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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 3rd September 2016 Fan Fiction

All get into the car. Pankaj sits in the front along with Shalu whereas Viplav sits behind. Dhaani was about to sit beside him but Viplav asks Dadi to sit. Dhaani feels bad but then she controls herself. Vidha sits on Viplav’s lap while Atharva sits on Dhaani’s lap. Pankaj starts driving.
On the way, Dhaani is sitting sad, not even speaking a word.
Shalu(smiles)- Why is there so silence? Bhaiya bhabhi, muh mein patti baand di kya??
Viplav(looks at Dhaani angrily)- Some people are like this, they make the other person’s mood only bad?
Shalu- Who’s that?
Dhaani(looks at Viplav)- Your bhaiya is talking about himself only?
All laugh at her dialogue but Viplav doesn’t. He’s so stubborn to even talk to Dhaani. But our Dhaani is also,stubborn. She is also using these funny dialogues in order to grab his attention. Soon they reach their destination, the police station!
All get out of the car. Viplav is amazed as well as confused seeing the police station.
Sushma(confused)- police station?
Shalu- we have come to meet dadaji and maa.
Sushma looks on angrily. Viplav gets so furious that he holds Dhaani’s wrist and takes her at the side away from the family.
Viplav(shouts angrily)- What’s your problem ha? Who told u to take us to meet them?
Dhaani gets very scared. But she speaks.
Dhaani(stammers)- Woh… Woh…Viplav….
Viplav(shouts)- Stop stammering and come to the point.
This time Dhaani gets more scared. She doesn’t speak but tears flow down her eyes. Viplav is also crying but is also very angry with her. And this time he is not melted by her tears?.
Viplav(angry)- Whatever happens but I will not meet them. U want to meet, u meet. I m going. And don’t even try to talk to me.
Saying so he starts walking leaving Dhaani crying all alone but Dhaani shouts without turning at him.
Dhaani- Viplav tumhe meri kasam, u will have to come to meet them.
Suddenly Viplav stops and has no other reason than meeting them.
Viplav(without turning)- This time u stopped me but the next time this kasam wasam will be of no use.
Saying so he goes away from there leaving Dhaani who is now fully broken down.
The episode ends.

Precap- Police tells to Tripathi family that Dasharath and Kanak will soon be shifted to other prison and this will be the last time they are meeting them.


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