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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 14)


Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 14)


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This segment is in Kunj’s voice. Twinkle’s voice would be reintroduced again. I wrote this one on your demands. Anyways, hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

Are you all excited to read what’s in stock? Let’s start then.
I entered the room and found Twinkle and di talking. “Can I come in?”, I asked. Di and Twinkle looked at me as Twinkle rolled her eyes while di said, “Ofocurse Mr. Sarna.” I narrowed my gaze at di as we both burst out laughing. “Come, sit here”, di said. I went and sat beside di as Twinkle said, “I’ll go bring coffee for the two of you.” She got up and was about to go when di said, “Twinkle, you sit. I’ll bring it.” “No, it’s okay”, replied Twinkle but, di walked out of the room ignoring her. “Di”, she called out and was about to go when I held her wrist.

She turned around and said, “Leave my hand.” I nodded my head in a no and walked closer to her. She tried freeing her hand but, I tightened my grip and pulled her towards me. I softly held her hand behind her back and said, “You didn’t answer my question.” “I said no”, she replied trying to free her hand. “But, your eyes say something different”, I said and pulled her closer to me. “K..Kunj”, she called out. “Do you love me?”, I asked. “No, I don’t”, she replied looking straight into my eyes. “Does it not affect you when I come closer to you?”, I asked after she lied. “No”, she replied as I pulled her even more closer making her front touch mine. “Not even now?”, I asked. “K..Kunj”, she said. “Does it not matter to you when I’m close to you?”, I repeated myself. She pushed me away and said, “Kunj, just be in your limits. I’ve already had enough of you and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

I walked towards her while she moved back. “Kunj”, she said as her back touched the wall. “Kunj, see”, she said pointing her finger at me as I moved towards her and placed my finger on her lips. “Twinkle, please give me a chance”, I said. She pushed away my hand and said, “Don’t tell me that you want me to be here with you.” I lowered down my gaze and said, “What I did was wrong but, can’t I get another chance?” “Apply for the divorce. I’ll go before di and bhai’s wedding”, she replied pushing me away. “Twinkle, please”, I muttered but, she walked out of the room. I clenched my fist and hit it against the wall. “Kunj Sarna, you’re wrong. How could you do that to her?”, I said to myself and after sometime walked away to our room.

I was in the washroom washing my face when someone knocked the door. I quickly swiped the water from my face and opened the door. I saw Twinkle standing at the doorstep. “Your coffee”, she said. I turned around and said, “Can you please keep it on the table there?” She placed the cup on the table and was about to go when someone said, “Oh Twinkle, you’re here. Actually, I wanted to talk to the two of you.” It was maa’s voice. I turned around and asked in a choked voice, “What happened?” “Actually.. what happened Kunj? Why are your eyes so red? Did you cry?”, maa asked. I smiled and said, “Nothing. Something went into my eyes and I was constantly rubbing my eyes so, it just became red I guess.” I looked at Twinkle who was staring at me with me a surprised face. “What did you want to tell?”, I added. “Ya, I’m going to talk to Leela ji tomorrow. We’ll decide Mahi’s wedding soon”, maa said. “Maa, why so soon?”, I asked. “It’s not early at all. In fact, it’s pretty late. Anyways, I need to go downstairs. I’ll talk to both of you later”, maa said and walked out of the room.

“Did you cry?”, asked Twinkle. A faint smile covered my face as I replied, “I applied for the divorce.” She looked at me with a shocked face as I walked out of the room.

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