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Ishkara FF Ishana return (Episode 1)

Hai friends,
I am actually a dying fan of ishqbaaz. Now I am a little disappointed on knowing that ishqbaaz creators had failed to create a re-entry for Ishana. So I thought to create one which emerged in my mind. I am not giving re-entry to old Ishana but creating a new one.
Well, it’s two months after the ishkara confrontation.

It’s Mumbai Central Railway station and our cute vrushika is boarding down the train. She is very excited to be in such a huge city.
From there she manage to have a hotel room to refresh herself and to keep her belongings.
Later, she goes to one of the prevailing news channel ‘News24*7’. She goes directly to meet the M.D as she got a appointment letter. Well, in the story ishana is interested in journalism and social activities.


In MD’s room
Ishana : May I come in, sir?
MD :Yes
Ishana : Good morning sir.
MD: Hmm. Ishana, right?
Ishana (confused): Yes sir, but how do you know?
MD : It’s me who have read your CV. So…..
Ishana : Sorry sir.
MD: Our channel is impressed by your qualifications and activities during training period. So you can join with us after 2 months.
Ishana : Thank u sir. But 2 months..why?
MD :You are new in this field and place. I think you need to familiarise initially with this place, Maharashtra. You can take reports state wide so learn Maharashtra completely. OK.
Ishana : OK sir. Thankyou for all these.
MD : Here is your Identity Card, employment card, files related to regions of Maharashtra and last…..these.
(He hand over some keys to her)
Ishana: Sir, these keys!
MD: Saari jagah toh Jaana he na, toh ek scooty ki zarurath toh padegi.
Ishana : Sir, aap meei boss hai. Aap yeh sab…..
MD: Ha, hoon mein Teri boss. Saath mein Teri sponser bhi hoon Na, Ithna thujhe padhaya. ithni achchi tarah thum course complete kae diya. ab mein Kam se Kam ithna bhi karna Hei Na….
Ishana : Sir…. Aap
(Ishana was on the peak of happiness)
MD: Waise, Roz sir bulaungi?
Ishana: Uncle?
MD: Hmm. Office time pe sir aur Baad mein Teri Uncle. Teek hai?
Ishana: G.
MD : Go and familiarise yourself with this state. Jaane se pehle mamma pappa se milna.
Ishana : G Uncle.
(From there Ishana went to a graveyard)
Ishana crying….
Pappa, mamma. Aap donomne dekha. Jiase aap ne Sapna dekha that n. Waise hi meine ek job k saath aapki saamne khda hoom. Pehle didi Ko mujhse cheen Liya. Phir bhagvan ne aap donomne Ko bhi mujhse cheen Liya. Gaya Na donomne ne mujhse phir se akelepan mein chodkar…..

(Ishana is Anika’s sister. After Anika has been adopted by Sahil’s parents, Ishana was also adopted. But her step-parents also died in an accident.)

So from here Ishana is starting her journey. She decided to visit every district’s important localities each day. By adjusting she planned it to cover in 30days. As she wanted to know a lot about MUMBAI.

She stat from north. She visited many places. On the way she bumped into a party. She saw boys and girls dancing to songs. She accompanied them. Later someone pushed her to the middle. There, she performed for ‘ladki beautiful kar gayi chull’. The dance was being captured by the guys. They uploaded in Twitter with title ‘Who is this Mumbai girl?’
As well Ishana didn’t disclosed her Identity to anyone.

Ishana advance was like viral among youths. And atlast it reached our dumbbell Oberoi Rudra. He was hell shocked to see Ishana (assuming her to be old one) dancing. He ran to Shivaay and Omkara.
Rudra : bhaiyya, see thus. Do you remember her?
Shivaay & Om : Ishana
Rudra: Exactly. Ishana toh ek dum risk star hai…
Om : She is not worth of discussion for us guys, leave it.
Rudra : Ok

Ishana is not using such social medias. She like to be in her own space.

The next day to her next place. She visited prominent places, industries, companies and business tycoons.

Every place where she goes, some youth identified her and made her dance along with them and uploaded in Twitter.
Neither anyone knew her name nor she unveiled her Identity to them on asking.
This was all noticed by the OBros.
After 1 months journey, she landed in MUMBAI.
She went directly to her sponser Uncle. He knew about the videos but want it to remains surprise to her that she is being recognised by a lot of people.

So it was her time to be along with Mumbai’ beat where our heroes are.

Precap : Omkara Ishana meeting

Friends, this is my first attempt in a social network in my life. So I am a little bit nervous.
Please comment if it is good or not. I am expecting reactions.

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