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Hellloooooooooooooooo guys how R U ???hope u all r fine so as I said here heavy rains r three in Hyd so we got 2 days holiday ???
Yeah ramya I n thanmy too R from hyd ….??
So thanks to all of u guys for ur comments n support love u all …..
N sayu I am soooooo happy to see u back ??welcome back sayu ???
N chiku confusion nah so I’ll Clear ur confusion yeah twinkle is a world famous designer she is still in college bcoz she was competing her MBA bcoz Rt forced to complete her mba (hope confusion clears ???)
So now no more doubts na guys if u have u can ask me ……
N I request u all to give me 2 minutes of time to pray for those who died in Hyd due to floods …
So now no more bak bak …..
Recap : twinj college masti n ushar coming to Germany to meet kunj ….

The episode starts with twinkle goes to open the door n here outside ushar r waiting …..
She was about to open her door when kunj calls her from behind n tells her that her phn was ringing from long back …..
T : thank u kunj its meher call …
K : it’s ok twinkle u go I’ll open the door
T : hmm ok I’ll talk to meher ….
K : yeah go he smiles n twinkle left to her room (nice twist nah ????)
Kunj opens the door m was shocked to see ushar standing there …..
K : m..aa..maa PA..pa..papa …u here ….
U : kunj ab saari baatein yahi karoge kya …
M : ha kunj we came to meet u …
K : sorry maa papa come inside ….
He takes ushar inside n worries what if twinkle n ushar meets ….
At twinkke room :::::::

T : hey meher yeah I am fine how was u …
M : I am fine twinkle I am going back to India tomorrow so I wanna meet u
T : yeah meher come here we will sit n do masti what say …
M : okay as u say
She ends calls n twinkle smiles ….
T : ops who came I forgot to open the door …
In the hall :::::
Kunj was lost n scared too thinking what will happen now when usha ask him what happen …
K : no…nothing …?
U : i know kunj u r angry with us but we r ur parents n we want ur good only beta
M : ha kunj we love u soo much …

K : what to do now plz siyappa queen stay in ur room itself (thinks)
U : kunj kunj what happen aren’t u not happy to see us here ….
M : ok we will go from here if u want …
K : no maa papa I am not angry with u ….
Twinkke comes out of her n sees kunj sitting with usha n Manohar she saw only side face of usha n manohar ……
Kunj sees twinkle n gets shocked …..
K : hogaya siyappa (thinks )….
Twinkke sees usha side view n gets scared reminiscing her chilhood incident where usha scolded her …..
Usha turns to look behind when kunj hugs her n says maa I know u love me alott n I love u too
Usha gets happy that her son hugged her after so many years she hugs him back n kunj signs twinkke to go her room while she left from there
M : I told u na usha he will not be angry with hs for more time …
U : haa g
Kunj wipes her tears n ask her not to cry now …

At twinkle room :::::
Twinkke comes in her room being scared n reminses how usha scolded her how twinj separated in chilhood how she begs to leela n Rt to let her stay with them ..she begins to cry thinking all those incidents ….
T : what is happening Babaji why this happen always with us if usha aunty takes kunj with her how will I live without kunj I love him soo much
Don’t separate me from kunj Babaji plzz
She cries miserably thinkinv once again they will separated ….

Outside ….
Here kunj was talking with ushar happily but was worried for twinkle too when he sees usha gaze felt towards twinkle room …
U : kunj whose room is that ???
K : woh ..maa …actually me n my friend shares this flat so my friend stays in that room …
M : ohh hmm leave all that kunj ….so how was ur studies going ….
K : it’s great dad …n thinks studies my foot ?
U : kunj see u have became so thin when U’ll come back to India I’ll let u eat ur fav aloo paratha …
K : okay maa …but maa papa u too came here all of sudden …
M : actually I was coming here for meeting so usha told me that she wants to meet u …
U : so I have got to meet my son after so many years …..
K : okay n smiles so what u what maa papa …
M : tea kunj …
Kunj makes tea for them n they have a cute family moment while Manohar says ok we will
move now we have to meet mahi also …
Usha gets quiet listening mahi name …
K : papa where u two were staying …
Usha tells xyz hotel names n they left from
there to meet mahi ….
(Unexpected twist nah guys ???)
Kunj closes the door n thinks Babaji u saved us today ….thank u so much
He was walking in the hall suddenly he felt some noises coming from twinkke room he rushes there n sees twinkle on floor crying looking at their childhood pic while room is messy n twinkle was continuously blabbering don’t seoarate us …..
Kunj gets teard eye looking at her lady love condition …he goes towards twinkle n holds her face n says twinkle calm calm twinkke no one will separate us ….
T : kunj kunj plz don’t leave me kunj …
K : twinkke I’ll not leave u ever it’s my promise
He lifts twinkle n makes her lie on the bed n n pulls blanket n sees twinkle fallen asleep ….
He was going from there when he sees twinkle tightly holding his hand he too lies the bed n looks at twinkke n thinks “just look at her condition…..Babaji plz make everything fine between tanejas n sarnas I can’t see my twinkle like this ….”I’ll never leave u twinkle he kisses her forehead ……screen freezes
So how was the epi guys ????
Shocking nah ????
Well I just wanted to show twinj care n love towards eo hope u like this epi ….
So ba byee guys take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned …

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