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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 16)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 16)

Hello, I’m back. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you all are liking the way the story is shaping up.


Well, I guess I’m back pretty early this time as you all asked me to update sooner. I’m so sorry for making some of you cry. Also, this is a pretty lengthy update. I guess the lengthiest among all of the segments. Hope you all won’t get bored. Anyways, let’s get back to this.

Here is the link for the previous segment:

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This segment is in Kunj’s voice. Twinkle’s voice will be reintroduced soon. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

So, here is the sixteenth segment of the fan fiction. Are you all excited? Let’s continue.
I woke up in the morning as I found Twinkle staring at me. I smiled but, soon the smile faded away as the thoughts of her leaving me struck my mind. I removed my hands from her waist as she looked at me disappointed. “Don’t you’ve a headache?”, she asked worriedly. “Twinkle, get up”, I said struggling to get up. She hurriedly stood up and said, “I’m sorry.” “Why were you here?”, I asked. “You shouldn’t have drank so much”, she replied and walked out of the room. I sat straight on the bed as I blinked my eyes to clear my blur vision. “There’s nothing I can do. I wish I would’ve known the entire truth before”, I murmured breaking a glass. I kept staring at the door expecting Twinkle to come back and for once say that she’s ready to give me another chance but, she didn’t come. I got up after a while and freshened up.

I was waiting in the hall for the divorce papers. The house was completely empty, only we both were there as maa and di had gone to Taneja mansion for discussing about the wedding. The door bell rang as my heart skipped a beat. I got up from the sofa and motioned towards the door as a tear drop fell from my eyes. I wiped it away and opened the door. The lawyer greeted me and as the lawyer was about to enter I said, “Sir, I think you’ve another client to be attended. You can attend them because for us it’s a clear divorce. You won’t be required much here.” “Are you sure?”, he asked. I nodded my head in agreement while he left. I turned around and saw Twinkle standing in the middle of the hall.

“Twinkle, the divorce papers are here. You can sign them and then we won’t have any relation between us”, I said keeping the papers on the table. I signed them and was about to go upstairs when Twinkle said, “I love you!” I stood there shocked as Twinkle hugged me from back. “I’m sorry Kunj. I wanted you to realise your mistake. I never wanted to divorce you. I can’t even think of staying without you for a minute. Please Kunj don’t divorce me”, she said in a choked voice. I turned around to look at her as she joined her hands and pleaded, “Kunj, please don’t divorce me. Please!” I held on to her hands and said, “Twinkle, you don’t deserve me. How can you love me even after what I did to you?” “Because I know my Kunj. I know you did all that just because of a misunderstanding. Please don’t leave me”, she replied as the tears rolled down her cheeks. I pulled her into a hug and said, “I’m sorry Twinkle. I was wrong.” She hugged me tighter and said, “Forget it. It was our past.” I smiled and whispered, “I love you Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” We pulled back after a while as I was still holding onto her hands. We both were lost in each other’s eyes. We moved closer to each other when suddenly Twinkle’s phone rang. We quickly separated ourselves as Twinkle received the call.

She disconnected the call and said, “We need to go to Taneja mansion. Maa is calling us.” I nodded my head as she said, “I’ll change and come.” She was climbing up the stairs when she turned around and said, “You know what?” I was tearing the divorce papers as I looked up and arched my eyebrows in confusion. “You’re so unromantic. I mean if bhai would’ve been in your place he would’ve just disconnected the call so that he could spend some time with di”, she added. “Oh really?”, I asked and walked towards her. “Stay away from me”, she shouted running upstairs. I followed her as she entered di’s room.

I entered di’s room and found the room completely empty. I wondered where she was as I saw her entering this room. I thought of searching in the other rooms and turned around to find her. “So, what were you telling?”, I questioned moving towards her as she kept on stepping back. “Kunj”, she called out. “Yes?”, I replied arching my eyebrows. “Kunj, stay away from me”, she replied standing by the wall. I nodded my head in a no and moved closer to her. She tried to run away but, I placed my hands on the wall preventing her to do so. “So, I’m unromantic?”, I asked kissing her left cheek. “Kunj”, she whispered. I kissed her other cheek and said, “Yes?” She opened her eyes and said, “Kunj, please move away. I need to get ready.” “Where’s your phone?”, I asked. She looked at me confused and forwarded her phone. I called up maa and said, “Maa, we won’t be able to come now. Twinkle isn’t feeling well.” I looked at the shocked Twinkle while I disconnected the call on maa agreeing to it. “I’m perfectly fine. Why did you lie to maa?”, she asked innocently. “Because you wanted me to spend time with you”, I replied. She blushed a bit as I moved closer to her. I was about to kiss her when she placed her finger on my lips. I looked at her confused while she said, “Not so easily. Now, move.” I nodded my head in a no and moved closer as she bit my hand. “Ahh..Twinkle!”, I exclaimed while she smiled and ran away outside the room.
Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

Wishing you a very happy birthday Laddoo! Hope you get everything that you wish for. You’ve become damn close to me in these few days and believe me it really feels as if you’re my real, younger sister. The way you demand me, blackmail me and fight with me is all so adorable. Frankly speaking I can never deny you but, don’t take this for granted. Anyways, have a great and all the best for your Chemistry exam.
Loads of love?
~ Ria dibhai

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