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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 10th September 2016 Fan Fiction

Dhaani looks back at Viplav with teary eyes. They both have an emotional eyelock.
Vidha- Mama, I m hungry!
Dhaani comes to her senses.
Dhaani(smiles)- U both go and change, mama is bringing something delicious for u.
They both smile at Dhaani and run to their rooms to get fresh.
Dhaani goes to the kitchen. Viplav follows her. Dhaani is preparing something.
Viplav(teary eyed)- Dhaani….
But Dhaani is busy preparing something.
Viplav- Dhaani at least look at my face..
But Dhaani doesn’t listen and takes the food and goes up.
Viplav stands there seeing her go.
Viplav- If u are stubborn, your husband is ten times stubborn than you!
He goes up in Vitharva’s room where Dhaani is feeding Vitharva.
Viplav enters inside and sits beside Dhaani.
Viplav(to Vitharva)- Vidhu, Atharva I have a problem,(smiles)Will u solve?
Atharva- Which problem papa?
Viplav(looks at Dhaani)- One friend of mine is not talking to me,(looks at Vitharva)then what to do to make that Friend talk to me?
Dhaani is listening all this silently.
Vidha- So simple, say sorry to that Friend.
Viplav- I said sorry but still my friend is angry na.
Atharva(thinks for a while then says)- Then give that Friend what she wants, that friend will get very happy and then talk to u.
Viplav smiles at his idea and gives both of them a hi-fi.
Dhaani doesn’t speak but then leaves the place. Viplav follows her to the kitchen.
Dhaani is doing some work. Viplav goes near her.
Viplav- If I give u something that u want, will u stop ignoring me?
Dhaani(doesn’t see his face)- First tell will u be able to do that work?
Viplav(smiles)- Pakka I will do it.
Dhaani- Then go and forgive Maaji and Dadaji.
Viplav- Yaar Dhaani plz don’t start that topic again.
Dhaani- Then don’t dare talk to me.
She leaves the place.
The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav’s decision


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