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Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 12)

Hello friends if ur feeling my ff is boring than plz tell me ,I will stop writing ,actually it my first ff………

Episode 12…


Mumbai …

Ishana once again Destiny bring me here where I don’t want come …..but right now my family is more important for me than my past ……..

Chal ishana lets start a new life from today on wards..
Ishana reached the campany door and ots name beautiful (sea pearl )….actually its a art gallery which is under construction…..

Ishana entered ….
And asked one of the worker …..who is the boss here and where is the cabin…..

Worker show her the cabin and left…..

Ishana knocked the door and asked may I come in sir ……?

The man -said yes come in …..
Ishana -hello sir I am ishana patel the designer ….
The man was reading business new paper so ishana was not able to see his face ..

The man -So finally u reached here ishanA..

Ishana said in her mind (the voice is like…..and stopped)……

Ishana to the man-sir can u plz remove that paper???

Man -y u want to see me ???

Ishana -can’t handle dis so she walked two step towards that direction and was hell shocked to see omkara singh oberoi ….

Ishana -om………,( not again )

Ishana what the hell u r doing here???….r u following me ???

Om- relax ishana patel I am ur boss so plz show me some respect………


Ishana -what u r my boss ….dis company is ur …….???

Om -ya dis is my company or I should say it going to be my one of the biggest art gallery in the world ……

Ishana -no way .
Om -yes way ishana,now u r my employe and u have to work here according to me …..ishana, oh I see it was a ur plan right??
Om-no its Destiny ishana ..
And suddenly ishana remember some thing
Before leaving udaipur …..
Ishana di.I am so happy for u, u finally got an job di ….
Ishana yes my little sis now see I will make every thing good don’t worry about it ….

Present time ….

Om -ishana patel dis is not ur home that u r lost in ur day dreams plz come out..

Ishana -what I have to do .?

Om -call rohan …….
Rohan entered the cabin…..

Rohan yes om ??

Om -just make duties clear to her and show mam her own cabin …

Rohan -yes sir …

Om left n….while living he give a smile to ishana ……….and ishana dON’T see that…

Sorry for a short ff
I sm out of station friends thats y ….
And plz if u r not liking my ff thn tell me I will not update the next part ….
And if u like my ff thn do comment …bye
T.c …..

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