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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 12) (~By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 12)

Hey all! Ria here. Thank you so much for all your comments and support. I’m glad that you all are liking the storyline.

I’m so sorry for being so late. I really wasn’t understanding whether you all would like the revelation or not. I don’t think it’s up to the mark but, just let me know what do you all feel about it.

Anyways, here is the link for the previous segment:

Segment 11

This segment is in Kunj’s voice. Twinkle’s voice would be reintroduced soon. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

Are you all excited to read the twelfth segment? Let’s go ahead.
We were about to enter the hotel when bhai received a call. “Kabir”, he said. “Put the call on speaker”, I replied as bhai attended the call. “H.. Hello”, said bhai as we heard Kabir laughing. “What do you want?”, I shouted losing my temper. “Oh! Mr. Sarna seems to be very angry”, he said. “Just come to the point”, I replied trying to control my temper. “Nothing much. I just need a night with your wife”, he said. I grabbed the phone from bhai’s hand and said, “You dare not touch Twinkle or else, I swear I’ll kill you.” “Mr. Sarna, just calm down. You know your wife is with me”, he said. “That doesn’t mean you’ll blackmail me. I very well know you’re in this hotel itself”, I shouted. “Well. I must say you’re intelligent but, you can’t find me. Do you think I’m a fool? Try finding me if you can. You won’t be able to do anything today also just as you or Yuvraj couldn’t do anything when I raped your sister”, he said. I looked at bhai and di who seemed to be equally shocked. “Your luck won’t favour you every time”, I said and disconnecting the call we all rushed inside.

We rushed towards the reception. “Kabir Kapoor?”, I asked. “Sir, please fill in the details in the visitor’s book”, said the receptionist. I picked up the pen and scribbled in the details. “Kabir Kapoor?”, I asked. The receptionist looked into the computer and after a minute said, “Sir, we don’t have any booking by this name.” I punched my hand on the table and said, “Where can he take her?” I started thinking when my eyes fell upon the visitor in the visitor’s book. It said KK. I quickly ran my fingers along the row and said, “Bhai, room number 4056.” “What?”, shouted bhai following me as I ran towards the elevator. After two minutes, I said, “Bhai, you come by the elevators. I’m going by the stairs.” I rushed upstairs to the fourth floor hoping that nothing would happen to Twinkle. I rushed around the corridor and finally found the room 4056. I knocked the door and said, “Kabir, open the door.” I stood there for a couple of minutes but, didn’t get response. I was about to go away when I heard a voice saying, “Call Kunj.” It was Twinkle’s voice. I broke the door and barged inside.

I clenched my firsts in anger as I saw Kabir trying to force himself upon Twinkle after ripping her salwaar sleeves. He pushed Twinkle on the bed and threw his coat away. He moved towards Twinkle and as he was about to touch her I held his hand and pushed him towards the wall. “I told you not to even try”, I shouted and punched him on his face. I held his collar and pulled him up. I was about to kill him when di and bhai shouted from behind, “Kunj, stop!” “The police will handle him”, di said. I left him and said, “Arrest him.” The police arrested Kabir and as they were about to go di asked them to stop. Me and bhai were quite surprised by her action. “Di, what’s wrong?”, I asked.

Di walked up to him and slapped him hard. He held his cheek and looked at di in shock. “You can take him away”, she said. The police was dragging him as he said, “Mahi, I love you!” Di looked at him and letting out a faint laugh said, “I was your obsession not love. Moreover, you’ve spent nights with so many girls. You love so many girls? I’m surprised.” He lowered down his vision as the police dragged him out of the room. We heaved a sigh of relief as someone tugged my shirt sleeve. I turned around and saw Twinkle standing behind me. “Kunj, you didn’t kiss me”, said Twinkle. I widened my eyes and heard di and bhai giggling among themselves. I looked at them while Twinkle again tugged my shirt and said, “Kunj! Kiss me.” “Twinkle, let’s go home”, I said and held her hand. “No, first kiss me”, she replied trying to jerk away my hand. Di and bhai burst out laughing as I turned to look at them.

“Okay, we’re leaving”, said bhai and dragged di out of the room closing the door behind them. “Kunj”, said Twinkle trying to shout. “Twinkle, you’re not in your senses. Let’s go back home”, I said. “No, no, no”, replied Twinkle throwing her hands in the air and stamping her foot. “Twinkle, just come with me”, I said and was about to hold her wrist when she held my collar and pulled me towards herself. “Twinkle!”, I exclaimed. “Don’t you love me?”, she asked. “Twinkle, don’t behave like a kid”, I said. “You love me or not?”, she asked frowning. I smiled looking at her face and pulled her cheeks. “You look so cute”, I said. “Why don’t you answer my question?”, she asked. “Do you really need an answer?”, I asked. She smiled and nodded her head in a yes. I moved closer to her and pulled her closer by her waist.

She wrapped her arms around my neck as I lifted her up and kissed her. I felt a spark inside me as I kissed her. It was our first kiss and it was the best thing that had ever happened in my life. We pulled back after a pretty long time when we were out of breath. I looked at Twinkle who had turned completely pink blushing. I smiled looking at her and said, “Can we go home now?” Twinkle nodded her head and walked towards me while stumbling. I picked her up in my arms and walked towards the car.

I made her sit inside the car and drove back. We reached home around 8 and I saw Twinkle sleeping peacefully. I smiled looking at her and touching my lips smiled. I got down from the car and while picking her up in my arms whispered, “I love you!” I walked inside the house and later, to OUR room. I placed her on the bed and kissing her forehead pulled the blanket over her. I was about to go out when I realised Twinkle had held on to my hand tightly as if she never wanted to let me go. I smiled and slept next to her sitting on the floor resting my head on her stomach.

Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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