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Ishqbaaz 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Shivaye and Anika see the vide. Anika calls him Chant…. He asks her to watch out her language, do you think just you know such wriggling ways. He smiles. They do high five and see each other. Some time before, Anika dips her face in the water bowl. Shivaye laughs seeing her. Mallika smiles and looks at him. He stops laughing. She says its okay Shivaye, you can laugh, its not a smile. Anika gets up. Shivaye sees her and gives her a towel to clean her face. She says you are witness, if Rudra gives me water, I will not drink. Rudra comes and says you all will praise me now, I got my phone in which there is video recording, we will know what all we missed. Shivaye recalls the moment and asks whats in that video. Rudra says everything. Anika asks everything… Shivaye says I don’t remember. Mallika says that’s great, Rudra is rockstar. Shivaye and Anika recall the dance.


Rudra asks everyone to have patience. He tries to play video. Pinky asks which video. Rudra says party video. Soumya asks him not to say. Pinky says we want to see what all you did in party. Rudra says sit, I will play it. Soumya and Priyanka ask him not to play video, there can be anything. Shivaye and Anika say nothing happened. Mallika says you guys are behaving strange, as if something happened. Shivaye and Anika boast of their sharp memories. Mallika asks Shivaye where did we go on first date. He says dinner. She says we did not go. Shivaye says yes, I remember. Mallika asks them to stop overacting, come and see video. Mallika gets Siddharth’s call.

Anika says I don’t know whats need to see video. Shivaye says yes, why are people taking cameras in mobile phone. She says I use just old phones, which are used to talk and break. He says why are we worried, there is nothing in video. She says yes, and recalls complimenting his eyes. He recalls dancing with her. He says even then I think no one should see that video. She says yes, we should see it. He asks do you remember. She asks do you remember. He says no. She says then I also don’t know. He recalls and says okay I remember. She says even I remember. They say we have to stop and run.

Rudra says this video is not for small children, I request all of them to take parents’ advice. Shivaye and Anika come. Shivaye asks did video start. Pinky says Shivaye is excited to see video. They all ask what happened. Shivaye says its not cool to see old party videos. Om asks why are you touchy about this video. Shivaye says there is nothing, why to waste time seeing it. Anika says no no….. Soumya asks what happened. Anika says eyes will get weak seeing video in phone. Rudra says I bought big tv. She says that aches head, seeing happiness video catches bad sight. Rudra says I have to see it.

Roop tells Gayatri that I got locker code, we will open locker and ruin Oberoi family. Pinky asks Rudra to show video and they will see what happened in party. Rudra plays the video. They see everyone dancing on Ladki beautiful…… song. Anika starts acting that she is feeling dizzy and falls over the phone. The video stops. Jhanvi asks are you fine. Mallika holds Anika. Anika says I had headache. She signs Shivaye she is acting. Rudra sees video in phone and says whats this….. Shivaye and Anika worry. Rudra says my phone hanged again….. Anika gets relieved and then gets acting again. Shivaye says what is the need to see video and takes phone. Mallika observes Anika and Shivaye. Shivaye says damn video, I will delete it.

Anika comes and stops him. He says you showed presence of mind in hall. She says I look so so but I m sharp. He says I m deleting video. She nods and says delete it, there should be no memory of yesterday night, it had no meaning. He says yes, I m deleting it. She says yes and goes. Shivaye sees video. He sees that moment, wherein he tells Anika that Rudra added something in punch, we both are drunk. He sees Anika beside him, watching video. She says you were deleting it. He says yes, I was checking. She asks what. He says which portion to delete. She asks did you check it. He says yes, I will delete now. She says wait, I also have to check. He says oh yes, and plays video. They see the moment.

Shivaye calls her cute and she compliments his eyes. Shivaye smiles seeing video, and then controls smile seeing her beside. They see their dance. He says its over, it has no meaning. She says yes, it has no meaning? He says Rudra made us drink punch. She says yes, else this would have not happened. He says never, so shall I delete it, I mean I m deleting it. Mallika comes. Shivaye hears her and says I will delete it soon. Shivaye and Anika delete video.

Anika says we deleted it, what will we say if anyone asks about video. He says I have an idea. He puts some other video. She says great, you are really Chant, I mean Chantomind. He says watch that language, you think just you know wrong twisty ways. They do a high five and look at each idea. He says Mallika…… and hands over phone to Anika. Rudra says I got phone from room, see the video. They see the video of Rudra doing pushups and staring at girls. Soumya laughs. Rudra switches off the video and says what to see video, we will go out, its good weather. Soumya asks do you make such videos. He says no, I did not make this, we will see news.

They see reporter saying people maybe thinking Mallika has run away from marriage and would be crying, but no she is partying, we have exclusive party pics, have a look. They see Mallika and Shivaye’s pics. Om asks how did they get pics. Rudra says just Lady baba and I had pics, jaybe she has put on social networking account and media got pics from there. Reporter says Mallika is with her ex, who happens to be Siddharth’s rival. Mallika cries and goes. Shivaye calls out Mallika and goes after her.

Shivaye gets Tej’s call. Tej asks where are you, come and talk to me, its urgent. Shivaye says I have some work. Tej says I said just come, its urgent, hurry up. Anika asks Shivaye to go. He says I have to talk to Mallika. She says I will talk to her, you go. Shivaye goes to meet Tej. Anika goes to Mallika and sees her packing her bag. Mallika says good you came, give this bridal dress to someone. Anika says its your bridal dress. Mallika says yes, give it to anyone. Anika asks how. Mallika says throw it in garden, burn it or sell it on internet, I don’t want this, I need a favor, I want some money, I will return it soon, tell Priyanka that I borrowed some of her clothes, I will return that too. Anika asks where will you go. Mallika says don’t know and cries.

Shivaye says I need to talk to you Mallika. Mallika is leaving and refuses to talk. Someone walks in, and says Shivaye Singh Oberoi……

Update Credit to: Amena

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