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[Episode-1] by Renima Ishqie


Hey guys, This is Renima a regular viewer of Ishqbaaz especially a fan of ishkara[ Many of u may be familiar with me as renima ishqie who comments in ishqbaaz tu]Here am going to post an ff as now ishkara fans really need ishana back. So guys this will be very short as just today I got a break from hectic schedule of work.
Characters – Omkara, Ishana, Ridhima , Roop, Shivaay, Anika, Jhanvi , Ishana’s Dad and Mona[ishu’s sister]My os will start with ishana

Scene-1- Ishana’s house
Ishana [full of tears] stares @ Omkara’s pic on the wall….
Ishu’s dad : “ Ishu beta, just forget it. And I am sorry…..{not able to complete words and he falls unconscious on the floor}
Ishu : Paapa..paapa[ she screams], Mona come fast….
Mona : Paapa ….paapa….di…I think paapa is unconscious……
Ishu : What ? Unconscious ?
Mona : Don’t worry di ….Just because paapa has drunken too much it happened
Ishu : But still ….am scared….Paapa , is he alright ?
Mona : Do one thing. Sprinkle some water on paapa’s face
{Ishu sprinkles water on her father’s face and he wakes up stares @ ishu and mona}
Mona & Ishu : Dad, Are you okay ?
Ishu’s dad : Am ok, ishu today whatever happened to you @ the art hub…..am really sorry for that….It was my mistake …..my daughters…..

Ishu : Dad, will you please stop blaming yourself ?? I really deserve it as I hurt omkara a lot
But he has no right to blame you….
Dad : But beta, I think he is right…..I couldn’t stand on my feet…..then how can my daughters …..mona ….give me some….
Mona : Paapa I can’t give you more as from evening you have consumed too much of alcohol…Di please convince paapa
Ishu : Mona is right, Paapa you just go and sleep, you will feel better
Ishu’s Dad : Me, I can’t sleep today as your mom will come in my dream and am sure she will ask me why I did it to you ishu ? She will ask me……she will ask me……she will……[he continued saying “she will “ and gradually he fall asleep]Ishu : Mona, you also go and sleep
Mona : Di, I can’t left you alone in this situation as I know how much you have hurted
Ishu : Mona, Nothing happened to me and please its better if you not remind me that.
And please go inside and leave me alone [ishu looks at mona with anger, but her eyes are filled with tears]Mona: Ok di, Am going Take your own time and if you want to cry just do it by tonight itself
As tomorrow morning I want to see my di’s new face.
Ishu : New face ? Mona, what do you mean ? Mona….Mona
[ Ishana calls mona….but she didn’t replies to ger]Ishu in her thoughts…New Face??? She recalls Omkara’s words….”If I have to make a choice between truth and family I will go for truth only”…..Omkaraji only you can do that…..But for ishana it is impossible…. As to put one face over the another has become a part of life….

PRECAP : Jhanvi tries to convince prinku, om, sso and anika stares @ prinku……
So this is the first episode. Please comment on it ishqies.

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