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Ishqbaaz 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Om drinks and asks did I try to change Riddhima, I accepted her the way she us, but she wants to change me. Shivaye says Tia did not tell me about changing things ever. Tia comes and says I will paint the house purple after marriage. Shivaye shockingly spits the drink on Anika. Some time before, Shivaye completes reading the letter. Tia says wow baby, I did not know you talk like this. Shivaye says even I did not know. Anika asks how did Tia get the letter, it fell from window. Tia says I was surprised, when Pinky’s gift tray came and I got the letter, your language changed. Rudra says our plan got successful. Anika says see Shivaye’s anger, he will eat us raw. Tia asks Shivaye to forget their fight. Mallika says yes, alls well that ends well. Tia hugs Shivaye. Pinky comes there and gets glad.


She says publicly hugs, wow, Tia has come and now Mallika’s band will play.

Roop says I have checked all personal notes and contacts of Tej, I did not get locker code, how is this possible, he keeps imp docs and passwords in his phone. Gayatri says all hardwork got waste. Roop says there is a way, Shakti, he does not remember passwords, he writes it, I can get it easily. Gayatri asks what to do. Roop tells her plan and says we have to do this carefully. Gayatri says don’t worry, leave it on me.

Everyone sit and have punch. Soumya gets her mum’s call and goes. Rudra says punch is not tasting good, I will get ice. Mallika and Anika like it without ice. Shivaye says I need to talk to both of you, come out. Mallika asks why do I get feeling that you will do interrogation. He asks her to come out. Pinky tells Jhanvi about Tia and Shivaye’s Jodi, Mallika’s plan to trap my son will fail.

The driver stops the car and tells Shakti about some accident. Shakti and the driver go to see. Roop goes to the car. Shakti helps the man. She looks for Shakti’s phone. Soumya tells her mum that everyone is good here, its same like home, but not home, I miss you a lot, Papa and Bhaiya are no more, when I see entire family, I miss Bhaiya. Rudra hears her and sees her crying. Soumya asks her mum not to worry, I m your brave daughter, I decide every day not to cry, but what to do, listening your voice, I can’t control, I miss you. She ends call and goes.

Shakti calls hospital for ambulance. Roop sees phone with him, and thinks of Shakti telling Priyanka that he notes everything in this book as he forgets this, he can forget phone, but not this Chalisa book. Roop checks for that book. She gets that book and takes pics of the notes. Shakti tells the man that ambulance will come in 10mins, I m in hurry, I can’t wait. The man says no need, just help me in getting up, I will go. Shakti turns to see his car. Roop bends down. Shakti goes to his car and opens the door.

Shivaye tells Anika and Mallika for the world’s strange letter and party idea. Pinky and Jhanvi come there. Pinky asks her what is he doing here leaving Tia. He says just a min. Pinky calls him Hira beta. He asks her not to call him by that word. She asks why angry, so rude, you did same anger in childhood, you used to remove pant and cut it, now that habit is gone. Anika and Mallika smile. He asks Jhanvi to take Pinky inside. Pinky says I did not come here to sit. She goes. Shakti checks his book. The man signs to Gayatri. Shakti leaves. Roop smiles and shows pics to Gayatri.

Shivaye says you know letter is not my style. Anika says yes, even then it made your relation fine. Mallika says yes, party and letter, whatever it worked, you should say thanks. Anika says sorry and thanks in his dictionary…. Shivaye says its not like that. Mallika says then say it, you are…. Anika names him Chidchida, khadoos…. He says I m standing here infront of you. Mallika asks him not to say, its shameful. He stops them and says yes, I agree that whatever you did was strange and senseless, but worked, letter was a black spot on letter’s name, I m sure it was your idea. Mallika asks him to say thanks. Om comes and asks are you discussing letter thing, it was my idea. Shivaye asks what. Om says we will discuss that letter, right now I need to talk something else, come. They leave. Anika says he did not say thanks, all excuses, does anyone take so much time to say thanks. Mallika says its fine, some people need time to say thanks.

Om tells Shivaye that he is breathless. Shivaye says you could remove jacket. Om says I did that before, its not about red jacket or cushion, its about approach, I never tried to change Riddhima, accepted her the way she is and liked her, I thought she will also like me the way I m, but no, she wants to change me. They have the punch and talk. Om says breathing space is imp in a relation. Shivaye asks him to breath. Om likes the punch and says I need time to think. Shivaye says I think you are overreacting. Om asks me?

Shivaye says no one else is here, you are meeting Riddhima more often now, there will be small issues, see me and Tia, we sorted the weird small issues, I don’t have your problems, my and Tia’s relation is perfect, she never says, Shivaye you need to change. Tia comes to talk to him. Rudra says excuse me Lady Baba, I need to talk imp thing to Shivaye. He tells Shivaye and Om that their punch finished and reloads. Tia tells Shivaye that she loves purple, I will paint the entire house purple. Shivaye gets shocked and spits the punch on Anika, who just comes there. She says you have done Kulli on me. Mallika asks whats Kulli now.

Shivaye says actually, the punch.. Rudra says punch is innocent, why are you getting punch in between. Shivaye says I was immediately surprised and then… Anika recalls how she has spit coffee over him, and says you took revenge from me, when I made black coffee fall on you. Shivaye says its not like that. Anika says I made Saira banu fall on you. Mallika asks who is Saira Banu. Shivaye says espresso. Anika says black coffee. Mallika says its mean that Shivaye did this intentionally. Shivaye says no, I did not do this intentionally. Tia asks him to say does he like purple. He asks why is everyone saying purple. Anika sings purple dil ke paas tum rehte ho song of Dharmendra. Mallika and Om also say songs with word Purple replacing Pal Pal….. Rudra says I will show whats a song, I don’t remember, anyone else sing. Tia sings weird song. They all laugh. Shivaye gets angry and says stop this purple, I will kill the one who planned this party.

Shivaye and Anika dance on Khai ke paan banaras wala.

Update Credit to: Amena

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