Hey guys those of you that don’t know this os is the third and final installment of my OS triology. So here it isLOL.
“Shivaay, Shivaay” I felt Anika tap me.
“Hmmm…” I sleepily mumbled.
“Shiv I have an idea” she sat on my stomach.
“To kill me” I humored.
“No” She answered annoyed.
“What time is it Ani?” I questioned a very excited Anika pulling my cheeks. This girl always treats me like a puppy.
“It’s 3:30 but that’s not the matter, Can we go on a long drive?” Anika suggested.
“Ya cool let’s leave at about 9” I tried to sleep.
“I mean now”
Are you crazy ”
“For me”
“OK then” she got away from me settling herself at the end of the bed.
“Anika” I tried to hug her.
“What?!” She snapped pushing me away tears flowing down her eyes.
“What happened darling?”
“As if you care, you’ve lost your interest in me. You don’t love me anymore” Anika complained. She sure took over Rudra.
“That’s not true you know I love you”
“But I do”
“Prove it”
That was it I carried her from the bed and walked outside the room.
“What are you doing?” She whispered.
“Taking you on a long drive” I kissed her.
“Really” She squealed hugging in joy.
“Yes drama Queen” I laughed.

Plan 01 was in action now all I had to do is execute my second plan.
“Shivaay you know I love you right?” I questioned.
“What’s happening” Shivaay halted the car looking scared.
“Nothing its just that”
“Oh my God, are you going to divorce me I’m sorry if I hurt you. I know I’m quite a horrid person but you promised to live with me forever and I’ve booked you up already for the lives to come because I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this” Shivaay held my hand.
“Are you mad billu ji? Why would I even think of that. I just wanted tontell you that from now on I won’t be able to give you my 100% attention you’ll have to share me with someone” I smiled hoping he’ll get the hint.
“You what… I need to what? No way no sharing business. I’m not sharing you with anyone. Don’t you dare think about adopting any kitten. I simply hate those creatures. Remember when Ishanna and you fell in love with some stupid kitten and you’ll completely ignored Om and me. I’m telling you they are hypnotic creatures trying to separate us. They can’t see us together actually those kittens are jealous. Besides I’m your Billu so what is the need for a cat?” My green eyed Billu spoke in one breath.
I broke into pearls of laughter clutching my stomach thinking about his cute explanation. The guy that calls me dumb turns out to be dumber than me.
“Don’t laugh its the truth” Shivaay angrily looked away.
“That’s…not” I laughed again.
“Who should I share you with then?” He asked as my laughter died down.
“With my baby”
“Bit I’m supposed to be your baby”
“Duffer Singh Obroi this baby” I said placing his hands on my tummy.
“We are having a baby” I smiled.
“Really” His eyes glistened.
“Yes my billu” I pulled his cute cheeks.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked.
“Obviously” I giggled as he drowned me with kisses.
“But mama is still mine” Shivaay said finally kissing my tummy before we drove back home.


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