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ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 20 (baby special)

Hello guys here I am back once again but due to a reason book of my cutee friend…. Baby
So here we go……….
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear baby…….
Happy birthday to you :-* :-*
Many many happy returns of the day may u get all the happiness in your life n gets everything want u wanted……..
So this episode is dedicated to bday girl….

So excited for baby special so lets us begin….
Recap : twinj cute moments at college….
The episode starts with twinj coming to their flat at night n went to their respective rooms…
Next morning
Twinkle wakes up n gets ready for the college so does kind they come out of their flat thinking about eo n went to college……

At college…..
Twinj comes to college n finds that it’s holiday today due to staff members meeting they get happy n think what to do whole day now…..
T: if yaar what we will do now……
K : hmm let me think something…
He holds two hand n take her to the park which is near by their college…
T: what we will do here?
K : let’s do yoga
T : what?
K: just joking yaar actually it’s my friend bday today I came to wish her…..
T: oh kind where is she?
K : let’s search for her
They both stared searching n finds a cute girl surrounded my many friends chocolates balloons n everything…
K : so here is she hey baby shouts kunj

Yeah that cute girl is our bday girl…..
Baby turns n looks at twinj but before kunj meets her twinkle hugs her tightly wishing her happy birthday…. While kunj was shocked
B : no nice to see u twinkle after so many days
T : yeah baby I lost ur contact but thanks to kunj again I got my friend…
K : u both know eo…….
T&b : yes we know eo n tells how they became friends in Paris…….
K : oh how Idiot I am I didn’t wish her till now..
Happy birthday baby n hugs her…
B :thank u so much guys so happy to see u both here…. Come let’s cut the cake….
Twinj : OK they all went for cake cutting ceremony n sings happy birthday to you n cuts the cake while baby feeds twinj….. N they trio smiles then kunj puts some cream on her face n says now your bday is complete….

Twinkle laughs n baby pours cream on twinkle n laughs n twinkle on kunj in this way whole cake became face pack they all smiles n take selfless together…….
Twinkle went to washroom n baby n kunj stands their…..
B: so when u r proposing her
K : what? I…. Didn’t love her
B: one buddhu it’s clearly visible in your eyes that u love her so when u r proposing her…
K: omg baby I am scared to propose her yaar
B : don’t get scared just confess ur feelings I am sure she will say yes to u
K : thank u soon much yaar
Twinkle comes out n gives baby a cute teddy bear as gift from twinj….
They bid bye to baby n left from there asking her to stay in touch….

Next day :::::::
TWINJ comes to college n directly went to the ground n sees some boys staring at twi…
Kunj gets angry n then controls himself n sees twinkle face who was angry….
Boy : oh madam u r twinkle the famous model so teach us some modelling too…
Boy 2: ha madam just show ur perfect figure…
Boy 3: n give us some chance to roam with u madam
Now twinj anger has no boundaries still they control themselves n smiles seeing eo…
T: so Kunj shall we show them sidmin power
K :*yeah let them show

TWINJ moves towards the boys n twinkle kicks one of them in his personal part ? n he winces in pain Kunj smirks….
Twinnj move towards other boys but they left from there being scared
Whole twinj laughs n whole college members claps for twinkle for her bravery….
While twinj smiles looking that everyone is hooting for them n went to their class…
K : haha he got right punishment
T :hahaha yeah they both hi-fi
That boys was coming from the other way n twinj was going the same way they both came in front of eo….
That boys looks on shocked n runs from there n twinj was just laughing holding their stomachs..
Screen freezes

So chotu sa baby happy bday once again…
Enjoy ur day don’t miss single chance to do fun
Make memories n give us treat OK
Ba bye
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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