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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 9) (~By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 9)

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Thank you for all your wishes. It really means a lot. It was one of my most special birthdays. Thank you so much. Also, Jisha di, the way you called me bacha was so cute.? I love you!?

Anyways, here is the link for the previous segment:

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The segment is in Twinkle’s voice. I will introduce Kunj’s voice sooner. I hope you all aren’t getting confused with my way of writing.

All you all eager to read this segment? Let’s start.
I walked towards the entrance and found that maa, bhai and di were talking to each other. I went inside and said, “What’s going on?” “Nothing. We were just talking. I think we should fix Yuvraj and Mahi’s marriage now”, said Leela. “No maa”, I replied loudly. Everyone looked at me in surprise while I replied trying to handle the situation, “I mean let’s first talk to Usha maa and then you all can start discussing about it.” “Maa won’t have a problem”, said di. Oh God! I need to find out the culprit first and then after I go away from here di and bhai can get married. “Yaa. But, but, we need to consult a priest and then arrange everything. So, first talk to maa about it, decide the date and then we can get bhai and di married”, I replied heaving a sigh if relief. “Ya. Okay, I’ll talk to Usha ji soon”, said maa. “Maa, we’ll leave now”, I said. Maa nodded her head while I stood up and said, “Di, let’s leave.” Di nodded her head in a yes and said, “Yuvraj” “Hmm”, bhai replied. “Yuvraj”, di repeated. Bhai arched his eyebrows while I walked towards them and said, “Bhai, we need to go.” “Ya sure”, replied bhai. “Bhai, if you can please leave di’s hand then it would be easier for us to leave”, I said. Bhai quickly left di’s hand while di turned crimson due to shyness making me giggle. “Bye bhai! Bye maa!”, I said and waved at them as we walked towards the car. We were walking towards the car when suddenly di held my hand tightly. I looked at di while she held my hand tighter. I managed to behave normal and asked, “Di, what happened?” “Nothing. Can we please quickly leave from here?”, replied di. “Sure. Come”, I replied as I unlocked the car while both of us got inside and we drove back to Sarna mansion.

We came back to Sarna mansion and di quickly ran inside. “Di”, I shouted but, she ignored me and went inside. I parked the car and quickly went inside to find the hall completely empty. I heard the sound of banging the door. I looked up and found di’s room’s door closed. I quickly rushed upstairs and tried opening the door. I knocked the door and said, “Di, please open the door. What happened?” After a minute, I again knocked the door saying the same but, she didn’t reply. I walked away disappointed. I tried recollecting what happened after we got of out of Taneja mansion but, I couldn’t remember anything in specific.

Maa and di were sitting in the hall in the evening. “Are you fine di?”, I asked serving the evening tea. She nodded her head in a yes. I smiled as maa said, “Where is Kunj?” Di shrugged her shoulders as maa continued, “Twinkle, I think he’s busy with some work in the room. Can you please serve him his tea?” “Umm..Okay”, I replied unwillingly. “Di, would you mind coming to the room in 5 minutes? I wanted to talk to you”, I said. “Okay, I’m coming”, di replied. I smiled and climbed upstairs to go to Mr. Sarna’s room.

I knocked on the room’s door and said, “Can I come in Mr. Sarna?” He turned around and smilingly said, “Sure. Come in.” I tucked my hair behind my hair nervously and forwarded him the cup of tea. “Here Mr. Sarna”, I said. He took the cup of tea and said, “So sweet of you.” “Don’t be in the misunderstanding that I came on my own. Maa told so, I came”, I replied rolling my eyes. “You don’t care for me?”, Mr. Sarna asked. “Why should I care for you Mr. Sarna? Am I your wife?”, I replied. “What do you mean? You are my legal wife”, Mr. Sarna said. I let out a faint laugh and said, “You’re going wrong somewhere. I’m your slave.” “I’m sorry Twinkle”, he replied. “I hope you’ve applied for the divorce Mr. Sarna”, I said. “You can call me Kunj”, Mr. Sarna said. “If you haven’t applied for the divorce Mr. Sarna, apply it because my work will be done soon”, I said and was about to go when Mr. Sarna held my wrist and pinned me to the wall. “What the hell are you doing?”, I asked. “Stop calling me Mr. Sarna. I’ve a name you can address with”, he said. “Mr. Sarna, it’s paining”, I said. “Even I feel the pain when you behave like a stranger to me”, he said. “Leave me”, I uttered. “No. First call me Kunj”, he said. I pushed him away and said, “You should’ve thought about this before you tortured me.” “Twinkle, I’m really sorry”, Mr. Sarna said. “Apply for the divorce soon”, I said and moved out of the room.

I went inside di’s room and found her sitting on the bed. “Di”, I called out. “Ya. Why did you call me?”, di asked. “Di, what happened in the morning?”, I asked. Di stayed quiet while I repeated, “Di, please tell what happened in the morning.” “Twinkle, the bracelet”, di replied. I walked to her and sat down in front of her on the floor. “What bracelet di?”, I asked. “That blue bracelet”, di replied. I held her by her shoulders and asked, “Di, what are you telling? Who’s bracelet?” “The rapist’s bracelet Twinkle”, di replied. I widened my eyes and sat there shocked.
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