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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Dhaani(teary eyed)- U were not ready to forgive neither meet Maaji and Dadaji, and in the jail, when Maaji tried to speak that time also u didn’t even see her face, in fact u just left that place! Why so much hatred Viplav?
Viplav- But Dha..
Dhaani(interrupts)- Chup!
Viplav looks down.
Dhaani(angry)- And then u were also angry with me, at this time I couldn’t sit quietly so I planned this idea so that u realise when someone ignores how it feels!
Viplav is now in tears. Dhaani doesn’t say anything but leaves from there.
Viplav follows her.
In the hall,
Vitharva come running to Dhaani and hug her.
Dhaani(breaks the hug)- So how was your school?
Vidha(smiles)- It was the best day mama, but…
Dhaani- But what?
Atharva- But one boy was not talking to his own friend, we told him but he got very angry on us and told us not to interfere!
Viplav who was standing behind them heard this and realised that the same thing is happening with him. Dhaani also feels the same.
The episode ends.


No precap.


I m very very sorry for not giving a precap!

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