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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 10) (~By Ria)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 10)

Hey all! Ria here. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you all are liking the story.


Ouch! Looks like I really made you all a bit unhappy with the sudden ending last time. Laddoo said she wanted to kill me.? Anyways, sorry the sudden ending but, you all will surely get to know about the culprit soon.

Also, I don’t really remember but, someone previously asked me how come Usha doesn’t know about Mahi’s case. Actually, Mahi never talked to anyone at home and Kunj got to know about it only after they visited a psychologist. He didn’t want to tell it to any of the family members as when this case happened then, Usha used to say elsewhere. Also, it looks like you all are quite surprised with Kunj’s behaviour. I told you all at previously that the way the characters feel are going to change soon but, let’s see whether the change in behaviour is for good or bad.

Here is the link for the previous segment:

Segment 9

Finally, the wait is over! Today’s segment is in Kunj’s voice. Twinkle’s voice will be reintroduced soon. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

I hope I’m pretty early this time. Well, let’s start with the 10th segment.
The next morning, I came down to the hall wearing denims and a blue shirt with it. I relaxed myself on the sofa and waited for Twinkle and di. I was looking here and there when suddenly I saw Twinkle coming down the stairs. She looked drop-dead gorgeous in her pink anarkali with open hair. I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her dupatta was pinned on one side and as she was coming down it got stuck to the railing of the stairs. She tried to pull it without the dupatta being torn apart but, she was unable to do so. I walked up till her and placed my hands on hers. We looked at each other but, soon she moved her hand away and started looking here and there. I removed her dupatta carefully and held it in front of her. “Excuse me”, she said. I looked at her and arched my eyebrows asking what. She signalled at the dupatta through her eyes with a disgusted face. I looked down and quickly left her dupatta. She walked past me and then turned around and said, “Mr. Sa.. Kunj, are you ready?” I smiled and nodded my head in a yes. “Even I’m ready”, a voice came from behind. I turned and looked at di and understood why Twinkle called me by my name. The smile from my face soon faded away and in a disheartened tone I said, “Let’s leave.” I took the keys and we went out of the house.

I sat in the driver’s seat while Twinkle and di went behind. “Someone should sit in front or else, we aren’t leaving”, I remarked. “Di, you go. I’ll sit behind”, Twinkle said disappointing me. “No Twinkle. You go”, said Twinkle. “Di, please?”, she asked. “I wanted to talk to Yuvraj but, it’s okay”, di said throwing her tantrums. “Talk or romance”, asked Twinkle teasing di. I smiled as di turned crimson. “Okay fine”, Twinkle replied as a broad, satisfied smile crept over my face. I started driving but, soon applied the brakes and stopped the car at the side of the road. “What happened?”, asked di. I moved towards Twinkle while di said, “Kunj, I’m here too.” I gave her a disgusted look and moved towards Twinkle. I looked at her and found her looking at me with widened eyes. I moved closer as she closed her eyes. She lightly pushed me away while I pulled the seat belt and pressed it inside the holder. “You can open your eyes”, I whispered and moved away. “Oh I thought”, di said but Twinkle interrupted and said, “Let bhai come.” I laughed while di angrily looked at both of us. We reached Taneja mansion and picking up bhai we went to the party venue.

We reached the party venue and got down from the car. Twinkle started walking with bhai and di. I pulled her behind holding her elbow. “Mr. Sarna!”, she exclaimed. She jerked my hand away and said, “Stop acting like a husband.” I smiled and said, “Okay fine. A boyfriend then?” “You very well know you mean nothing to me”, she said. I started walking towards her as she moved back. She was walking behind unless she was blocked by a car. The parking plot seemed to be completely empty. She pushed me trying to move me away but I held her hand and moved closer to her face. “Mr. Sarna”, she said. I kissed her and said, “Kunj.” She remained shocked and after sometime said, “How dare you kiss me?” I moved closer to her and kissed her other cheek. “Kunj”, I said. “Mr. Sarna”, she said. I kissed her forehead and said, “Kunj.” “Mr”, she said but, I interrupted saying, “Next time I hope you know where I would kiss you.” She opened her eyes and said, “Kunj, move away.” I moved towards her face and said, “Politely.” “Never”, she replied. I moved closer to her as I could sense her nervousness. “Kunj, please”, she said. I moved away and asked, “Why are we here? It’s bhai’s friend’s party right?” “To find out the culprit”, she said and pushing me away walked inside. Her words were pondering in my mind unless my phone rang. I picked up the call. “Kunj, come inside”, said di. I was disappointed to find out that di called from Twinkle’s phone. “Ya”, I replied disconnecting the call and walked inside.

Did you all like it? Let me know through your comments. But, please I request you all to comment as that’s my support system and without your support I can’t continue this fan fic. Criticism is always welcome but, please no ill language.

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