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Important message to all the EDKVIan out there! -Nikita

Hey guys.. It’s Nikita here!
Since most of you know that EDKV is going off air.. But trust me, this is the most devastating thing we’ve read..
The thing is, Nikita Dutta was ill.. She was hospitalized.. And the shooting couldn’t be stopped, so they showed filler episodes..
You might know that EkDujeKeVaaste me Nikita had been missing lately.. So it’s understood.. Now Nikita is back well again, and she started shooting since Monday.. So now the thing is, that SonyTV told EDKV directors and cast to end the show without an logical, but happy ending.. But now since Nikita’s back, shooting can start.
So do you want a bad yet happy ending on 7th October? I don’t think so..
So here’s a petition we fandom have started to request SonyTV that since Nikita’s back, can our show get an extension till December..
Here’s the link:



Now this is an request.. Cause guys, if EDKV ends on 7th October, the whole turmoil of Nirmala-Ramnath would not be shown, not even why Aditya and Suman were getting married.. Ramnath’s truth would not be shown..In short, no misunderstandings would be cleared, but it will be a happy ending.. Do you want our ShraMan to just end like this???

No na, it would be like so beautiful to watch how Suman stays an anchor for Shravan when he gets to know his Father’s truth?

So please sign this petition to save our show, OUR SHOW!

And this might sound crazy as all the cast have confirmed, but trust me, this same thing happened to REPORTERS [another SonyTV show] . This show was getting less TRPs so SonyTV decided to end the show.. But the fandom went against it, and the show was given an 2 month extension, and it ended with a logical ending..
So please co-operate and sign this petition.. I’ve shared the link above.. Please do it.
And if you’re on twitter, everyone is going and trending #DontEndEDKV.
If you are on twitter, then kindly tag @SonyTV or @001Danish [EkDujeKeVaaste’s sony tv handler] and request them to not end our show.. And trust me, the creative director has said that even if once SonyTV notice the way people are reacting over twitter in regard to this, we might get an extension. Let it reach number 1.. Let us show our fandom power.. Please, do whatever you can for our show.. Pray if you cannot get in touch socially.. Cause it’s our thing. The creative director is supporting us. He is saying, it is possible, and has happened before. Our hashtag, #DontEndEDKV is trending worldwide on twitter and is on 8th rank.. Trust me, that’s a big thing. Usually, #EkDujeKeVaaste used to be on 1639th rank.. So this is HUGEE..! We can do it guys.. We just need your support

One more thing, this is the email address of SonyTV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste show handler.

[email protected]

Ps: please be polite enough and just request. Don’t abuse, or insult, or anything like that.. Cause if that happens, matter could worsen.

This is SonyTV’s phone number please try calling and talk to them about this
Call them Tel: 91-22-67081111 :91-22-67081144
Fax: 91-22-66434748

Thank you so much for reading.
Please look into the matter.. Cause it’s an EDKV thing.. Atleast sign the petition guys.
I’ve shared all the things we could do socially, to get us an extension..
Remember, it’s an EDKV thing, let’s show SonyTV what EDKV means to us.
So pleasee force this so badly upon SonyTV that they have to reconsider their decision..

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