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Imprisoment!! {Sidmim OS} – Anoushey

Well ho gaye confuse, Zuha aur Anoushey mei? Well Anoushey is my school friend and wrote this story but as she does not have a TU registered account so I am posting on her behalf! Please guys this story is not at all my creation it is of my friend Anoushey whom I call Anu ? Anyways she will be joining TU soon ? Well now let’s begin with the OS!



The moonlight fell upon her dark chocolate hair as she ran anxiously through the dense woods. Her heels were almost swollen, but she ran further away from the prison which had parted her from her family from the past 2 years.

***Story unfolds***
She was kidnapped or should I say teenaped {Zuha speaking ??: I don’t know whether this word exists in dictionary but for Anu she says it means that a teenager who is kidnapped ? I hope u understood?}. She was 19 then. She was coming back from the mall when a shiny, black Mercedes stopped and 2 men pulled her into the car. Since then she was parted from her family!
She was brought to ditch place and was thrown there while tears flooded from her eyes. ‘I don’t want to hurt u!’ a voice came from the back. When she turned around, there was a tall man (of 24-25) standing, with pitch black hair and dark brown eyes, he continued, ‘I am here to help u although I am not supposed to do so!’ The girl gazed him and after a pause with much fear asked, ‘Wh..Who are u?’ His reply was, ‘Well I can’t tell u my identity but u may call me K!’
Just then 6 men pulled her by her arm and he winked at them and they left her there all alone imprisoned‼
Since that day she never saw that man ever again, but she could hear his voice while she sat next to the door of the room she was locked in and the thing she would here was, ‘Don’t u hurt her, don’t u dare!!’ she also used to hear a reply, ‘Yes boss!’
The man who wanted to help her can’t be her captor. It just couldn’t be‼‼‼
One day, after a long time she met him {K} again, he was talking on his phone, as soon as she heard him say, ‘Bye!’ and end his call she called out for him, she actually shouted on her lungs. He was astonished but opened the door. She without any 2nd thought asked, ‘Are u
my captor?’ He smiled and said, ‘Well u finally asked the big question. The answer of your question, sort of I am ur captor, I am the one who kidnapped u, but this was for ur own benefit. If I had not done this then Yuvi (Yuvraaj Luthra) would have caught u and have used for his illegal work and lusty motives, I really didn’t want this to happen because…..’ Before he could complete his sentence there was an explosion in the building, leaving both of them shocked. The walls started building cracks and roofs started falling! He shouted, ‘Twinkle‼ We have to get u out of here! Yuvi and his men are here!’ He held her hand tight and pulled her closer in his embrace, side hugging her. As they ran sounds of bullets arose, making Twinkle scary who tugged tight to ‘K’ she had fallen in love with the devil who she now admires as an angel and would last in his embarce was her wish! Then comes the place there 1st and last sign of love where they first met, but much to their shock, destiny played its game, a bullet hit her love right at his heart, he hissed in pain and as death neared him he spoke his last words, ‘I love u 2 the death and back!!❤❤!!’

The screen went blank…Claps were heard as people stood up to appreciate the movie starring Siddhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin, urf Twinkle and Kunj. After the ceremony Siddhant came to Twinkle and said, ‘Shall we?’ and Jasmin smiled and said, ‘Is it a question to ask! OF COURSE!’

And the 2 reached the same place as of in the movie where they first met!

???The End‼‼‼???

So how was it❓❓❓ Well I serioulsy enjoyed this story, as it had both sad and happy endings!


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