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Is everything thing changes with time?!! : A SwaSan ff

Two years later……. SwaSan Room The phone rings…. Sanskar wakes up,silences the phone,slowly walks out of the room so that Swara doesnot get disturbed.These days,mid-night calls are quite common thing for him as the Maheshwa -ris are now trying to expand their business in USA.He attends the call.Its quite a long one. He returns to their room,occupied his side of bed.He extended his hand towards his Lady love,whom he thinks is in deep sleep.But Swara is not there.He switches on the bed -lamp at the very instant and finds that Swara is nowhere in the room…..

The night sky is decorated with the stars.The Moon is ruling the darkness with its radiance. When the music of cool breeze is breaking the silence of the night,the trees are dancing.Adding more melody to this nature’s musical concert, a woman in mid twenties playing her guitar.She is staring the sky and completely lost in her own thoughts.Her beautiful eyes are expressing nothing.Her face hardly has a smile.The pallu of her Saree is flowing along with the wind.She suddenly feels someone’s hand on her shoulder. But she doesnot bother to look at the person as she knows,the person is her Sanskar. “So my wife is again romancing with the night sky”,Sanskar said while sitting beside Swara on the parapet wall of Maheswari Mansion’s terrace.
Swara answered him with a wry smile.A thought strikes in Swara’s mind,”Once he used to call you PRINCESS.” Seeing Swara’s smile,Sanskar understood that she doesnt want to talk now.He reminds all that happend in the evening and says in his mind,”I know swara,you are deeply hurt”


to be continued…….. How is it guys??!!!!

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