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Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Analysis

The episode starts with Pinky and Jhanvi coming to poolside and waking up everyone.Rudra tells my head is aching and Pinky slaps him lovingly.She tells Omkara I want to cut your hair…Then Priyanka wakes up and Pinky says “You also drank with them?”Priyanka tells no I had fruit punch..
Shivaay wakes up and sees Anika in his arms…They are sleeping together cosily…He tries to wake her up by pressing her nose..She wakes up amnd he shuts her mouth…

Pinky asks where is Shivaay?Slowly Shivaay gets up from behind the prop moon.Pinky says you are looking like 6 yr old Shivaay.Then Anika also gets up from there and Pinky asks what were you to doing together behind the moon?Then Pinky asks where is Tia and Mallika.They bith come and Tia rests on Shivaay’s shoulder.Rudra starts laughing.Omkara askks what is do funny?Rudra tells look at Shivaay Bhaiya’s Ramleela…he is standing with three ladies…Omkara tells yes ex-gf,present gf and whom we want in future…Then Jhanvi asks ehat happened last nught.Omakara says we had fruit punch and then forgot everything.Jhanvi understands Rudra mixed alcohol in fruit ounch.Rudra tell Chubby mixed.Pinky asks Shivaay what happened.He remembers everything and then he and Anika both tell nothing happened.Jhanvi tells everyone go your room bevore mummyji comes.
Everyone tries to remember what happened last night but Shivika stop them.Then they drink lemon juice.Tia drinks and tells why universe is giving me headache.Rudra suddenly remembers about video and goes to find his phone.

In the kitchen lemon falls and Shivika sit to pick it up and knock their heads.Anika knocks again and tells or else horns will come out.Then she tells a story about calf and kitten.Mallika comes and tells what is happening?When will ur conversation finish.Shuvaay gets up quickly.Then Mallika prepares a drink to get rid of hangover.Shivaay drinks it.Anika trues to drink but then dios her face water.Shivaay starts laughing and Mallika looks at him.

Shivaay asks Anika you remeber anything?She tells knkw..He tells I also dont remember.Then boh say I remember and tell we have to stop the video.
Rudra starts playing the video and tells what is this….

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