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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 9

Viplav is on the airport, he did all the formalities and was walking with his bags when someone calls him from back!
A voice: Viplav please don’t go! Don’t leave me alone!! Please Viplav!
Viplav turns back to see Dhaani standing over there. In a second his face glows.. It was as if he had entered into the heaven! Where everything was beautiful as per his wish! He smiles looking at her!

Dhaani has tears in her eyes and she runs and hugs him! Viplav hugs her tightly.. As if he didn’t want to leave her again! And he will not let her leave again!
One more voice comes from back
Voice: Excuse me, can you please walk ahead! Why are you waiting in the middle?
Husshhh!!! Viplav came out of his dreamland and wonders why did this dream even come to him?! He was totally confused and walked ahead!
Some time later, he boarded the flight! And off to New York!
Dhaani was quite upset with the face that he had left without even meeting her! Days passed by… slowly Dhaani forgot everything and was happy in her life! Now not only Riya and her but also Kamini and Shalini(Viplav’sister) had become best friends! The four of them enjoyed a lot together! Dhaani was no more a shy girl but she had become naughty like Viplav! Of course the credit goes to Kamini!


Viplav had also moved on! He was cheerful, old Viplav again! Bindaas and jhakkas ? he used to flirt with the girls in New York! Kamini was in touch with Viplav as she was his girlfriend before ? Raj, pankaj both used to miss him and we’re in touch with him! Raj and Pankaj had become good friends with Dhaani and her company! Shalu and Pankaj were in a relationship and they really loved each other a lot! Dhaani, kamini, Riya used to tease them a lot!
This relation was known to everyone and…
One day,
Shalu was fighting with Pankaj,

Shalu: I am not fat! Don’t call me fat ok? You are fat!!
Pankaj: when did I say you are fat? I just said that you are moti?
Shalu runs behind him to beat him, Dhaani sees them and smiles… she prays that they always be together! Kamini comes from behind!
Kamini : Dhaani I am also searching my soulmate! How will he be?? And she gets into thinking!
Dhaani: kamini shut up! What all you keep thinking!
Kamini : how should your soulmate be??
Dhaani: he should be pure, like white colour! Caring, protecting me from everyone and everything!
She remembers the party night when Viplav held her in his arms to protect her from getting insulted! She suddenly opens her eyes
Dhaani: I’ll tell you later, let’s go to the class, lecture will start in some time.
Kamini: yes chalo…

Precap: 2 months leap, A girl is shown in a bridal attire. A girl comes to her

Girl: you are looking very pretty, he will go mad! The bride shies…
I hope you enjoyed this episode if not I’m sorry and one more important thing is that I’m ending this ff very soon! I don’t know how many more episodes but it will be soon ended! And don’t forget to drop your comments! Keep smiling☺

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