirt looks better than jewelry, you did a great work today, it does not matter media or camera covering you, heart should be clean and happy, are you happy.

She says of course, we have to go on charity dinner tonight, please be ready at 9pm. He asks do I need to come, I have Ganpati at home, how can I leave. She says sorry Om, I should have said before, it slipped from my mind, we will not stay there for entire night, we will have dinner and come back, its for charity, I know you won’t refuse for good work. He says I know, but you should have asked once, if I had any other plan. She asks do you have any plan. He says no, but….. She says so its decided, we are going for charity dinner at 9pm. She goes to help Dadi.

Soumya tells Anika that they got 6 dhols, and here is just 5, one is missing. Anika says its 5 here, dhol would have gone somewhere and singing baby dhol mai sone di, don’t worry, I will go and find it. Soumya smiles. Anika goes to look for dhol.

Shivaye lifts the cloth from the Ganpati idol. Everyone stand. Pandit says Maa ji we should start Ganesh Isthapana now, but tell me who will do Ganesh aarti. Dadi recalls Tej and Pinky’s words before Maha aarti and their wish to make their sons the heir of Oberoi empire. Pinky says Pandit ji, your GK is so weak, is this anything to ask. Tej says three sons of this house will do the aarti. Priyanka gets glad and thanks Lord. Everyone get surprised. Pinky says that too together… why are you surprised, if Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy can give music together, can’t out children do aarti together. Dadi and everyone smile. La La La La…..plays…………

Anika looks for the dhol. Dadi sees Ganpati idol and smiles. Gayatri tears the dhol side by the knife. Anika is going that side. Shivaye, Om and Rudra lights the aarti diya. Gayatri partially comes out of the dhol and looks around. Soumya calls out Anika. Anika does not walk ahead and leaves from there, while Gayatri hides in the drum. Gayatri then comes out.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra smile and pray. Dadi asks where are the girls. Soumya and Anika come there and beat the dhol. They nicely play dhol while having the big dhols on their shoulders. Dadi and everyone smile happily. Shivaye, Om and Rudra hold the aarti stand and start the aarti. Deva Shree Ganesha…..plays……….. Everyone pray.

Gayatri talks to Roop over phone and looks for the locker room. Everyone pray in the aarti. Soumya and Anika play dhol continuously. Gayatri enters the room and shuts the door. She goes to the big locker. Roop asks do you remember code. Gayatri says yes, and recalls Roop telling her she knows her brothers well, Tej is close to himself, his code will be his birthday, 20th Jan, that’s 201, and Shakti’s code should be 108. Gayatri says locker did not open, I know how much you know your brothers. Roop says wait, and tells her to enter 108 first. Gayatri enters code together 108201 and gets glad. She says Ganpati Bappa Morya. Roop asks what happened…. Gayatri says locker opened. Hare ram……plays…………. Roop smiles. Gayatri smiles seeing the locker’s inside.

The security alarm rings in the house. Shivaye, Om and Rudra keep the aarti stand. Gayatri worries. Roop asks whats this sound, Gayatri is this security alarm ringing, leave from there soon. Gayatri says I have come so ahead, that I can’t turn back. Shivaye asks Khanna how can anyone breach such high security. Tej says move fast, the one who entered the house should not get fast. Shivaye says everyone stay here, I will go and see what happened. Roop worries and says what would be happening there, Gayatri just run away, don’t get caught. Khanna and others aim gun at Gayatri and take her.

Sahil is upset. Bua asks him what happened. Sahil says Anika did not come till now, she told me she will take me to Ganpati Pandal. Bua says when does she stay here, she is always at Oberoi house, it has become her Sasural, she left you even on Raksha bandhan. He asks her to be quiet, I will call her and she will come. She says yes, she will come as P T Usha, I will see Hawa Hawai.

Shivaye calls commissioner and talks. He tells Gayatri that he spoke to commissioner Kadam and he is sending his team. He says you have harmed our family as much as you could, now rest of your life will be spent in jail, what is your rivalry with our family, what did we do to you, and…..about your husband Ashok, he was sent in Maha aarti by our rivals to make that issue, maybe he did not know he can lose his life. Gayatri asks so your elders told this story to you. She says Tej Oberoi, you did not get courage to say the truth. Shivaye says cut this nonsense, tell me why are you taking revenge from our family.

She says fine, then hear the truth. Tej says we don’t have time to hear your nonsense, why are we wasting time to hear her, she is an ordinary criminal, she is a ordinary thief, who reached our locker to steal cash. Shakti says yes, I also feel her motive was to steal money. Gayatri says big people’s locker does not have just money, there are some secrets too. Shivaye asks what secret. Tej says let it go Shivaye, this woman is psycho, what to hear from her, security, take her. She asks Tej did you get scared, you are a coward and have no courage to say or hear truth. Tej shouts I said take her away. Rudra like small kid gets scared by Tej’s shouting and holds Om. Gayatri turns to go and covers something in her saree. Shivaye sees her and says stop…… He asks whats there in your hand, I asked you whats in your hand, what did you steal from the locker. Khanna gets the CD from her and gives to Shivaye. Everyone look on. Shivaye asks whats that. She says this Cd truth won’t hide forever, I will say Tej’s truth to everyone. She tells Shivaye that you wanted to know truth, the truth is in that CD, Oberoi family’s hand is colored/stained by blood. Shivaye asks Tej whats in this CD. Tej worries.

Tej says oh come on Shivaye, you came in this woman’s words, this woman is mad, she is crazy, you don’t need to worry, I will handle it from here, security take her away. She says truth will come out for sure. Tej shouts again and says security, I said take her away, I will keep this CD in locker. He takes CD from Shivaye. Police comes there. Inspector stops Tej.

Sahil calls Anika…. Bua asks Sahil what happened, did phone become of 100 kgs that she is not picking it. He asks her to stop it. He says I m hungry, give me breakfast which Anika made in morning before leaving. She laughs. He asks why are you laughing. She says that breakfast went in my stomach. He says then give something else, go. She goes and says what to give him, I will give this leftover Wada pau. She asks Sahil to eat it and goes. Sahil eats it.

Tej says its good inspector you came, take this woman away. Inspector says Sir, it will be theft case filed on her, but I want to know what did she steal. Tej says she came to steal money, what else. Gayatri says then why did I not steal money, I came to steal CD and its truth. Inspector asks whats in this CD. Tej says our company info, bank account details, company secrets and very imp data for which our rivals can give any amount to her, I will keep this in locker and come. Inspector says you can’t keep it back, give that CD to me, its proof against Gayatri, you can just take this back from court. Tej looks on.

Inspector says I m just doing my duty. Tej says you will do your duty at your home, I m going to get you suspended now. He calls commissioner. Dadi asks Tej is he hiding something. Tej says no Maa. Dadi takes CD from Tej and says then let him do his work. She asks inspector to take the CD and find out the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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