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Is this love or friendship between us (Introduction)

This story about swara and sunkar later the story will be about ragini and lucky

First the story will be about swara and sunkar




Swara’s mother and father same as followed by the TV serial

Sunkar’s mother and father same

Aadash pari husband and wife aadash mother same

Swara and sunkar are friends from childhood swara’s mother and sunkar mother are school life friends …… Swara’s house is opposite to sunkar they were close friends

************* *********** ***********

Childhood life

Swara: sunkar come on we can play

Sunkar: no swara today I have homework

Swara: its k we can play pls

Sunkar: u don’t have any homework???

Swara: no today no homework come on we can play

Sunkar: k swara what’s u are going became in future doctor , teacher ,police,…

Swara: what u said all boring iam going to became became….

Sunkar: what say

Swara: a good popular heroine heee

Sunkar: oh no my god I. Will not see any of your movie if u were in that movie

Swara: i am angry with u don’t talk to me

Sunkar : k fine sorry swara …

Swara: k hey what about u police ,doctor ,engineer…??

Sunkar: no I want to become a good musician and singer

Swara: amazing u want to become both ah ??? K when I become heroine in any movie I act u should sing a song or u should the music director…

Sunkar: good idea iam k with that

Swara: promise ??

Sunkar : s promise swara …..

One day sunkar father had loss in their business so he goes he takes his family to is brother house

Swara : or u going to some other place sunkar if u go who will play with me ?? Sunkar pls don’t go

Sunkar: s swara iam going father want to go so am also going and this gift for u swara

Swara: chain??

Sunkar : s this is chain. In the this both ss means swara Sunkar when ever my memories comes see this

Swara: oh your are my best friend ever bye sunkar….

15 yrs later
“”””””””””. “”””””””””. “”””””””””””. “””””””””””””””. “””””””””””””””””. “””””””””””””””””””””””

Swara becomes a popular heroine he acts many movie a big star

Sunkar becomes music director and famous singer many award for music and singing also

Swara: mom its late I have to go today my new movie shootingshooting mom pls give me breakfast fast mom

Swara mother: wait swara …swara give this money to sunkar

Swara: what sunkar ah??? Where mom

Swara mother : its not your childhood friend sunkar its milk man is name also sunkar pls give this money to him

Swara: oh iam not in good mood mom so pls u itself give him and I don’t want breakfast its late bye mom

Swara mother: are u missing your friend sunkar I know that one day u will meet him I think he is born for u

Swara: oh stop it mom he is my close friend that all 15 yrs gone but I have seen him in childhood only present how he will be I don’t know mom…k mom bye its very late

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