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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 13) (~By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 13)

Hey all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m really glad that you all are liking the story.

You guys know what! I was really happy after knowing that you all liked the revelation. I really felt that you all won’t like it. Anyways, as I had told you all before itself that the way the characters feel for each other would change so, I hope you all are able to figure out the changes.

Well, here is the link for the previous segment:

part 12
Today’s segment is in Twinkle’s voice. I would come back soon with Kunj’s voice soon as I guess most of you liked the fan fiction in his voice. I’ll try to keep lesser segments in Twinkle’s voice. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

Looked like you all were really eager to know Twinkle’s reaction. So, here it is. Let’s continue.
I opened my eyes in the morning with a really bad headache. I wondered why when I saw Mr. Sarna sleeping on me. I was shocked to see him sleeping like that and tried recalling what had exactly happened the previous day. I looked around the room and found it out to be Mr. Sarna’s room. I moved to comfort myself when Mr. Sarna woke up. “Good morning”, he greeted me with a bright smile and cheerful voice. I ignored him and held my head which was paining. “I’ll get you some lime water”, Mr. Sarna said. I looked at him in confusion while he rushed out of the room. I wondered why he was behaving so different for the past few days.

I came out of my thoughts as Mr. Sarna said, “Here. Your lime water.” I took the glass from his hand and said, “Thank you!” He took the glass from my hand and said, “Thank me politely.” I rolled my eyes and murmured, “As if I was rude.” “Yes, you were”, he replied while I looked at him. “Can I please have it?”, I asked. “No”, he replied. “Mr. Sarna, if you don’t want to give it then please don’t spoil my mood early in the morning”, I said. “Ahh..my head”, I added holding my head. Mr. Sarna moved closer to me as I moved back. “Wh..What are you doing?”, I asked while I was stuck by the headboard. He made me drink the lime water and moving back said, “Twinkle, I know you won’t remember anything that happened in the party yesterday but, I hope you remember what happened before you entered the party.” “No, I don’t remember anything Mr. Sarna”, I replied and got down from the bed. I was about to go away when Mr. Sarna held my hand and pulled me back as my front touched his chest. “Mr. Sar”, I was about to complete when he kissed my forehead. “Kunj”, he said. “Mr. Sarna, don’t”, I said as he kissed my cheeks. “Kunj sweetheart”, he replied. I looked at him shockingly as he addressed me as ‘sweetheart’. I was lost in his deep brown eyes when he said, “I know you still love me. You’re just scared to express it.” “Kunj, leave me”, I replied looking away. “You proved it all yesterday darling. You need not ignore me”, he said and moved back.

I turned and walked towards the balcony. “I hope you’ve applied for the divorce”, I said while looking outside. Kunj walked over to me and holding my hand said, “I’m sorry Twinkle. I really didn’t know bhai wasn’t behind all this.” I looked at him and was again lost in his eyes. After a fraction of seconds I looked away and pulling back my hand said, “Kunj, apply for the divorce soon.” “Twinkle, I’m seriously sorry”, he said. I walked away and turning around said, “It’s better if we stay away from each other.” Kunj walked towards me until I was blocked by the wall. “Don’t you love me?”, he asked. I closed my eyes and said, “Move. I need to go.” “First answer me”, he said. “Kunj, I need to go”, I said and tried to move away when he placed his hands on the wall preventing me from escaping. “Don’t you love me?”, he questioned me. “No”, I said looking away. “Twinkle, you can lie but, not your eyes”, he said and moved away allowing me to go. I walked out of the room and went to di’s room.

“Good morning di!”, I greeted as I entered the room. “Good morning Twinkle!”, replied di and giggled to herself. I went and sat beside her. “I’m sorry di. We couldn’t catch the culprit yesterday”, I said holding her hand. She looked at me confused and said, “What do you mean? We caught Kabir. Oh! You weren’t in your senses right!” “Kabir bhaiya was behind all this. But, why? Also, what do you mean by I wasn’t in my senses?”, I asked at a go. “Relax Twinkle!”, Di said holding my shoulders and continued, “Kabir loved me. Actually, I was his obsession so, that’s why. Also, about you losing your senses. Kabir made you drink something and then wanted to take advantage of the situation. But, Kunj saved you.” I widened my eyes as soon as I heard Kunj saved me. “Di, did I tell him anything?”, I asked. Di smiled and said, “I can’t tell you. You go, ask him.” “Di, please tell”, I requested. “Are you sure?”, di asked and I immediately nodded my head. “I think he was supposed to..hehe..kiss you”, di said as I looked at her shocked. “What? He kissed me?”, I asked. “He didn’t want to but, you wanted him to. He told you to come back home but, you said unless he kisses you, you won’t move”, said di. “Why do you look so shocked? Kunj is your husband only”, added di as I got up and rushed inside the washroom.

I stood against the door as a faint smile covered my face. I touched my lips and looked at myself in the mirror. “It was our first kiss and I wasn’t even in my senses”, I murmured. I closed my eyes and imagined Kunj’s face. I smiled but, soon shouted, “No!” “Twinkle, what happened?”, screamed di from outside. “Nothing di”, I shouted back and looked at the mirror. “I need to go from here soon. I can’t let myself fall weak. May be I still love you Kunj but, after what you’ve done with me I can’t think of spending my life with you.”, I murmured splashing water on my face and later, freshened up.
Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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