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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Dadi(angry)- How can u bring me here? U all go, I m not going to go in.
Viplav(enters)- Dadi, please!
Dadi- Viplav??
Viplav- Aapko meri kasam.
And so she agrees to go in.
Shalu and Pankaj get happy.
Shalu- Bhaiya where’s bhabhi?
Viplav(angry)- Let her go anywhere, I don’t care.
Shalu- Bhaiya what’s wrong with u? Why are u saying this?
Dhaani(enters)- Let him say Shalu! Some people don’t understand thr value of relationships!
Shalu tries to speak but then Pankaj keeps his hand on her shoulder and signs her not to say anything. Vitharva are watching all this silently. Pankaj(to Vitharva)- Chalo.
They both smile. And they all go inside the police station.
Dhaani(to police)- Can we meet Kanak and Dashrath, remember I had told u in the morning?
Police- Oh yes, but this is for the last time u r meeting them, after that u cannot even bail them!
Dhaani, Pankaj and Shalu are shocked.
Viplav- Its okay sir, who wants them to be out of jail.
Dhaani looks at Viplav teary eyed. But Viplav ignores and looks at the other side.
Shalu- Sir, where are they?
Police calls another policeman and asks him to take them to kt and dt.
He takes them, and then they are in front of the jail where Kanak is sitting.(Dashrath is in another jail?)
Dhaani(teary eyed)- Maaji!
Kanak hears the voice and stands up. Tears fall from her eyes as she sees them.
Kanak(in tears)- Dhaani, Viplav? U came to meet me?
Dhaani nods in tears.
Kanak(smiles along with tears)- Viplav, beta how are u?
But Viplav looks at the other side.
Dhaani(whispers to Viplav)- At least smile Viplav!
Viplav(whispers back)- I m come here only because of your kasam, or I would have not even come here, is that not enough for u?
Kanak feels bad but she doesn’t show it.
Kanak(to Sushma)- Maaji…
But Sushma also does the same as Viplav, in fact she leaves from there and Viplav follows her..
Kanak is now in tears.
Dhaani(assures her)- Don’t worry maaji everything will be fine! I will let u out of here!
She was about to go but Kanak interrupts her.
Kanak- Wait beta! I want to tell u something.
Dhaani turns to her.
Kanak- I m very sorry beta, I didn’t understand u, but now I m feeling as if I have committed a great sin,(joins her hands)Please forgive me!
Dhaani- No maaji! Don’t say sorry! I have already forgiven u…
Shalu(smiles along with tears)- Maa..
Kanak(smiles)- Shalu..
Shalu(smiles)- U know I m going to be a mother! (Shies)
Kanak gets super happy..
Kanak- May u always be happy, my dear!
Pankaj- Maa!
Kanak- Pankaj beta, now I m feeling that u are the best match for my daughter!
Pankaj and Shalu smiles, but Dhaani is having tears in her eyes..
She slowly leaves from there and goes to a place away from everyone and cries…
Dhaani(in tears)- Why? Why always my family has to suffer? Viplav and Dadi are not ready to forgive Maa and Dadaji, Shalu is going to be a mother but she has to solve these problems instead of taking care of her baby and herself, Viplav is angry with me and what not is happening with us!
Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns back and it is none other than Viplav. Dhaani suddenly hugs Viplav tightly and cries. Viplav hugs her back.
Viplav(still hugging)- Dhaani, I m sorry! I know u were hurt but I m really sorry for hurting u, plz forgive me!
But Dhaani only cries. She breaks the hug but then finds no one there. She then realises it was all a dream!
The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav tries to talk to Vitharva but they ignore him and run away. Viplav feels hurt while Dhaani is seeing all this secretly.


Sorry for not replying to all of u, actually I m busy so couldn’t reply?

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