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I’ll be your shadow even in dark (one shot)

Sanskar was sitting in hospital corridor and was thinking.

“We got married… yeah i got married that too arrange marriage… shocking ? Indeed it is. It was shocking for me as well. I always wanted to marry a girl of my own choice, a girl who can adapt herself in dynamic environment. Who can be my partner, my soul mate, who can care me like mum , who can guide me like a father. I thought for extreems ,either modern girl or typical indian! no in between type. And lol destiney plays it’s cards. I got married to an indo-western girl, either in thoughts or in dress. she is unique but my bad luck I haven’t noticed her.

Iy was first night after our marriage. we both were in room surrounded by awkward silence. beautiful decorations. rose pettals. dim light. damn romantic. we sat on bed’s either edges. finally she broke the silence “hi I’m swara?? And you” I was shocked what the hell!! I know who are you, and my badluck now you are my wife but still I reply “I’m sanskar. sanskar maheshwari”
She then said“ you are hot!! Your wife is lucky”
My senses stopped working I was thinking is she tryng to ??”

His thoughts paused when, nurse came and ask him to sign a few papers. He signed those pprs and again went into thoughts…

“That night we kept on talking and finally slept at 4. dude! she is quite intresting. That was my opinion after first night
I woke up at 11 and when I opened my eyes they were about to pop out of socekt. As I saw an angel infront of me. “damn this angel is ur wife sanskar” my soul reassures me. she was wearing a straight cut front open jacket stlye sute, with open hair. That little pinch of vermilion on her head was giving me satisfaction. she then serve my bed tea to me. I asked. “how you know I have a habbit of bed tea??” She smiled. her slightly curved lips took my breath away “Sanskar I’m your wife. Knowing each and everything about you is my responsibility and choice too”

She left. I kept on thinking why she said “choice” i brushed the thoughts and got ready.
Days passed. we hardly talk not because we dont want to, but because we don’t have anything to talk upon. Soon my family left for their home as I live in mumbai and my family in kolkata. We were all alone In those days she use to care me like mum. I never felt mum’s absense. she prepares breakfast, I eat that. She prepares lunch, I try to eat that because I don’t have time for eating due to work load. she prepares dinner, I want to eat that but late night meetings doesn’t allow me to have dinner. I came home and daily saw her sleeping on dining table with two served plates. damn! she didn’t had anything and you were eating like a monkey one day i blurt my frustation on her. I came late and haven’t had anything since morning n that time I was tired enough to eat. so I walk towards my room. She called me “sanskar.. have dinner first”.

“What did u say??”

“I said have your dinner” she said in a firm tone.

“who the hell are you to order me!! m sanskar maheshwari.. no one orders me.. and what r
Are you trying to prove that you are a good wife and m not a good husband. haan you want me to feel guilty, but let me tell you .. I will never feel guilty.. I will never care for you.. get lost !!”

I kno I was too harsh on her that too unnecessarily her reply shocked me. she clamly handed over that plate to me and said in choaking voice

“ sanskar don’t test my patience
I don’t expect anything in return from you only little respect. if you can’t respect me, don’t disrespect me and my actions. I will not change. You will feel guilty when I leave you. indeed you will”

and she left. that was the last day when I saw her smile. my actions my words hurted her alot. we both stick to our words she didn’t change her actions neither did I . I became more and more harsh towards her. she daily prepares lunch and dinner for me but I didn’t even touch that. Still she doesn’t say anything. I was surprised to see her patience level

Again his thoughts were disturbed by doctor’s call

“mr maheshwari”

“ya doc hwz she now ?? Please do anything but save her.. arrange best things for her but save my wife.”

“we are trying our level best. let’s hope for the best, but i will not give you any false hope. prepare urself for worst.”

He sat in shock n again recalls his journey

It was karwachauth. she asked me to come home early. And I forgot. I came back next-day in morning @ 8. I saw her and felt that I forgot something but what..?? She was preparing breakfast and I saw her hands trembling. she was about to fall but I held her. I took her in my arms and called the doctor. That day for the first time I saw her innocent face, her cherry red lips, her long silky black hair. my wife. yes! after 4 months of mrriage I finally notice her. doctor came and told me that it was because of weakness. I curse myself how could I forget about her fast doctor left and I try to prepare something for her as she can’t prepare or I should say she was not in a state to prepare. so I went in a new galaxy. surrounded by lots of aliens! differnt different typs of creatures ! And weapons! oh god!! so many weapons… normally people call this galaxy as “kitchen” I chant ‘hanuman chalisa’ took a deep breath n enter the kitchen. I knew how to prepare khichdi only… but that too I prepare way long back, but still I tried and after an hour finally me and my khichdi both were ready. I went in room and saw her lying on bed. I can’t resist from gazing her. Her beautiful face she slowly opened her eyes and gave me a slight smile and said “sanskar you have came I’m sorry I haven’t prepared anything yet. Just wait 15 mins.. I will prepare breakfast for you”

she tried to get up but I held her. firstly I complete d the rituals of vrat.. I feed her from my hands. then I asked “why didn’t you call me. You just need to call me once and remind me about your fast. I would have came home”

she looked at me with her teary brown eyes. Her eyes were asking me why I care for her? not only her eyes but my heart was also asking same thing, then she replied “you only asked me not to call you in any condition so how could I?” Her reply was so damn innocent and true. I remember I asked her not to disturb me in my office. I said that to her after a week of our marriage. she didn’t call me ever. that day changed everything. My heart. My view. My feelings for her. only one remains same she and her love.

Now he was praying to god to save his wife… to save his lyf.. n cursing himself for that incident…

“I have realised my love for her so, I wanted to propose her in a grand way. I asked her to get ready. I came and picked her
we were sitting in car and she was very exited she asked me “Sanskar where are you taking me ??” . I said “have patience… I have a surprise for you” then I drove faster inorder to reach there soon and ★★BOOM★★ our car collided with another car. swara roll off the car I got little hurt on head. I looked at adjecent seat and found her nowhere. then I saw people gatherd at a distance.. I somehow reached there and saw my swara lying between pool of blood. my heart sinked. what have i done?… she is in this state because of me only. i took her hospital. Here I’m praying for her well being only her words were running in my mind “ you will feel guilty when i leave u… indeed u will” yes I’m feeling guilty for not saving you ”

Again doctor calls him “mr. maheshwari..”
He immediatly get up n went to doc “is she fine ??”

“yes she is. but she is weak take care of her.”

“when can i meet her?”

“when she will gain her senses you can meet her”


Swara finally opened her eyes and I proposed her first then i said sorry

“I love you swara please never leave me. sorry because of me you are in this condition”

“I love u too sanskar… i will never leave you… i will be ur shadow even in dark…”


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