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Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mallika asks Anika to have some juice. Anika does not like taste and dips her face in water. Shivaye laughs. Some time before, Jhanvi and Pinky see Rudra, Omkara, Soumya and Priyanka sleeping on the ground. Pinky says they all got drunk. Jhanvi asks how, what happened. Shivaye and Anika are sleeping. Anika is in his arms. Shivaye wakes up and gets shocked seeing her in his arms. Pinky says I will get bucket of water and put on them.


Jhanvi says this is not good. Pinky says I would have slapped them and woke them up. Pinky wakes up Rudra and asks shall I slap you. She asks Priyanka are you also with them. Priyanka says punch….. Shivaye gets up. Pinky wakes up Omkara…. I wish to cut your hair. Om says please talk in low tone. Pinky asks what about all this. Jhanvi says everyone go to your

rooms before Dadi comes. Pinky asks where is Shivaye. Shivaye falls over Anika. Their heads strike. She wakes up and gets shocked seeing him. He shuts her mouth to stop her scream and signs her to see. Pinky and Jhanvi see Shivaye. Pinky asks him to come out, what is he doing behind pools. She says look at your state, you look 6 year old Shivaye. Shivaye says mom…. Anika gets up… Pinky, Jhanvi, Om, Rudra, Soumya and Priyanka get shocked.

Pinky asks what were you doing together, why are you both behind there. Jhanvi asks what happened yesterday night. Om says Rudra make us drink fruit punch. Jhanvi says Rudra we need to talk, did you add alcohol in punch. Rudra says no, maybe Chubby ahead, I m your Raja Beta. Pinky says I will make you band baja beta, tell me what happened. Soumya says we were just talking. Om says we played some game, then its all blank. Priyanka says I don’t remember anything. Pinky asks Shivaye to recall what happened, I made you eat 21 badams since childhood. Shivaye recalls his moment with Anika at the party, and gets stuck at their moment…. Anika too recalls the same moment. They see each other. Pinky says I can see your face and can know yesterday’s video is going on in your mind. Shivaye and Anika say nothing. Anika says even I don’t remember anything.

Shivaye says I have headache. Pinky asks where is Tia. Jhanvi asks for Mallika. Tia and Mallika come. Tia rests her head on Shivaye’s shoulder. Pinky pities her. Rudra laughs. Om asks whats so funny. Rudra taunts on Shivaye’s character and Rasleela, see his past, present and future is with him. Om says yes, ex, current Gf and.,.., Rudra says and the one which we want for him. They laugh. Shivaye asks why are you laughing. Rudra says on you, I can’t manage one and you are managing three. Shivaye asks Rudra to shut up and asks Om to teach Rudra. Om says you are teaching him. They joke.

Dadi comes and says where are children, Shivaye is not making breakfast today. Pinky and Jhanvi hear Dadi’s call and rush to stop Dadi. They lie to Dadi that children had a get together and slept after having milk. Pinky says come with me, we will discuss about gifting Khannas. She signs Jhanvi.

Priyanka and Soumya try to recall. Anika says leave it, it will be headache. Soumya says we played a game. Tia says we danced. Shivaye says no, there was no dancing. Mallika says come on, which is such party where there is no dance. Anika says its not compulsory. Shivaye says we are Punjabis, but there is no baraat, no dance. Anika says we spoke a lot, right Billu ji. Shivaye says yes, we just spoke, nothing else. Mallika says I m sure something big happened. Soumya says yes, we played truth and dare, such big things happen in that game. Shivaye recalls telling Anika that she is irritating, but cute. Anika recalls complimenting Shivaye that his blue eyes are very beautiful. Jhanvi asks them to go to rooms, she will get place cleaned. They all go.

Anika goes to kitchen and has headache. Shivaye holds his head and comes there. They both see each other and recall their lovey moment. Anika thinks its good Billu ji does not remember anything, else I would have got shy to stand infront of him. Shivaye recalls complimenting her and thinks its good Anika does not remember anything, else it would be so awkward. Anika says I came in your kitchen, don’t scold me, I have headache so I came to make something. He says even I had ache, I will make something. They both get colliding and stop. Jhanvi asks Tia to have lemon water, all the hangover will go. Rudra drinks and asks for more. Tia says why does universe not wishing to end my headache. Rudra says I can do that by a punch. Tia says no need, thanks, send me party pics so that I can share. Rudra recalls keeping phone on for video, and says I have something which she does not, I have party video, yes…..

Rudra says where is my mobile, maybe it fell in party area, I will get it. Shivaye and Anika’s heads strike. She collides again saying heads should strike twice, else horns grow. She tells what pandit says about horn story of cat and cow. He asks what about cat. She says Bhagad Billa. Mallika comes and asks what are you both doing here, what secret talk is going on, whats happening. Shivaye says lemon fell, so… Anika says yes, 4 rupee note fell. Shivaye asks what, 4 rupee note, did you ever see. She says I did not see America, but its there. Mallika says did I not say your talk never ends. Shivaye and Anika say its not like that. Mallika says I will make special drink, everyone will get normal by having it. Shivaye says give anything to her, she won’t get normal. Mallika beats eggs and makes some drink. Anika makes face. Rudra looks for his phone and says I got tired and lied down here, where did phone go. He thinks.

Mallika says its strange, everything got blank. Anika and Shivaye agree and say its total blank. Mallika says fine, its blank, why do you both behave strange. Shivaye says no, and signs Anika. They both start fake arguing to show Mallika. Shivaye says see we are fighting like every day. Mallika says nice try both of you, I m not a kid, there is something strange. Shivaye says no, this is made good. Mallika says you have to drink this without tasting in one go. Mallika and Shivaye drink it. Anika says no, it has raw egg. Mallika says really, I know, I added it. Anika says no, I fel michmichi. Anika says I can’t, yuck, it goes by mouth, so it will taste. Mallika makes her drink. Anika dips her face in water mouth and gargles. Shivaye laughs seeing her. Mallika sees him laughing. He stops laughing. Mallika smiles….

Shivaye says why are we worried, there is nothing in video. Anika says yes. They ask each other do they remember anything. Shivaye says fine, I remember it. Anika says I too remember. Shivaye says we have to stop them. Rudra sees video and asks oh, whats this. Shivaye worries.

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