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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Viplav is roaming here and there very irritated.
Viplav(moving left to right then right to left)- What yaar! Why are everyone ignoring me? And I, I m talking to them as if I m talking to the walls.(sits on the bed)Now if anyone ignores me na then see what I will do!
Just then Dhaani enters. Viplav sees her and goes to her. Dhaani is busy putting pillow covers to the pillows.
Viplav(makes a crying face)- YaarDhaani, tell na what happened to all of u? Why everyone are ignoring me?
But Dhaani is busy putting the pillow covers. Viplav is now very irritated. He holds her hand very tightly, makes her stand and then pins her to the wall.
Viplav(angry)- Dhaani why are u ignoring me, your silence kills me!
But Dhaani does not answer.
Viplav(shouts)- Speak up Dhaani, why are u silent?
Dhaani now can’t tolerate, she pushes Viplav and frees herself.
Dhaani(shouts)- U really want to know na, why we are ignoring u? I will tell u, and this time u will keep quiet and I will speak!
Viplav gets shocked seeing her anger.
Viplav(thinks)- This time she is really very angry, Viplav tu toh gaya.
The episode ends.

Precap- ViDha’s conversation…


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