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Ishqbaaz 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Siddharth’s mum Ketki says always women had to sacrifice, our dreams, career, we had to leave everything. Priyanka stammers and says every girl wants to become something, it should he her choice, not a compulsion. Everyone smile. Some time before, Mallika cries and says Siddharth, I was never imp for you and your family, our relation was always about you and your work, the bad thing is if girl shows disagreement with inlaws before marriage, she is called family breaker, I wanted to make relations stronger, my whole world was revolving around you, but unfortunately I was not part of that world, everything happened according to your mum, not me, don’t say you did not notice this. Tej and Jhanvi come and look on.

Siddharth says you should have told me once. She says I knew you understood this

and did not take a stand for me, you did not support me, you know you are imp for me and even my work, even then you did not support me, you made me realize I have to face this alone, I have to walk in this journey alone. He says I respect whatever you have earned in life, I m really proud of you, I did not express this, I believe this. She says you told me, if you told this to your mum, she would have understood me, my and my work had no value, sorry but I had no other choice.

Ketki walks in and says life always has a choice. Everyone look at her. She walks to Mallika and says life always has two choices, we can choose anything between responsibility and freedom, it’s a bahu’s responsibility to keep family over herself, if you wanted, you could have chosen it, but you chose your freedom, Mallika Kabir Chaudhary, you did not do mistake in choosing, we did mistake and chose a wrong bahu for us. Jhanvi says I think you need personal space to talk, come I will take you to study room. Ketki says there is nothing to discuss is room, it was issue when Mallika has run away and insulted me by her decision. Shivaye asks her to listen to Mallika once, she has a reason.

Ketki says I understand it, I know her reasons. Siddharth says you are not understanding mom. She says I do, I did MBA from London and I had a career, no one asked me what will I do, I also had dreams, Vikram’s dreams, I fulfilled his dreams, I felt bad when I had to leave my career, but I did not run away like you, I understood running home is not less than any career, living as housewife is not a small thing, and then Sid has come in my life and became my world, Vikram used to be busy in his life, then Sid has grown up, studied and assisted Vikram in business, what did I get by managing Vikram and Sid, Mallika has come in your life, shall I sacrifice my son’s dreams and life for my bahu, I want to make a relation with my bahu, but on my terms.

Dadi says Ketki….. you think what you did is right. Ketki says maybe not, but this is happening since ages, always women have to sacrifice, everyone knows its wrong, but this happens, we have to leave our dreams, career, everything… Pinky says I think Mrs. Rana is saying right, everyone get roles like in pictures, if Hema says I will play Dharmendra’s role, film will flop, if woman says she will do husband’s role, life will be not balanced.

Jhanvi says who are we to decide, person should decide. Tej says family is imp, if both husband and wife work, how will they manage, one has to sacrifice. Jhanvi asks why don’t they both sacrifice, why should women sacrifice. Shakti says because women manage home well, I know mum has managed us. Dadi says this was not my wish, your dad was not there and I had to manage house duties alone, what about women’s dreams. Tej says woman has dreams of a good husband and good family, if she manages home, she will be happy. Priyanka says no Papa, every girl wants to become something today, even if she becomes housewife, its not bad, but it should be her choice, not a compulsion. Everyone smile.

Anika says forgive me to talk in between, but true thing is girls run home and work on their own, even then people say they can stay at home. Ketki says its all big things to say, but women has to make sacrifice, and men does not. Shivaye says its because society makes them so and women allow them to be like that. Ketki asks can men sacrifice. Om asks why not, its equal responsibility for both partners. Dadi says marriage is a relation of partnership, it should be of equality.

Mallika says I want this, equality with Siddharth and his family. Siddharth says Mallika, whenever I said I m proud of you, I always meant, I started respecting you, you have made me realized this imp thing, you said right, we are equal and then our rights and responsibilities should be equal too, I was so lost and did not realize this, I promise this won’t happen again, I m sorry for whatever happened, if this time you run away from marriage, I will run away with you. Everyone smile.

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