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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 15)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 15)

Hello, I’m back. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you all are liking the way the story is shaping up.


Well, mostly all of you felt bad for Kunj in the last segment but, along with it you all also added that he deserves it. I’m glad all of us think alike. Also, it’s good to see many of the silent readers commenting recently. I hope you all will continue commenting and supporting all the authors.

Anyways, here is the link for the previous segment.

Segment 14

This segment is in Twinkle’s voice. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

Are you all excited to know what’s coming up? Let’s continue.
I sat down on the bed reminiscing Kunj’s words. “He applied for the divorce”, I murmured as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I clenched my fist with the bedsheet inside it and shouted, “Kunj!” “I can’t live without you, I can’t”, I said resting my head between my legs. “I wanted you to realise your mistakes Kunj. I never thought you’d seriously apply for the divorce. I can’t think of a day staying away from you even after what you did. Whatever you did was just due to a misunderstanding but, I know my Kunj”, I murmured crying. I suddenly lifted my head and said, “Where is Kunj? I hope he doesn’t do anything himself.” I wiped my tears and ran downstairs.

I came to the hall and saw maa reading a magazine. “Maa, where is Kunj?”, I asked. Maa looked up from the magazine and said, “I saw him going out. But, I don’t know where he went. Why? What happened?” “Nothing”, I replied and rushed out of the house. I got inside the car and quickly drove away.

It was 10 at night and I still wasn’t able to find Kunj. “Kunj, where are you?”, I murmured driving faster when suddenly, someone came in front of the car. I hurriedly stopped the car as the person fell down on the road. “God! Another problem”, I remarked getting down from the car. I went closer to the person and seeing the person whispered, “Kunj?” I kneeled down and sat next to him. I patted his cheek and said, “Kunj? Kunj?” “Tw..Twin..Twinkle”, he uttered with great difficulty. “Yes Kunj. See your Twinkle is here, right next to you”, I replied placing my hand on his cheek. “He held on to my hand and said, “Don.. Don’t leave me.” “Never”, I replied. I stood up and forwarding my hand said, “Give me your hand.” He moved his hand in the air and said, “Please bring my Twinkle.” I understood he was drunk while the tears rolled down my cheeks. I kneeled down again and said, “Kunj, your Twinkle is here. Come, let’s go back.” I made him stand with great difficulty and giving him support walked over to the car. I opened the door and made him sit next to the driver’s seat properly. I drove back to the house as Kunj kept murmuring, “Twinkle, please don’t leave me. You’re mine. Please give me another chance to rectify my mistakes.” I looked at his face as the tears kept on rolling down my cheeks continuously. “You’re responsible for his condition”, I remarked blaming myself. We reached home at around 12 in the night.

We entered the house and found it completely empty. We both went upstairs while I supported Kunj. I entered his room and made him lay down on the bed. I was about to go away when he held my hand and pulled me back. I fell on him as he said, “Twinkle don’t leave me.” I struggled to get up as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “I can’t go to di’s room now. I’ll stay here for the night and then go back to the room early in the morning”, I whispered. “Twinkle don’t leave me”, Kunj repeated. I kissed his forehead and resting my head on his chest replied, “Never.” He tightened his grip around my waist as if he never wanted me to go away. I smiled and soon both of us fell asleep.
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