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infinity and beyond!

Hi guys ! so this is my first shot at writing a two shot story of swasan ! my favourite !!here we go wiith this :

Boy: hmm now how do i look?
Girl: omg!! U loook so hot ! i cant even stay in this room ! its become burning hot for me !
Boy: oh ..then i certaninely look very very bad in this … i am going to change
After changing
Boy: now how do i look?!!
Girl: u look okay … i mean not so handsome also ..u look fine …okay …maybe just nice..idk
Boy: ah! Then i certaninely must be looking fab ! i am going to wear this for my event !
Girl: wat?? Y ask my opinion if u r going to dress otherwise ! uff
Boy: oh my swara … !u think i dont know wat’s going on in ur mind … u don’t want other girls to start droollling for me …when they see me …tat’s reason u always .say yes to the thing which makes me look not so nice … n no for the one which makes me look hot n handsome !
Swara: oh sanskar … u n ur logic … never have made sense to me not then not now … they are simply weird …
Sanskaar laughs n swara pouts


Swara: but sanskaar …i have a question … y …y do u always make me wear the same outfit whenever i meet you !oh give me a makeover ..too na !
Sanskaar: because swara … u loook more than fab in tat dress …do u remeber this was the same thing wich u wore …when i first met u …remember?
Swara: oh how can i forget tat…my sweet… tat point actually changed my life …
Sanskaar comes near her n the image starts to fade… n swara says “ bye… sanskaar … its time for me to go …. ..bye ….ill miss u a lot”
The image fades off before sanskaar could say something to her
He says to air “ and this were the same lines which u told to me when u left this world three years ago ..swara “
*/ I know i know..tat you are totally confused … tat how can swara be dead n stuff … to clear tat maybe we have to go to their past,when swara was alive n see something…….so say 123 abaraca dabbra “go to past”….n voila ! u are here /*

Three years ago :
There ‘s a big house … and a big lawn in front of it … where u can see the glimering stars in deep sea of the sky n a lone half moon looking like he is smiling at the residents of earth … it was very perfect evening …the wind blowing in the sweet scent of roses which was growing nearby the still pond until…
“stop screming swara … i won’t eat your diary okay! I’ll just sneak a peak into it … tat’s it”said sanskaar …smirking ,looking at swara ‘ face …
Swara:sanskaar please …give my diary back to me … please
Saying this she started chasing him again ..around big hall of house …
Sanskaar: oh c’mon swara … wat is going to happen if see your diary ..huh? i am your husband right? I am half of you ..remember … more than tat i am your bff cum love ..so don’t i have the rights to read your diary … won’t it make my job easier at being your husband by knowing your innermost thoughts … hmm? Tell me !
Swara suddenly stoped running .. n came to halt … she put her head down n started crying …
Sanskaar saw that swara had stoped running behind him .. and came too a halt n saw his beutiful wife crying … he had never ever meant to make her cry … he was just teasing her a bit for fun .. but he never thought tat she would become so serious … so he went near her …n said
“ swara ! i am terribily sorry …my jaan … i never meant to make make u cry … n i would never read your diary .. i was just joking ..i am sorry .. here take it .. i will never take it from u “
Swara: promise
Sanskaar: promise

N suddenly swara took the diary n started to run ,which startled sanskaar a lot
Swara: hahaa sanskaar … u thought i was crying!!! Hahahahaha … oh my poor baby ..i was just acting so that i could get back my diary … hehehehe… u belived it … ha! I fooled you!!yeyyy!!
Telling tat she brust out laughing ….
Sanskaar: achha ! bacchu ..mujse chalaki … ha?! Wait !!u ..!
They stared running all over again … this countinued till ..swara suddenly stoped n told “okay ! now stop u r making get exhausted ! “
Sanskaar: okay ! now come lets go sleep !
*/Swara n sanskaar actuaaly met during high school … a unique freindship started between them …which led to a blooming flower of love at the end of their collage …then sanskaar joined his father n became a great tycoon n swara became a nursery school teacher .. they told about their love to their parents … n they happily accpeted … their marriage took place ..n they were gifted this beutiful house (guys try imaging the one which comes in fursat song with a big lawn)… it had been two years since their marrige … n both of had been living a very very happy life /*
The next morning
Sanskaar: i am getting late yaar …come fast ..uff! how much time u ladies take to get ready
Swara:offo!sanskaar can’t u wait for two seconds … see ..i came now chalo!
Sanskaar : abba! At last ..the maharani of my heart came down … come lets go ..
Then they went to their respective works … swara to school n sanskaar to his office
Back home …that evening ..sanskaar had come back from work a bit early to arrange a candle light dinner for his love … he had a done marvelous job indeed !!
Sanskaar: chaal sanskaar now for the final touch to this dish …n we are done ..yey! swara u r gonna love this …
He hears the door unlocking soun
d n hides behind the stairway …
Swara: sanskaar ..where r u ?
Sanskaar comes from the hiding place n says
Sanskaar: my love.. my life … my darling ..the queen n slayer of my heart … your prince over here can’t express his love for you… it ‘s more than infinty … it’s unexpressable..please ..come here my jaan n sit ..
He removes the chair for her …n points her to come ..
Swara blushes n sits down
Swara: thank you prince ..but may i know why do i owe this great hounour?
Sanskaar: simply because u r my princess
She laughs n starts to have dinner with him … this was pretty normal to them..both loved surprising each other like this … after dinner
Swara: sanskarr do u wanna dance ?
Sanskaar: sure ..shona
They turn on music n start couple dancing
Pal do pal ki hai zindagi … iss pyar ko hai sadiya kafi nahi
To kuda se mang lu …mohalat mai ikk nayi
Rehena hai bas yaha abb door tuchse janna nahi …
Hmm jo tu mera hamdard hai … suhaana har dard hai ..

And Suddenly in sanskaar ‘s arms his lady love fell uncouncious … !
”swara! Swara ! … wake up ..!!! wake up ..oh my god … swara !!”
But swara dosen’t wake up ..he rushes towards his car n tells the driver to drive towards the hospaital .
So guys ..this was the first shot of two ..the next one will be uploaded soon ..!! till then this is mini … singing off… do leave your precious comments … !!! oh n ya …the sign like – * / /* means tat’s the author ‘s voice …taking the story foward …!

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