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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 5th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Later Shalu and Pankaj meet Dashrath but Viplav and Dadi are in the car whereas Dhaani is far from everyone crying. Shalu and Pankaj come from police station along with Vitharva. Dhaani also comes and they sit in the car and leave for their home.
At home,
Viplav is in his room while Dhaani, Pankaj and Shalu are sitting in the hall.
Dhaani- Plan will be successful na?
Shalu(assures her)- Don’t worry bhabhi, everything will be alright.
Vitharva are in the garden playing when Viplav comes to them.
Viplav(bends down)- Aww! What are u playing?
But Vitharva ignore him and run away.
Viplav feels hurt while Dhaani is seeing all this from behind.
Dhaani(thinks)- Sorry Viplav we have to do this or we will never be able toremove your hatred for maaji and dadaji from your heart.
A fb is shown,
Dhaani- Beta u both have to not talk with papa and dadi the whole day, okay?
Vidha- But why?
Dhaani(smiles)- Because we are playing a game, whoever doesn’t talk with papa for the most time, they will be the winner.
Vitharva(together)- Then I will only win.
Fb ends.
Dhaani- In this way u will realise when someone ignores you how it feels, u had ignored maaji now u will know how she felt when her own son did not even see her face.

Precap- Everyone in the house start ignoring Viplav and Dadi.


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