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Hello guys I am back once again ab sab itna intezar kar rahe hai to socha epi jaldi dedo ?????
N sayu ye lo epi jaldi but u have to give me something too I’ll tell it in the end ……
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Recap : twinkle agreeing for doing fashion meet n kunj got to know about his lady love…..
The episode starts with kunj coming out of his thoughts n smiles ….
K : I need to impress my jasmin ??? I should go for shopping yes kunj let’s go ….
He went towards shopping mall….
On the other side twinkle comes from the college with a sad face n thinks today also I didn’t get to know about u sid ….
T : but he may be on social media yes I’ll search him may b I got to know about something yes twinkle go for it
She opens her fb account n thinks what to search …..UMm yes siddhant sarna
She types n get 375 searches
T : uff what is this ab how to identify him ….
She searches everyone time line but then get tired n left her iPad on sofa itself with her fb
account open ……
At shopping mall
Kunj goes towards shirt section n sees many shirts but got confused as what to buy
K : huh kunj let’s buy this white one yeah white
He buys Hus clothes n comes out of the
shopping mall it’s still 7 at night ……
At twinj flat …
Twinkle gets ready n gets a call from her fashion meet members ….n ask them to come
to pick up …??
Kunj gets ready in white shirt n blue jeans looking so hot he buys jasmin flowers with combination of roses n went to the hotel where the fashion meet his held …..
At fashion meet :
There was so much crowd waiting for and hooting for the most prettiest fashion designer and model there r waiting for her ….
When kunj comes there n sees the crowd n thinks wow jas so much popularity….
He also stands their existing for his lady love ..
Aftersome time 2 Mercedes of black n with colours come their n body guards comes out of give security to twinkle ……
People were pushing eo just to see twinkle ….
Twinkle comes out of the car dressed in red gown with her hair tied n dropped on left side she has a pendant in her neck and many bracelets in her hands making her more
She waves her hands to the crowd standing there …..???
Kunj was jumping to see his lady love suddenly
twinkle turns n kunj looks at her n get Mesmerized to see her lady love beauty but then get shocked too …..
Kunj : twinkle ?? What is she doing her she is
my jasmin his mouth is left open
Mr jaiswal comes there with the bouquet of flowers n welcomes twinkle
Mr j : miss Twinkle taneja welcome ….
Twinkle shakes her hand n smiles n get inside with her whole staff n body guards surrounding her
Kunj was left outside he was jumping from happiness knowing twinkle is twinkle taneja his jasmin his life …..
Kunj pov :
Now I knew Babaji why I always feel so connected to twinkle bcoz she is my jasmin she was stayonh with me since many days her habits everything I got my jasmin back oops sorry twinkle my siyappa queen by jasmin he
shouts I love u Babaji ……
A drunkard was going from there n sees kunj shouting looking at sky he thinks that kunj is drunk too
D : u r drunk too
K : what ???
D : two drunkards here yeah
K : oye hello I am not drunkard ok …he gets
D : ok I am going
K : toh jaa na ???
Drunkard left from there n kunj gets inside…..
N smiles looking at twinkle ….
Press conference memebers ask twinkle many questions….
P : mam u have opened ur company as sidmin
creations not tanejas creations why ???
T : I don’t want to be recognized as taneja coz everyone person needs to make his own identity I have built my fashion house my self
so thsts y sidmin creation n smiles
Kunj smiles at her answer n thinks wow siyappa queen what an answer ….
Press conference members ask her many
questions about her professional n personal life she answer them back…..
P: mam last question I u get a chance to change ur name what name will u give urself
T : jasmin I would like myself to give jasmin name
P : is there any personal reason behind this
K (thinks): yeah she have personal reason
behind this …..
T : yes there is a personal reason my best friend gave me that name ….
P : so who is that lucky person mam …??
Twinkle gets silent for sometime then replies that I am not in touch with him now ….
K : don’t worry siyappa queen U’ll meet ur besti soon ….???
Press conference ends n twinkle was talking to many people present there kunj was just looking at his lady love without disturbing her
Mr jaiswal: well miss twinkle here but no fun
nah so let’s break the floor what’s say people
Everyone claps n hoots for twinkle ….
Mr j : but u all have to wear masks first
Everyone wears their masks n lights went off n janam janam songs plays in bg ….

Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
(Twinkle was dancing with Mr jaiswal n kunj was with some other girl partners get changed n twinj gets together )
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa…
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
(Kunj holds her by waist n she rest her hand on
his chest both looks into their eyes deeply n get completely lost in them )

Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho

Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida…..
(They both don’t want to leave eo while twinkle thinks y is she getting attached to the person …
While kunj whispers in twinkle ear my jasmin u
remember ur sid )

Aha ha ha o…
Twinkle gets shocked n happy too but thinks
how the boy knows about sid kunj makes twinke turns she gets deeply in his eyes n thinks is this my sid ????
Kunj : I know what u r thinking if I am ur sid yes
jasmin u r completely right I was waiting for this time ….jasmin
Twinkle gets super happy her hands has no bounds meeting her Mr perfect after a long time

She wants to hug him tightly but then controls her self (they r still in masks so twinkle doesn’t know that was kunj )

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi nah kehna alvida ……….
( Kunj spins twinkle n she falls in his arms n
they have a deep eye lock )
Song ends they compose themselves n kunj went from there ….whole twinkle was searching for him …
Screen freezes……
So guys how was sidmin meeting after a long time .???
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U all will wait patiently for next epi
Bht bak bak karli aaj
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