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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Viplav is in his room remembering about the incident that had occured down, how Vitharva ignored him.
Viplav(to himself)- What happened to Vidhu and Atharva?
Just then Dhaani enters.
Viplav(thinks)- Should I ask her? No no.. Why to ask her?? No no..she will not ignore me, let me ask.
Viplav- Accha Dhaani…
But Dhaani ignores him and sits opposite to him with her back facing Viplav.
Viplav(thinks)- She is also not talking to me, what’s wrong with everyone?
Dhaani smiles at herself as the plan is working.
Viplav gets so irritated that he goes.
Shalu is in the kitchen preparing something when Sushma enters.
Sushma- What are u preparing ha?
But Shalu gave no answer. Instead she left without even saying anything. Sushma felt awkward by her behaviour.
Sushma- What happened to this girl?
Dhaani, Shalu and Pankaj are seen in ViDha’s room.
Dhaani(smiles)- The plan is working. We will surely make them realise by this method.(to Shalu)and the credit goes to u Shalu.
Shalu smiles.
Pankaj(smiles widely)- This idea is because of me, at last she is my wife na.
Shalu pats him while Dhaani laughs at his dialogue. She remembers Viplav.
Dhaani(thinks)- I wish he could have been here!
The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav asks Dhaani why are they all ignoring him. But Dhaani again ignores him.


I m very sorry for giving u short updates but I m really to busy. I’m again very sorry!

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